The English broadsheets are proving hard to please with The Times offering a mixed review and 3/5 stars. It says the album is confused but the review completely misinterprets Superhero before adding:

“Confusion and obfuscation runs throughout the album. Motherf***er appears to be a rant against the American food industry with Patton complaining about a nation “force fed more than we eat in the wild”, but it’s such a huge guitar-rock anthem that it’s bound to fill the kind of arenas where gigantic burgers of factory-farmed meat are the only thing on the menu.

There’s a sweet piano ballad in Matador, albeit one about death and suffering. Sol Invictus is to be admired more than enjoyed, but it’s classic Faith No More: a bunch of misfits wrapping up all kinds of perverse thoughts and obtuse musical ideas into mainstream rock and getting away with it against the odds. “