After a few days with no interviews, today published an in-depth Q and A with Mike Bordin. While the interviewer seemed more interested in Puffy’s work with Ozzy Osborne, there were also some good insights from the always engaging Faith No More drummer.

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Here are the best bits: I have to say, I was shocked when I heard you guys were going to do a new album. I didn’t think that that would ever happen, even after the reunion tour.
Mike Bordin: I didn’t, either. I agree with you. When we decided to do some shows, we wanted to see how it felt, to just be around each other and play music together, and we had no idea if we would even like doing that. I’m not coloring this in any way, I’m just answering honestly. We had no expectation, we didn’t know what it was going to be like. After about 50 shows we felt like, it feels great, but we don’t want to do this for too long if we’re not going to create something new, or have something new to say. So we just kind started quietly playing together.
People would always ask, “When are you going to do Faith No More again?” I would say, “Dude, it will never happen, forget it.” But when we got back together and started playing, it felt good and it was exciting. It’s been 2-1/2 years of work on this new music, and I really like it and I’m excited for people to hear it.

I’d heard that at first, [keyboardist] Roddy Boddum and especially Mike Patton were hesitant to make new music .
That’s right.

When did that change?
Nobody came into this in ’09 and said “We’re gonna do a couple of shows, but then we’re gonna make an album.” None of us. So we all started from the same place, but when we started playing, and it felt pretty good, [bassist] Billy [Gould] and I just started playing together a little bit. As far as the first songs they heard, the first batch would have had “Superhero,” “Cone of Shame,” there was an early version of “Black Friday,” and a couple of other ones that didn’t get finished. And Bill just said to them, “This is what we’ve been doing, I really like it, what do you think?” and they both said “Wow.” It felt like what we should be doing.