There are few places that the tentacles of Faith No More’s Sol Invictus promo push has not reached and here is the first interview we’ve found from India as Jon Hudson speaks to the Indian edition of Rolling Stone.

He re-iterates how far he was removed from music in his real-estate job during the lengthy Faith No More hiatus:

““It required some creativity, but certainly not difficult at all. It felt like music was so far removed from me at that point of my life. I wasn’t even playing, but I was too busy to worry about it. I basically wasn’t playing anything at all. I’d pick up a guitar once in a while.”

And he sums up the music of the new record:

“Sonically, he says there’s more twisted metal at play. Says Hudson, “It’s certainly has elements on the heavier side that most people tend to call metal, but there’s more than that. There are elements of rock, but also elements that people associate with this band. I wouldn’t say it’s a radical departure. It’s another chapter, you know? It’s not going to sound like the other albums – people might really like that and there will be some people who might not. We’re not worried about that at all.”