Rumore interview with Bill Gould

Ahead of Faith No More’s concert at Sonispehre in Milan tomorrow, Italian music magazine Rumore has published an interview with Bill Gould. Here are some choice cuts:

“None of us have the ambition to change the course of musical history, not at this age. We’re all older and more relaxed.”

On the theme of the album:

“It’s exactly like that but, I confess, it was not planned. We only realised it when making the record. The more the record grew the more we ourselves discovered a common line. I repeat, it was probably the fact that, having no inclination to change the musical structure, as in the 1990s, we focused on the song’s form.”

“I never want to see our career confined to a song. It would be brutal. It would be the end. And perhaps it is also a message, by now old in our fifties, to other musicians. Continue to be musicians and songwriters. Build yourself an identity in a world that has no identity. It is the only guarantee of survival.”

Metal Forces review

A wonderful 10/10 review from Metal Forces. They say:

“Sol Invictus is a timely reminder as to why Faith No More remains such a titanic and influential force in music. It was Bill Gould who once said, “Rock ‘n’ roll is not wanting to know about anything about anybody else, but having them wanting to know everything about you”, and that sums up the album, because Faith No More has remained in a field of its own since its inception and its audience has become something akin to a crowd so eager for a sneak peek into this sideshow of genius. While Faith No More let us get close to unravelling its mysteries, it’s always able to keep us at arm’s length – mocking all the while as we fall into its trap. For every fault, blemish and dark corner, Sol Invictus is true genius.”

Faith No More Followers sum it all up in a sentence

A great feature from Faith No More Followers, as they get leading FNM-related figures to sum up Sol Invictus.
Their latest is from Dave Lombardo:
“‘Sol Invictus is exactly what I hoped it would be. Unique, risky…. I dig it!'”

Duff McKagan digs the Real Thing

The Gimp aka former Guns N’Roses bassist Duff McKagan spoke about his love for The Real Thing which features in his book’s  (How to be a Man) list of his 100 favourite albums.

Kreator dig Faith No More

German thrash metal kingpins Kreator were full of praise for Faith No More after they both appeared at Rockavaria on Sunday.
In a Facebook post, they said:

Periphery singer on Sol Invictus

And the final entry on the theme of other bands bigging up Faith No More is a tweet yesterday from Periphery singer Spencer Sotelo:

Secret Serpent posters

Secret Serpents have posted details of Faith No More‘s European tour poster releases.