I’ve finally got my two videos from Faith No More at Sonisphere Italy uploaded and here they are in all their shaky glory.

Here is Mike throwing some shapes during Midlife Crisis. Not sure what he was actually doing with the glass lighting(!) panel – I thought he had someone tablet at first.

And here is all but the first few seconds of a scorching rendition of Sunny Side Up

Here’s a few more from YouTube


Separation Anxiety

Encore of Sol Invictus and We Care a Lot


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Rolling Stone gallery (photo 30 onwards)

Photo Giuseppe Craca


These mostly focus on the other San Francisco band at the festival and the poor organisation and crowd management that Milan festivals seem to specialise in. Personally, I got in and out with no major hassle but it was very difficult to move around inside, almost impossible to escape from and enter the gold circle area while there were long queues for everything and I didn’t eat all day. And there were very few spots offering shade in the 35C heat..
From a Faith No More perspective, the focus is on (a) Patton’s swearing (b) Patton’s fluent Italian and (c) Patton’s swearing in Italian.
Rolling Stone

Metal Skunk
Daring to Do (focus on complaints from concert-goers)
Metal in Italy (more fan complaints)