“I don’t like talking about my lyrics because I like people to appropriate them and interpret them in their own way. It is this mystery which is amusing. A lot of groups dissect their lyrics in interviews; I find that a pity. Because if you say too much there is less thinking on the part of the listener. A record, for me, must remain an adventure. You put it in your player and you go and discover it like you walked for the first time in in a forest or visited a new adventure park. That is why am very protective of my lyrics. It is not that important that some of our fans are not Anglophones and and don’t understand anything that I sing; I prefer that they imagine them. When you buy a painting to put on your wall, I does not come with a note explaining what signifies this or that colour. It’s exactly the same which whatever piece of art.”

Effectively, there are no definitive lyrics to Faith No More’s Sol Invictus albums and, in deference to Mike Patton’s eloquent explanation above, we’ll not be posting any official or unofficial lyrics. But now that we’ve all had time to enjoy and digest the record, this thread is to allow you to post your take on the lyrics. What does the American drug do in Superhero? Is it Game On or Que Mal or Quemar in Rise of the Fall?  Can’t repent at the wrong impartial? Do the zombies walk or swarm on Black Friday?
Here’s the Genius and Mouth of the Ocean forum versions to help and in partnership with Pablo of Bungle Weird I’ve versions of the first 3 tracks below.

Let us know what you think down below.