The UK media and blogosphere have spoken – here are their verdicts on last night’s Faith No More gig at the Roundhouse in London.

The Guardian

Mike Patton remains a driven, hypercharismatic front man, ladling bile and malice over the sourly anthemic Ricochet. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies is all Black Sabbath riffs and it’s obvious why Faith No More have just played at Download, but they’re so much more than a metal band: the knowing bombast of new track Matador swells into high camp like Bowie at his most outré.

Evening Standard

Singer Mike Patton, pictured, was in combative mood, beginning every song in a crouch, legs splayed, as though ready to take a punch. Now 47, the affectionate crowd chanted “You fat bastard” at him. “That’s the London we know and love,” retorted keyboard player Roddy Bottum.

Bottum’s work was often what lifted the band above a more brutish guitar assault, especially on the sophisticated, climactic new one, Matador. They also showed a softer side by covering The Commodores’ smooth classic Easy, with no sign of iconoclasm or even a raised eyebrow.

Faith No More Followers

Here is friend of the site Jim right on point on what a great show we missed.

“Faith No More looked happy and full of purpose as they blasted through ‘Caffeine’, glided through ‘Evidence’ and powered through ‘Epic’. The crowd broke into a ‘You Fat Bastards’ chant with Roddy agreeing ‘That’s it, that’s the one we know’, before picking up his acoustic and ‘Black Friday’. ‘Ricochet’, ‘Midlife Crisis’ and ‘Gentle Art Of Making Enemies’ certainly sent the mosh pit wild, the funky interlude in ‘Midlife’ causing a few puzzled expressions. We were happy to see a few ‘guardian angels’ in the brutal whirlpool section of the crowd picking up fellow moshers and aiding the fallen, a real sense of brotherhood down there. “

Black Country Rock

The band were all in excellent form. “Evidence” was a particular example of this with the “Miss You” Stones vibe that contrasted with the rawer surrounding material. It illustrated how Mike Patton is three vocalists in one. He has his characterful baritone, his razor sharp rap style and his death metal growl. He bounced around like a prize fighter, ready to enter the fray.

The stage presentation added to the sense of drama. With everything and everyone clad in white with some rather fetching floral displays, the use of colour wash lighting simply but successfully altered the backdrop from song to song. There was also a guy in a gimp costume who did as Patton commanded for the opening song and encores. Not sure what is brought to the party or even if it was a party that I wanted to go to.

And Gigwise have a great gallery