We’re catching up with a host of interviews. Here’s Billy speaking to the Kerrang! Podcast

“I think there will be some stuff, but we’re doing this now in steps. Because one of our big things that we did wrong back in the day was commit to too much all at once. And we found ourselves sometimes in situations that we couldn’t… we didn’t choose to be in them; we were stuck in them. So we’re doing touring in blocks. We finish a block and we’re, like, ‘How do we feel?’ We check in with each other. If we feel good, we do some more. And that’s kind of how we’re doing it. I think it’s way more civilized. I can’t say, ‘Oh, yeah, we’ll be on tour all next year.’ But I would hope we can.”

And Mike Bordin spoke to Antyradio when the band were in Poland last week

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