Billy Gould Dutch interview

Dutch online video interview channel Toazted spoke to Billy Gould at Pinkpop recently and they have now published on YouTube

Part 1

Part 2

Musicradar Jon Hudson interview

And Jon Hudson has spoken to Musicradar, the site for musicians, producers and DJs. Here are some choice cuts from the interview:

“I’ve been playing Les Paul Standards for years. But we would use anything we wanted to in the studio. So, I used a 335, a Telecaster, an SG, I had a Les Paul Custom in there on a couple of songs, and then Bill had some guitars also, so we used quite a bit.”

“I was pretty familiar with the band and Bill’s sense of direction in terms of songwriting and his approach with guitars. So, by the time he called me in early 1996, and said, ‘We’re in the middle of coming up with material for this next record – we were wondering if you’d give it another shot?’, that was the perfect opportunity for me.”

Pinkpop 2015 full show

Via fnm4ever, the full show from that Pinkpop 2015 show in the opening link: