New Faith No More book?

Maybe. There’s actually around a 2.3140495867768593% chance of this happening but my proposal for a book on Faith No More’s Angel Dust album is one of 605 submissions competing for about 10-15 slots to be published as books in the prestigious Bloomsbury 33 1/3 series. Here is the full list, which also includes a Mr Bungle Disco Volante pitch. The shortlist will be revealed in about two months.

New Roddy Bottum interview

A syndicated interview by Ed Condran with Roddy Bottum has been published in some Philadelphia area papers today.
Roddy says:

“We just did what we wanted to do,” Bottum says. “We didn’t pay attention to what’s happening out there but we didn’t pay attention back in the day with ‘Angel Dust,’ either. We were inspired and we feel great playing with each other.

Bill Gould interview in Brazil

Bill has spoken to Brazilian website IG and his comments that Nirvana are just a rock band and should not be deified have been widely reported on.
He also produced the quote of the 2.0 era so far:

We have different kinds of conversations now. Like if I meet the guys from Foo Fighters, we talked about what kind of laxative they are taking, or fiber are eating, if I did a good poop that morning. And everyone gets excited about it because we’re old and can appreciate that sort of thing.

NME include FNM in Foo Fighters feature

Speaking of the the world’s biggest classic rock band, NME has included Faith No More’s Rock Werchter All My Life in its list of the top Foo Fighters covers:
They say:

“It’s not really clear whether this is a tribute or a mockery of Foo Fighters, who cancelled their appearance at Germany’s Rock Werchter this year just like they did for Glastonbury. It’s very short, and has the band segueing from ‘All My Life’ into The Trashmen’s 1963 irritator, ‘Surfin’ Bird’, before reaching the band’s own song ‘Midlife Crisis’. Homage or piss-take? You decide. Either way, we dig.”

Babes in Toyland cover We Care a Lot

What have Faith No More and Babes in Toyland got in common? 1) They both briefly had Courtney Love as a band member 2) They are back after a long hiatus and 3) They both sing We Care a Lot.
The grunge/punk outfit played a brief snippet of the Faith No More classic at their first reunion show at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown, Joshua Tree in February.
(hat/tip to Jason)

Houston full show video

The ever-resourceful FNM4ever guys have put together a playlist of the full show at Houston on 30 July and here it is:

Learn Faith No More on guitar with Rocksmith

This might actually be the kick up the ass I need to pick up a guitar again after giving up after realising I had neither the talent or persistence needed to master the instrument. You can learn to play five Faith No More songs with the latest edition of Rocksmith.

And here’s a delightful video of 11-year-old Audrey nailing a bass cover of From Out of Nowhere while her sister does her best Patton impression