Faith No More bassist and more Bill Gould has exclusively revealed to Faith No More Followers that the band will release a special 30th anniversary edition of We Care A Lot through his Koolarrow label in 2016. The release will feature bonus extra tracks and unseen photography.

Here are some other snippets from Bill’s interview:

There are a lot of similarities between WCAL and Sol Invictus, did you actually use the 1985 album as reference? Did you think ‘this time lets go back to our roots’ or did just turn our that way?

I think it just turned out that way. It’s something that felt right…it felt familiar, but not self-consciously.

I believe yourself and Mike Patton have used the great metaphor that listening to your own albums is like looking back on baby photos. How does WCAL sound to you 30 years on?

Like the 80’s 🙂 Seriously, just recently I found some old tapes in my attic and had them transferred, some of them were masters from this recording session. I have to say, they sounded really good! It surprised me, and made me look at these 20 year old idiots with a bit more respect, ha ha!!