Another day, another album of the year list. Thrash metal icon Scott Ian has long and loudly proclaimed his love of all things Faith No More and the Anthrax axe man has named Sol Invictus as his album of 2015 for Metal Insider.

Here is his full list:

Scott Ian, Anthrax

Top five favorite albums of 2015
Chris Stapelton, Traveller
Motorhead, Bad Magic
Fall Out Boy, American Beauty American Psycho
Slayer, Repentless
Faith No More, Sol Invictus

For good measure, Fred Leclerq of Dragonforce also includes SI in his list:

Fred Leclercq, Dragonforce

Gruesome, Savage Land
Napalm Death Apex Predator-Easy Meat
Sigh, Graveward
Undead, False Prophecies
Disturbed, Immortalized
Trivium, Silence in the Snow
Kamelot, Haven
Papa Roach, F.E.A.R.
Faith No More, Sol Invictus
Ghost, Meliora

And Britta Gortz from german thash outfit Cripper also includes Faith No More as number one in her list:

Britta Gortz, Cripper

1) Faith No More, Sol Invictus

Mostest longest awaitest album EVER! And I was so nervous about this…Man I am so so happy  that they didn’t show up with a half-hearted “let’s play on the safe side”, warmed-up comeback album. They were never really gone anyway. Prost!