The Bowery Ballroom last night played host to a sight likely to quicken the heart, moisten the eye and flannel the shirt of any 1990s alternative music fan, as Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum joined Dinosaur Jr on stage as they played the last of their seven 30th Anniversary shows.

Roddy was one of a stellar cast of indie luminaries who joined the band. The FNM keyboardist showed his multi-instrumentalist chops by playing guitar for Start Choppin’ along with Imperial Teen band-mate Lynn Truell. Evan Dando, Kevin Shields and Kurt Vile were among the others who joined the band on stage for collaborations.

I got to play guitar with Dinosaur Jr tonight. I was invited. by J. a shining highlight in my life.

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words with Kevin Shields. one guitar player to another.

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oh. and Lynn played too. #coattails

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