Faith No More’s Sol Invictus has featured in more high-profile end-of-year lists.

Rolling Stone (2)

SI features at number 2 in the 20 Best Metal Albums of 2015 from the rock bible. Marilyn Mansun features at number one with Killing Joke, Refused and Iron Maiden also in the top 10.
2015-12-15 13_05_09-Faith No More, 'Sol Invictus' - 20 Best Metal Albums of 2015 _ Rolling Stone
RS say:

“Faith No More instead lean into post-punk rhythmic hypnosis, goth-tinged atmosphere, castanet-flecked Morricone metal, three-part harmonies and one barking anthem featuring a metaphor about breakfast cereal…[Patton] absolutely floats above the monolithic grooves of drummer Mike Bordin and bassist Billy Gould, still a hard-hitting, sui generis rhythm section 30 years on.”

Rock Sound (5)

Rock Sound have Sol Invictus at number 5 in their list, which has Bring Me the Horizon at number one.
They say:

“A lesson in how to add to your legend and not mess up your mystique in the process.”

Faster Louder (31)

FNM feature at number 31 in the Australian music publication’s list. They say:

“The expectation was there for a good return to form from a band that always followed their muse no matter how much it threatened to derail their commercial potential. The reality is they’ve far exceeded that with Sol Invictus, an album that in its finest moments matches the best of their golden years. Rock isn’t dead, it sometimes just needs time to regroup and rejuvenate.”

Diffuser (28)

In a largely indie list, Sol Invictus (though indie in the truest sense of the word) stands out. Diffuser’s verdict:

“Sol shows a band that (after 20 years) is inevitably older and wiser, but no less adept at warping genres and constructing mammoth choruses.

Pop Matters (5)

Sol Invictus slips in behind Iron Maiden and Deafheaven in Pop Matter’s best metal albums list:

“We’re left with is Sol Invictus, a comeback with remarkably little rust on it for the band’s first album of the 21st century. Faith No More sound just like they always have, which is to say heavy and catchy in equal measure and seasoned with an appealing contrariness.”

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