To mark the news of the reissue of We Care a Lot, we pinged some questions across to Faith No More bassist and Koolarrow CEO Bill Gould on the release – and he got back to us straight away to add a little more insight into the 19 August release.

Part of the appeal of WCAL is its rough and ready sound. How were you/Maor able to re-master the record to improve the sound but not lose that authenticity?

Well, now that it’s 20+ years later, I would say the quality definitely benefits from better quality converters used in the transfer from the original master. It’s not the 80’s anymore, there is a bit of weight to things that you might hear, but it’s hopefully still the same vibe and feeling as before.

Matt worked on the original record . what has be brought to the album in the remixes?

Just himself, really. We thought it would be a cool experiment to see what he would do with the same multi-track in 2016.

How did the re-mastering process change your opinion of the music? Were you more a actually complete band with a defined sound that you recalled?

What surprised me was when we transferred the old 1/2” master tapes to digital…it surprised me on how good it sounded. Considering we recorded this entire thing in a course of a few
days, with no editing, it made me realize that despite some of my memories, we were actually a pretty good little unit.

In the media release, Roddy eloquently explains how the unique SF time and place helped mold your sound. Is this reissue in some way a tribute to a city that no longer exists?

Well, it’s definitely a time capsule from a period of time and a place that will never return, that’s for sure.

What does re-issue offer for FNM 2.0 readers, the hardcore fans who have heard and own everything?

Good question. That’s up to them. This things has been out of circulation for over 20 years. We tried to bring it back with a little more TLC this time. But how vital it will be to their collection is a subjective thing that I can’t answer.

Is there any chance of a promotional tour or appearance around the release date?

There are always possibilities for things like that. You never know—until we announce, that is!