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408, 2015

LINKS FOR A DAY 187: Bungle Weird Bill interview, Atlanta full show, grope no more

August 4th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|3 Comments

Bungle Weird interview with Bill Gould

Pablo and Bungle Weird have pulled off a wonderful interview with Faith No More bassist Bill Gould. The Q and A covers new ground and differs in both tone and content to the now often repetitive media interviews. Faith No More Followers have hosted the full English version but we’ll add a few of our favourite questions and answers below:

It’s known you wrote more than 10 tunes for “Sol Invictus” so in your opinion, are there any other noteworthy ones that didn’t make the final cut?

BG: There are definitely noteworthy ones that didn’t make the final cut, but they didn’t get finished. So I don’t know what will happen. I actually don’t know, and I’m not thinking about it right now because I’m thinking about touring.But we can see.

Considering you are in comeback mode as a band for quite some time now, I’d like to know about your music influences, past and present. Was there any band you were looking up to when first starting out that stood through time as an influence?

BG: …But also when you get old I think what happens is your early influences stay with you. So I am more influenced by older music than I am with newer music. I never used to be that way but I see that happening more and more and I would say that my earliest influences, my very earliest influences, I’m talking about when I was like 10 to 12 years old have the biggest impact. But I would say John Lennon, David Bowie… (pause). And probably for me… and then the Sex Pistols, I think those were the big three for me.

The band released its only live video album in 1990. Is there a chance of releasing a live show in bluray in the future? I’ve heard that some concerts were professionally recorded.

BG: We do have some recordings, I don’t know what we’ll do with them, we haven’t talk about it because we’re still on touring mode. But it would be cool to do. we have some really good stuff recorded. Our sound man is recording most of the concerts and it would be a great thing. It’s just when you go down this direction is a whole new set of responsibilities and until the tour is finished we are not ready to do that yet.
PF: I remember the Warfield 2010, concert with Chuck, was professionally recorded.
BG: Yes, it was, we still have it.
PF that one would be very good.
BG: That would be cool. I think we recorded the one when he played in Detroit too (this year).
PF: My favourite FNM concert that could be released and I attended is the one in Chile 2011, King For A Day with Trey, so special. Specially because of Just A Man with a choir.. so special, everyone there was crying!
BG: Yeah, that was cool, huh? Super cool. That was a great show. Even Trey had fun!

Why Rise of The Fall was the last song to be played live? is there a reason? why? Play it here in Brazil, please!

BG: We didn’t learn it all live. It was a song that Roddy wrote that we kinda recorded in the studio but we hadn’t played it together.
PF: oh, it’s Roddy’s? (surprised)
BG: It’s Roddy’s.
PF: oh, nice!
BG: So we did learn how to play it all together in sound check.

Tell us about the basses you’ve used along the years, what you seek in an instrument compared to other brands and you you ended up with the particular bass model you use today!

BG: Really, only a couple. I started with a thing called the Gibson grabber. On the first tour that we did, We Care A Lot album and I broke that in half so I had to get another one and I started with an Aria Pro II and Cliff Burton (Metallica) turned me on it because he had an Aria Pro II. He took me to the Aria guys and they gave me a bass. Really early when nobody knew who FNM was, and it was really cool. So I kept that bass all the way up until Angel Dust. And then there’s this guy from San Francisco that makes guitars named Joe Zon, Zon Guitars. And I met him and he made me the bass that I’m playing now. So the bass that I’m playing on the concert tonight is the same one that I’ve had since 1991. Yeah, and I love it! And I don’t really feel like I need another one. I’m happy!

By Pablo Fernandez
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @bungleweird

Atlanta full show

FaithNoMore4Ever have again put together a full show playlist of the recent show at the Masquerade in Atlanta.

Grope no more

I have always believed that part of Faith No More’s appeal lay in how the band successfully skewered and satirised the macho posturing that dominated rock music in the 1980s. But it seems some macho assholes didn’t get the message. There have been reports of two women getting groped at recent Faith No More shows.
Alli’s assault happened at the Wiltern and she has produced a wonderful if disturbing comic on the ordeal. Please read and if you notice anything like this going on at any concert, please intervene.

And unfortunately another woman was groped at a Faith No More/Refused show earlier this [email protected] shared her experience on Twitter:

She also tweeted out a link to the @safegigs4women which depressingly exists as the problem is so widespread.

807, 2015

Links for a day vol 185: Billy Gould interview, Jon Hudson interview

July 8th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|5 Comments

Billy Gould Dutch interview

Dutch online video interview channel Toazted spoke to Billy Gould at Pinkpop recently and they have now published on YouTube

Part 1

Part 2

Musicradar Jon Hudson interview

And Jon Hudson has spoken to Musicradar, the site for musicians, producers and DJs. Here are some choice cuts from the interview:

“I’ve been playing Les Paul Standards for years. But we would use anything we wanted to in the studio. So, I used a 335, a Telecaster, an SG, I had a Les Paul Custom in there on a couple of songs, and then Bill had some guitars also, so we used quite a bit.”

“I was pretty familiar with the band and Bill’s sense of direction in terms of songwriting and his approach with guitars. So, by the time he called me in early 1996, and said, ‘We’re in the middle of coming up with material for this next record – we were wondering if you’d give it another shot?’, that was the perfect opportunity for me.”

Pinkpop 2015 full show

Via fnm4ever, the full show from that Pinkpop 2015 show in the opening link:


207, 2015

Links for a Day 184: Great Patton interview; Maor Appelbaum interview

July 2nd, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|6 Comments

Mike Patton interview on Finnish radio

The Finns seem to specialise in coaxing great replies and interviews from Faith No More members and YLE have pulled off a great interview with Mike Patton at Provinssi 2015.

Read and – for non-Finns or Swedes – listen here.

Maor Applebaum interview

Hat tip to Faith No More Followers for that link and they have produced an excellent interview with Maor Appelbaum who mastered Sol Invictus.

He said: ” I worked on it a few days and sent Billy a set of initial masters for him to check and give me feedback.
Billy and the band had heard it and wanted me to make a few changes on a few songs, I made the changes and worked with them to make it fit exactly how they envisioned it.
In the end, the band, the label, Matt and everyone involved were all very happy with the results of the mastering and what it brought to the table.
Communications is key to get the desired results and this is a great example of that.

Faith No More to play Costa Rica

Faith No More have added another date to their South and Central American tour in September with a first ever date in Costa Rica on 15 September. According to La Nacion, the concert will take place at the Coca-Cola Amphitheater Viva Park in Alajuela. There will be a pre-sale on 8 July before tickets go on sale officially on 14 July here.

ARTE Berlin Live to air in November

We’ll have to wait until November until the Faith No More showcase concert in Berlin is aired by ARTE. Stevens Dream from the Faith No More French community contacted the broadcaster for the information – broadcast date is 14 November at 2355.



3006, 2015

Links for a day 183: Superhero honour, behind the scenes and more

June 30th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|2 Comments

Here’s our round-up of what’s been happening over the past few days while the rest of the music media have been belatedly catching up with the Faith No More Foo Fighter’s snippet.

Superhero number 2 in What Culture list

The list in question is their 10 Best Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Songs Of 2015 (So Far) rundown and Superhero comes in at number 2. Here is some of what they say:

“One of the most mature and meticulously stitched together hard rock songs of the year for a band whose iconic status has only been extended further with the genre defying Sol Invictus.”

Sol Invictus in Rolling Stone album of the year list

Another list.  Rolling Stone has published its clickbaitish albums of the year so far list – in June. They say: “It’s nearly half over, but the year of the dueling streaming services has already given us plenty of reasons to press play. Mumford went electric, Dylan went Rat Pack and Mark Ronson went to the top of the charts. D’Angelo made a huge impact on 2015 with his bold return (after 14 years without a new album), which was followed by comeback LPs from Faith No More (after 18 years) and the Sonics (49 years). And of course there has been no shortage of newcomers — indie wordsmith Courtney Barnett, hip-hop’s giddy Rae Sremmurd, high-concept dance crew Future Brown — turned heads as well. Here’s the best of 2015’s first six months.”
And on Sol Invictus, they re-iterate:

“Sol Invictus, the band’s first record since 1997’s underrated Album of the Year, offers newer, better versions of Faith No More’s formula: spaghetti-Western guitars (“Cone of Shame”), proggy keyboard drama (“Matador”) and tons of vocal contortions from lead singer Mike Patton (“Rise of the Fall”).”

Insightful Niccolò Antonietti interview

If you have been at any of the Faith No More shows this summer, chances are you will have spotted among the white-clad crew bearded monitoring engineer Niccolò Antonietti. He has given an insightful interview to ZioGiorgio, which gives a look behind the scenes on the technical aspects of putting together the Faith No More live experience.

Here are some choice cuts:

“I had the chance to work as monitor engineer for Mike Patton’s parallel project “Mondo Cane”. I must have done a good job because after the concert Mike Patton asked me if I wanted to work with them till the end of the tour as their official monitor engineer. From then on it was like a snowball effect. Mike Patton asked me to work with Faith No More and then with Tomahawk, and then, with the help of their sound engineer, I also started to work with Primal Scream. I then decided to move across to London and work here.”

“We did “Download” in Donington (UK) last week, where we had only half an hour for stage changeover, with 10 minutes taken up to changeover from the previous group. This year we had a completely white stage, including white carpeting, so another ten minutes were for stage set-up, and so in the remaining ten minutes you need people on the stage that know what they’re doing.”

Yoga and the No Worries hotel in Finland

Mike P and Roddy lead the crowd in some yoga instruction and arrange a date at the No Worries hotel at Provinssirock.

Burton snowboard winners

The winners of those wonderful Burton Faith No More snowboards met the band in Sweden at the weekend. Anneli Grotterød, Steve Murphy and Felix Seifert were the winners.

Read more here (via @mariadollyfnm)

Refused hitch a ride

As reported by UpRoxx and elsewhere, Faith No More offered a plane ride to reunited Swedish punks The Refused to Provinssirock.

Late, late Antiquiet Sol Invictus review

There is a lot to be said in this age of immediate gratification and instant evaluation to let an album soak in and wash over you and I’ll assume that’s why Antiquiet have waited about six weeks before passing judgement on Sol Invictus.The review is worth waiting for as they say:
“I won’t go into any trite soapboxing about whether or not this is an acceptable “comeback album” or what Faith No More may or may not have had to prove to anyone, whether they did or did not succeed in doing so, or any of all that obvious blogger bullshit. But what I do feel is safe to say, and re-affirmed by this album, is that Faith No More is still very much a force to be reckoned with, and one of the most powerful bands still working.”

2406, 2015

Links for a day 182: Hamburg reviews, Berlin TV, London reviews, French site

June 24th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|1 Comment

Hamburg reviews

Hamburg’s two main newspapers carry reviews of Faith No More’s show at the Sporthalle last night.
Both are overwhelmingly positive.
Hamburger Morgenposten
Hamburger Abendblatt

Hamburg poster

Via Secret Serpents, this is the wonderful Robert Bowen poster from last night’s Hamburg show.

Faith No More on ARTE

Just an update on when we can expect this to air. Scottish band Texas played a Berlin Live show on 18 May and it will be broadcast on 26 June so we may need to wait 5 weeks to see this show in all its glory. I expect Rise of the Fall and a lot of Sol Invictus to again be played.

Faith No More French Community new website

The vibrant and vachement cool Faith No More French Community have long been a source of FNM news, videos, setlists and graphics on Facebook and now Bertrand, Nessie, Stevens, Antoine et al have a new website too.
And, as you would expect, it looks stunning. Check it out for the visuals and videos alone.

The Times give glowing London review

The Times should really have had reviewer James Jackson also review the album as he has given one of the band’s Roundhouse shows a rave write-up and a 4/5 score.
He says:

“Sounding at times like a tiger in pain, the 47-year-old singer has lost none of his operatic, multi-octave vocal power, even if his physical antics are less frenzied these days (I rather miss the crazed somersaults). Among the five, malevolent new tracks aired, Separation Anxiety built a fearsome head of steam, while the pulverising Superhero was greeted like an old favourite, as multi-coloured lights strafed the stage, souping up the Roundhouse’s antiseptic atmosphere.”

Metal Hammer give 10/10 review

Metal Hammer also loved the show and give a 10/10 review stating:

“Both the weathered bombast of Matador and the spiky, evil funk of Superhero are greeted like classics. Not only that, but the approach of Faith No More is still as confrontational as ever. Singer Mike Patton, as dry and sarcastic a frontman as you’ll ever see, goads the crowd throughout and the band veer from the swinging slide guitar of Evidence to the speed metal roar of Digging The Grave as if it’s the most natural thing in the world rather than the dizzying head fuck that it actually is.”

They also have a nice gallery from the show:

Faith No More history in Exclaim!

The Canadian music site Exclaim has put together one of the best band history articles we have read.

Spectrum Culture re-issues review

Mike Randall from Spectrum Culture has written a labour of love review of the Angel Dust and The Real Thing re-issues.

Evergig Roundhouse video

Evewrgig have updated with a selection of new Faith No More multicam Faith No More videos. Check out London Roundhouse from the 18 June:

1106, 2015

Links for a Day…(vol: 181): Pinkpop past and future, awards nomination and more

June 11th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News, Tour dates|2 Comments

Pro Sound awards

Well done to Faith No More’s front-of-house engineer Michael Brennan who has picked up a nomination for the Pro Sound Awards in the Engineer of the Year section.

Michael was recently featured in Mix Online and stated:

““We have a setup day with the crew before every leg but no band. Nicco and I both use Avid boards [S3L at FOH and Profile at monitors] so we are able to pick up from where we left off. The band are super tight and well rehearsed, so we are all good. We just hit the ground running every time, and the crew always delivers. There has to be a certain kind of chaos in the show. It suits the show.”

Chicagoist re-issues review

Another inevitably glowing review of the TRT and AD re-releases from Rhino. Chicagoist states:

“The thing that surprised us most after not hearing Angel Dust for quite a while is just how undated the album sounds. While The Real Thing stands up well, Angel Dust still sounds like it could come out today, or more probably tomorrow. There still isn’t anything quite like it (even in the band’s own catalog). If we were going to recommend any album in the band’s catalog as a starting point this would be the one.”

Pinkpop past and future

Faith No More return to the Pinkpop festival in the Netherlands on Friday for an early-evening show.

On point as ever, FNM4ever have recently uploaded the video from Faith No More’s show at the festival in 1995:

Tomorrow, FNM play at 1915 on the 3FM stage at the festival.

And it might well be live on 3FM radio. There is no TV coverage planned for Friday but there may be highlights shown on Saturday on NPO 3..

1006, 2015

Links for a Day…(vol. 180): Behind the scenes, Angel Dust, new Midlife middle

June 10th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|5 Comments

Behind the scenes

This is a an amazing glimpse behind the curtain at the Faith No More tour machine from Mix Online. It really is a must-read piece. Here’s a chocie cut from front-of-house engineer Michael Brennan:

“They are really enjoying the consistency and excitement of the shows and the positive reaction from the audience. I also think the band’s crew created a positive, professional environment for the band. There were many occasions when they were jamming at soundchecks. These jams develop into parts, and these parts turn into songs [that] end up on a record. They can’t help themselves.”

Angel Dust Pitchfork reviews

While none goes into the forensic expert detail that Ben afforded us, there are some great new Angel Dust features. Pitchfork have found a reviewer infinitely more conversant with Faith No More and music in general than their Sol Invictus reviewer to run the rule over the re-issues.

On The Real Thing which gets a 7.6 mark, Stuart Berman states:

“But while The Real Thing represents an important chapter in Faith No More’s history, there’s a reason why the album barely registers on the setlists of the band’s current tour: a lot of it is hard to extricate from its date of origin. And that’s a function of both its connection to a long-past funk-metal zeitgeist and the band’s own subsequent development. It’s hard to imagine any band, let alone Faith No More, attempting another song like “Epic” today, not just because of lingering associations between rap-rock and Rapestock, but the fact that the vocabularies of hip-hop and rock—once united by a shared affinity for booming breaks and crunchy riffs—have expanded and diverged in vastly different directions. “

And in a very insightful 8.8 review of Angel Dust that gets at the heart of the record’s enduring appeal, he says:

“What makes Angel Dust an eminently fascinating record is not the fact that a band on the cusp of greater success would deign to release an album with songs called “Crack Hitler” and “Jizzlobber” that were just as ugly and filthy as their titles suggest. It’s that Faith No More’s most wantonly subversive album is also their most gorgeously rendered.”

Angel Dust Loudwire interview

Loudwire runs a feature on the 23rd anniversary of that album which appears to feature fresh quotes from Bill Gould.

He says:

“We tried to make the music kind of perverted because we believed there was perversion in the art. We were looking for a little bit of push back, but we didn’t get any. I think sometimes when you’re really confident about something people don’t even challenge you.”

Midlife Crisis’ new middle bit

The best song from the band’s best album remains probably their best song live and it has been given yet another new smooth interlude in recent shows. FNM4ever as ever have excavated the story behind the new tune here.

The new snippet is ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ from The Brothers Johnson, which reached number 5 in the US singles charts in 1977.

Sunny Side Up on BBC 6 Music playlist

New Faith No More single/promo release Sunny Side Up has been added to the playlist of the UK’s leading and best music station BBC 6 Music.


806, 2015

Links for a Day…(vol. 179): Berlin videos, Berlin reviews, Slipknot, Angel Dust at 23 and much more

June 8th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, Sol Invictus reviews|3 Comments

Separation Anxiety in Berlin

Some great videos from Berlin now surfacing online. This might be the best video of SA I’ve seen yet. It also sounds a lot better than it did when I heard it live in Milan one week ago.

And here’s Midlife from the same source – Kabinett Obscura on YouTube

And finally – for anyone wondering how the Patton voice is sounding on this leg of the tour – a snippet from This Guy’s in Love with You

Ace Race for Space cover of Stripsearch

Faith No More may be masters of covering other artists’ songs but the favour is rarely returned. But here is an ace find from the Mouth of the Ocean forum – Russia electronica outfit Race for Space absolutely nail Stripsearch in this atmospheric cover.

Berlin reviews

Despite the fact that the most-watched annual sporting event was taking place in their city at the same time, Berlin’s media still found time and space to properly review Faith No More’s performance on Saturday night. And the reviews are universally positive.
Berliner Morgenpost:

“Patton easily entertains in the middle, Billy Gould hammers out his brutal metallic bass on the strings, guitarist Jon Hudson plays razor-sharp sharp-edged guitar riffs every now and then in the mathematically devised arrangements and Roddy Bottum provides the ambitious keyboard and piano sounds. But there is above all drummer Mike Bordin, now with grey long dreadlocks, who propels and holds together this driving rock machine together in a miraculous manner.”

Berliner Zeitung

It was a multiple risky appointment that Faith No More had chosen for their Berlin concert. Not only did the masters of crossover metal on Saturday compete with the undoubtedly attractive for its target audience of the UEFA Champions League final; the open-air event in the Spandau Zitadelle was also threatened by storms. Against this background, the title of their latest album turned out to be almost prophetic: “Sol Invictus” it says, according to the Roman festival of the winter solstice – today one knows the date as Christmas – was celebrated with, among others, the assertiveness of the sun god against the bleak winter.”

Der Tagesspiegel

Faith No More are rightly proud of ten new pieces. Self-confidently they even open their appearance also “Sol Invictus” track “Motherfucker” and play during the following 90 minutes another six songs of the record. Most are well received by the over-40 audience friendly. So also “Sunny Side Up” which creates a welcome relaxation moment with its acoustic and tambourine accompaniment. Apart from burrowing bass it slightly reminiscent of the Violent Femmes.


Angel Dust at 23

Our friends at Faith No More Followers have gone a major Angel Dust kick to celebrate the album’s 23rd anniversary.
All the reviews, interviews and articles any researcher might ever need on the subject in a brilliant treasure trove here.
And Jim – owner of roughly 112 versions of the album and singles – gives his personal take on his AD disorder here.

Metal Hammer’s A-Z of Faith No More

There is probably nothing new in here for you diehards but a great list nonetheless and we even get a small mention – Metal Hammer’s A-Z of Faith No More.

V is for Virus
In 2011 a Faith No More fan site posted a snippet of a previously unreleased song from the Angel Dust sessions on YouTube. Known, variously, as The Seagull Song andShuffle, the song had the final working title of Virus, and remains the most sought after FNM curio for hardcore fans.

The Holy Filament resurrected this by the way so here is said viral song which will not be appearing on any re-issues soon.

Here is the interview where Seagull made an appearance.

In a similar vein. here is a somewhat scatological Exclaim article on Five Noteworthy Facts You May Not Know About Faith No More – you do though. This is the article that sparked all those ancient apocryphal Axl anecdote headlines you’ve been seeing.

Slipknot and Faith No More

Corey Taylor has again been speaking about how Faith No More changed his life for Beacon Audio. (via Loudwire)

Taylor’s life-changing experience came when he was 19. He had gone through a bad breakup with a girl and taken a bottle of pills at his grandmother’s house. Luckily his ex-girlfriend’s mother showed up, found him, and called an ambulance to rush him to the hospital where his stomach was pumped. When his grandmother brought him home, he crashed on the couch and turned on the TV, which was tuned to the MTV Video Music Awards.
“Faith No More was playing ‘Epic,’ and I had never seen them live before,” Taylor recalls. “It was so awesome and so fun, and they just didn’t give a s–t about anything. I was mesmerized by that.”

Noisey Mexico cartoon

Noisey Mexico who had the most memorable Sol Invictus promo interview with Roddy have produced a cartoon review of the album and here it is:

New merch on sale

The international Faith No More store has new t-shirts on sale. The sunburst ones are new to me and I didn’t spot these at the Milan merch stand.



106, 2015

LINKS FOR A DAY..(vol. 178): Bill Gould interview, Duff McKagan, posters, Kreator, Metal Forces review

June 1st, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News, Other bands, Sol Invictus reviews|1 Comment

Rumore interview with Bill Gould

Ahead of Faith No More’s concert at Sonispehre in Milan tomorrow, Italian music magazine Rumore has published an interview with Bill Gould. Here are some choice cuts:

“None of us have the ambition to change the course of musical history, not at this age. We’re all older and more relaxed.”

On the theme of the album:

“It’s exactly like that but, I confess, it was not planned. We only realised it when making the record. The more the record grew the more we ourselves discovered a common line. I repeat, it was probably the fact that, having no inclination to change the musical structure, as in the 1990s, we focused on the song’s form.”

“I never want to see our career confined to a song. It would be brutal. It would be the end. And perhaps it is also a message, by now old in our fifties, to other musicians. Continue to be musicians and songwriters. Build yourself an identity in a world that has no identity. It is the only guarantee of survival.”

Metal Forces review

A wonderful 10/10 review from Metal Forces. They say:

“Sol Invictus is a timely reminder as to why Faith No More remains such a titanic and influential force in music. It was Bill Gould who once said, “Rock ‘n’ roll is not wanting to know about anything about anybody else, but having them wanting to know everything about you”, and that sums up the album, because Faith No More has remained in a field of its own since its inception and its audience has become something akin to a crowd so eager for a sneak peek into this sideshow of genius. While Faith No More let us get close to unravelling its mysteries, it’s always able to keep us at arm’s length – mocking all the while as we fall into its trap. For every fault, blemish and dark corner, Sol Invictus is true genius.”

Faith No More Followers sum it all up in a sentence

A great feature from Faith No More Followers, as they get leading FNM-related figures to sum up Sol Invictus.
Their latest is from Dave Lombardo:
“‘Sol Invictus is exactly what I hoped it would be. Unique, risky…. I dig it!'”

Duff McKagan digs the Real Thing

The Gimp aka former Guns N’Roses bassist Duff McKagan spoke about his love for The Real Thing which features in his book’s  (How to be a Man) list of his 100 favourite albums.

Kreator dig Faith No More

German thrash metal kingpins Kreator were full of praise for Faith No More after they both appeared at Rockavaria on Sunday.
In a Facebook post, they said:

Periphery singer on Sol Invictus

And the final entry on the theme of other bands bigging up Faith No More is a tweet yesterday from Periphery singer Spencer Sotelo:

Secret Serpent posters

Secret Serpents have posted details of Faith No More‘s European tour poster releases.

2805, 2015

Links for a day…177: Hudson interview; Korn love; two full concerts, more reviews and win a snowboard

May 28th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|1 Comment

Rock Hudson rock

Our friends at FNM4ever have posted a clip of the interview that Chilean radio station Rock and Pop recently conducted with Jon Hudson.

Munky likes Sol Invictus

Korn guitarist Munky re-iterated his love for Faith No More when interviewed by Loudwire recently.

I feel like we did, actually I just saw you the other night at Faith No More out in Los Angeles. It was a frickin’ phenomenal show.
They can do no wrong by me. They sound great. I like their new stuff, too. It fits right in with the old stuff, I think.
They could have put out a turd and we’d be like, ‘That’s awesome!’
I think everyone is so excited to hear them and see them playing together again, I know a couple of the guys, they’re great guys and phenomenal musicians. To me, they’re not a metal band. They always say they’re not a metal band. I’ve always kind of felt that way about Korn.
They inspired Fieldy and I to start a band and start playing. That was back in 1987, so it’s inspiring that not only are they still going, but they sold out that place three nights in a row. It gives guys like me hope. [Laughs]

Faith No More at the London Forum 1995

Faith No More return to London in two weeks (FNM 2.0 will be there) and FNM4ever have unearthed a full London show from 1995 for your election.

Faith No More in London 2012

And our friends at Evergig have put together one of their trademark synced and crowd-sourced videos of Faith No More’s show at the Brixton Academy on 10 July 2012.

Win a Faith No More snowboard

A great promo here from TestPress.

Another 8/10 review in Germany

Danke again to Mira for her translation of this excellent review of Sol Invictus in German magazine Rock Hard.

Review from Rock Hard magazine #337, out in shops now

Self-irony is a lovely thing. Apart from that: As ‘aggressive’ as FNM present themselves in recent photos (grey-haired gentlemen in suits) ‘Sol Invictus’ sounds. Despite the incredibly high expectations regarding their first album in 18 years, the alternative-pioneers around Mike Patton are taking it easy. On the face of it, it appears they might have smoked pot in the studio, because of the subtle humour of the lyrics, bizarre phrases like ‘Sunny side up’ from the world of fried eggs used in a completely different context and some inventive sound effects which surprise the listener every now and then. In reality, it was surely concentrated work not to overload the album, nor to let mankind’s expectations get to them. Three years they worked secretly and stress-free in bassist Billy Gould’s studio and added endless musical styles to their very own sound, while Mike Patton wheezes, whispers and shouts as if he gave a damn about record sales. This impertinence has always characterised FNM since their heyday. Sure, they had a little more youthful vigour before, but Mike Bordin’s ingenious groove is still there, the coolness as well. And that’s the most important thing about Faith No More. Sunglasses and a broad grin put on – and speakers up in the city traffic. The album has it, even without an obvious smash hit. (8/10; Holger Stratmann)

More reviews

A very good one from the site that makes Fox news look like the Socialist Worker, Breitbart. Gutcheck gives a good take-down of the archetypal Sol Invictus review before saying some good things:

“You can never tell how great their records are, because it’s a long game with them. Their songs don’t ever knock you over instantly. Instead they present themselves, and as you listen – melodies, riffs, and infectious parts burrow into your noggin – and bother you months later. FNM didn’t really become one of my favorite all time bands until after I’d had all their records for a couple of years. And realized I was playing them every day.

Every album works like that. Reviewing a FNM album should take place a year after purchase. The same thing with kids.”

And adding:

“Sol Invictus works like your basic FNM record: the sequencing is an artful job, hustling you politely through all the gentle, harsh, weird surprises that follow – and then when it’s over, you get back on the ride and start over, just like Space Mountain. When I first heard “Motherf*cker,” I dismissed it as a stunt. But it makes sense somehow among its peers. The album makes the song great.

My favorite song is a bouncy racket called Black Friday. Hard to explain if you had to – but it’s a song only this band could do. The clapping gives it a Monkees, Neil Diamond feel that is something new for a group used to fiendish vibes.”

Soundblab also give a positive review and an 8/10 score stating:

“A brief look at the tracklisting will tell you that with titles such as ‘Motherfucker’, ‘Separation Anxiety’ and ‘Black Friday’, the attitude is here. Hell, even ‘Sunny Side Up’ is snarling and pumping its way into your synapses by hook or by crook.”‘I’d like to peel your skin off,” Mike Patton howls through the slow-building and punishing ‘Cone of Shame’ – so much for being comfortable in middle-age… At less than 40 minutes, this is a short, sweet and wonderful return. More is promised from the band and what is here leaves you glad of that.”

And the The Music Enthusiast weigh in with their detailed review. They say:

“Regurgitation is a word that certainly cannot apply to Sol Invictus, Faith No More’s first studio album in eighteen years; and that creative genius is firing on all cylinders throughout the ten tracks that comprise it.

Perhaps, Sol Invictus will be the first in another string of albums, or maybe it will stand as the pièce de résistance on an already illustrious career, a career that possibly may see this second coming run its course sooner rather than later.

Whichever path the road takes them down, one thing stands for sure: they’ve created a new record that has no trouble holding its own against any of their revered classics…Sol Inivctus fits snuggly against their products of the nineties, pulling off innovation in the music as they prove there are still some boundaries to push; the at times abstract lyrics that Patton and the rest of the band are known for writing being sharp as ever, and engrossing to listen to.”


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