3108, 2015

INTERVIEWS: Mike Patton speaks to La Tercera and Bill Gould to La Nacion about upcoming tour and future plans

August 31st, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|2 Comments

As the band gear up to their live return (Jimmy Kimmel on 3 September, Bumbershoot and Red Rocks on 6 and 8 September, and Central and South America from 15 September), they are back on the promo trail.

First up, Bill Gould has spoken to Costa Rican paper La Nación about the band’s first visit and future plans:

How many times have you come to Costa Rica?
20 times. I have friends who live in Nicoya and have travelled the whole area, and a little San Jose. You have a great country.

What are your plans for after the tour: will you continue as a band or return to personal projects?
We now operate in steps and at the end of each step, we sat down to talk. At the end of tour we will see what we do. There is no right answer, no wrong answer. What we are going to work must have everyone on the same page.

I also loved this from Bill:

How do you feel when a young man approaches them to tell them they were the favorite band of his father? We are hearing of these cases more often. It’s odd, funny, makes me laugh, because we never saw us as a band would be playing in these times: if you look old and I have to be a grandfather, which makes me weird. It’s a good thing we did hear a difference to the people long ago, but what matters to me is that while we’re inspired, we will continue to do so.

And Mike Patton has spoken to Chile’s La Tercera ahead of the band’s return to their spiritual home for the Santiago Gets Louder festival on 27 September.
2015-08-31 13_33_44-Entretención _ LA TERCERA

Mike said:

“Over the years Chile has become a very special place for us, and we hope that this relationship will continue. We are obviously eager to play our new songs there.”

He also spoke about the positive reception for Sol Invictus:

“The mere fact that people still interested in us, after all these years, is encouraging. Well, that the disc has been received so positively was something extra that surprised us. We always hope that people enjoy and can feel inspired or even brought to our music, but we are also very realistic. We know we can not control the reactions and expectations of people, and that music is a subjective and personal experience to the listener. I think, in other words, we can not please everyone!”

And Mike also partly agreed that the band are now more popular than ever:

“I partially agree with that view. While I cannot say that I understand fully why this idea seems to be true. If you force me to give an answer, I think it has to do with nostalgia or some “vintage mystique” that people identify us. Or maybe they were just having the opportunity to see us 20 years ago who knows. To be honest, I’m not sure if people understood our music at the time, or if they do now,  but what is more important is whether our songs are capable of transmitting a feeling, an emotion or idea.”

Mike also spoke briefly about his future plans:

“Right now I’m totally dedicated and committed to Faith No More, of course, but that does not mean that you are not working on other adventures. Now I’m involved with a new project called Nevermen group. Our first album will be released later this year. And there are other things out there in the oven too.”


408, 2015

INTERVIEW: Bill Gould speaks to Kreative Kontrol on audioboom

August 4th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|0 Comments

(via Faith No More Blog)

Bill Gould has spoken to Kreative Kontrol on audioboom about San Francisco, the reunion, Sol Invictus and about being a better band. Check the full interview here from about 6 minutes in:

3007, 2015

Roddy Bottum praises fans for championing band pushing boundaries

July 30th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|1 Comment

Roddy Bottum features in a Q and A from the Washington Times and the Faith No More keyboardist and composer is as eloquent as ever.

Here are some highlights:

Q: How much of “Sol Invictus” are you playing live?

A: It kind of varies, but maybe five or six songs. I think we have a really interesting fan base. The nature of being a band with history is fans want to hear the old songs. But to our fans’ credit, I think they really come to champion us and watch us pushing boundaries.

Q: And you dated her [Courtney Love] before you came out?

A: Correct. Yeah. We just had a very intense relationship. She is still my best friend.

3007, 2015

INTERVIEW: Bill Gould speaks about Sol Invictus conception in detail to Pagina12

July 30th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|0 Comments

The Faith No More interview machine is up and running again and Bill Gould has spoken to the Argentinean site Pagina12. The excellent interview features a number of interesting revelations.

Mike Patton says you got him drunk to convince him to record again. What’s to say?

What should I say? That I’m guilty? Mike does not need my help to get drunk, he can manage alone. Once we got together to chat, we went for drinks, and things went. We left for home, I showed something that I had been working on in my studio, and he loved it. It was Matador.

Who was the hardest to convince? You had already released “Matador” and Patton went on to say that recording was not an option …

Everyone says that Mike was the most difficult, not hooked as fast. Actually, I think we all wanted to record again but no one dared to speak…I remember reading Mike denying the possibility of the record, and thinking: “I do not know why he says, I have other plans” (laughs).

3007, 2015

LINKS FOR A DAY 186: New book?, interviews, full Houston show

July 30th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|2 Comments

New Faith No More book?

Maybe. There’s actually around a 2.3140495867768593% chance of this happening but my proposal for a book on Faith No More’s Angel Dust album is one of 605 submissions competing for about 10-15 slots to be published as books in the prestigious Bloomsbury 33 1/3 series. Here is the full list, which also includes a Mr Bungle Disco Volante pitch. The shortlist will be revealed in about two months.

New Roddy Bottum interview

A syndicated interview by Ed Condran with Roddy Bottum has been published in some Philadelphia area papers today.
Roddy says:

“We just did what we wanted to do,” Bottum says. “We didn’t pay attention to what’s happening out there but we didn’t pay attention back in the day with ‘Angel Dust,’ either. We were inspired and we feel great playing with each other.

Bill Gould interview in Brazil

Bill has spoken to Brazilian website IG and his comments that Nirvana are just a rock band and should not be deified have been widely reported on.
He also produced the quote of the 2.0 era so far:

We have different kinds of conversations now. Like if I meet the guys from Foo Fighters, we talked about what kind of laxative they are taking, or fiber are eating, if I did a good poop that morning. And everyone gets excited about it because we’re old and can appreciate that sort of thing.

NME include FNM in Foo Fighters feature

Speaking of the the world’s biggest classic rock band, NME has included Faith No More’s Rock Werchter All My Life in its list of the top Foo Fighters covers:
They say:

“It’s not really clear whether this is a tribute or a mockery of Foo Fighters, who cancelled their appearance at Germany’s Rock Werchter this year just like they did for Glastonbury. It’s very short, and has the band segueing from ‘All My Life’ into The Trashmen’s 1963 irritator, ‘Surfin’ Bird’, before reaching the band’s own song ‘Midlife Crisis’. Homage or piss-take? You decide. Either way, we dig.”

Babes in Toyland cover We Care a Lot

What have Faith No More and Babes in Toyland got in common? 1) They both briefly had Courtney Love as a band member 2) They are back after a long hiatus and 3) They both sing We Care a Lot.
The grunge/punk outfit played a brief snippet of the Faith No More classic at their first reunion show at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown, Joshua Tree in February.
(hat/tip to Jason)

Houston full show video

The ever-resourceful FNM4ever guys have put together a playlist of the full show at Houston on 30 July and here it is:

Learn Faith No More on guitar with Rocksmith

This might actually be the kick up the ass I need to pick up a guitar again after giving up after realising I had neither the talent or persistence needed to master the instrument. You can learn to play five Faith No More songs with the latest edition of Rocksmith.

And here’s a delightful video of 11-year-old Audrey nailing a bass cover of From Out of Nowhere while her sister does her best Patton impression

2907, 2015

Roddy Bottum Tour Talk episode 1: Mike Bordin’s ankle injury

July 29th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|6 Comments

Roddy Bottum – continuing his and the band’s early adoption of new media – will be hosting a talk show on live streaming app Periscope after each show on this tour and hosted his first such Tour Talk last night in Houston. His first guest was Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin – while Mike Patton also pops in.

Watch it here

With Letterman retired, maybe Roddy is set to become America’s new late night king of talk.

2015-07-29 12_07_24-Roddy Bottum on Periscope

2307, 2015

INTERVIEW: Faith No More career-spanning interview in The Guardian

July 23rd, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|8 Comments

Finally, the big Guardian interview I hoped for in May has come in July. 

The band reflected on their career with Dorian Lynskey in the UK-based paper.

Here are some choice cuts:

Roddy Bottum:

“I think we accomplished what we need  to accomplish. If we all died today I think we would have done a good job.”

“Doing what we’re doing now makes all of that work we did then a lot more validating,” Gould agrees. “We came back and we made it better. If that’s the only lesson we learned, that’s a good lesson.”

2307, 2015

INTERVIEW: Mike Patton and Bill Gould discuss getting back on road in Wall Street Journal

July 23rd, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|2 Comments

First up, apologies for the lack of updates for past few weeks. Have actually been flat out on another FNM project but normal service will be resumed on Monday.

The band are back at it too and Bill and Mike P gave some great insights into the touring process in an interview published today in The Wall Street Journal.

Here are some extracts:

“Playing live is very physical, and you want to keep those muscles active,” said the 52-year-old Gould. “Otherwise, in front of people, it’s challenging and takes the fun out of it. So I try to keep my strength going all the time.”

“The one thing that’s different now is I go through more peaks and valleys,” said Patton, 47 years old. “I’m older so it’s tougher. I’ll start out fine, then I’ll hit a valley. And then I’ll be great for a while, and then all of a sudden, hey, if you blink or stay out too late one night or don’t take care of yourself, then it can step up and bite you in the ass.”

“That doesn’t mean Faith No More won’t follow up “Sol Invictus” with a new album or even more tours down the line. Patton said it is possible because a lot of material didn’t make the most recent record, and Gould said he hopes Faith No More’s newfound productivity will continue. Before that, though, Gould said the band will “do what’s best for everybody” and decide what’s next in October, when they are set to play the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, Calif.”

1007, 2015

INTERVIEW: Bill Gould and Mike Bordin interviews with EMP Rock Invasion

July 10th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|1 Comment

Faith No More have given another new interview with a German music channel EMP RockInvasion with Billy and Mike B fielding the questions.

107, 2015

Bill Gould on future of rock and more in Finnish TV interview

July 1st, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|1 Comment

This is one of the better interviews in the past few months as Billy Gould speaks to Finland’s KaaosTV

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