2108, 2009

Faith No More at Pukkelpop video

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A little video

No news on set list or on the injury to the stage diver. More later.

1808, 2009

Mike Patton eats a shoelace and regurgitates it

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This video does what it says on the tin – from the Sziget festival on Sunday.

1708, 2009

Faith No More in Prague

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Hello from the Tesla Arena in Prague. Its warm and its packed. Faith No More 2.0 and Ms Faith No More are sitting (!) to the right of the stage. Joy Division “Isolation” serving as the familar warm-up music.

Firewater take to the stage. Quite like this band after seeing them at Paleo in Switzerland last year. One Roddy Bottum is watching from just in front of us.

Good show from Firewater. Muted response though: the bongos and trumpet not what the FNM fans expected. TV on the Radio on the PA now.

The now familiar opening notes are greeted by a huge ovation.

Mike P in the red suit with subtle shades and cane look.

Its so hot that all bar the inscrutable Jon have shed their jackets.

Very slippery on stage. Patton nearly went arse over tit twice during LoS.

Praha! Everybody ok is Patton’s first spoken words and a big thank you for Firewater.

We get a verse of Evidence in Portuguese.

Big band discussion after SYD and we’re into LCoS. Vertigo!!!

Love the tone of Jon H’s guitar in Easy. And the breakdown in Midlife Crisis is the Russian snippet they have previously played – Timelord (?).
Roddy back and bantering to crowd prior to KFOAD.
Mike goes up close and personal with the audience during Just a Man, getting them to sing a long into the mic in Czech.
Mike has just pissed off the whole crowd by saying their football team sucks before Ole Ole on the megaphone…Chariots.
Second encore preceded by Patton: Obviously there’s nothing else happening in Praha tonight. He had went off earlier to “Seriously, Praha: insanem”



From out of Nowhere

Land of Sunshine



Surprise You’re Dead

Last Cup of Sorrow

Chinese Arithmetic (Poker Face intro)


Midlife Crisis



Gentle Art of Making Enemies

King for a Day

Ashes to Ashes

Be Aggressive

Just a Man

Chariots of Fire/Stripsearch

Digging the Grave

Encore 2

1508, 2009

Faith No More at Spirit of Burgas

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Quick distant video but the audio is good

1408, 2009

Faith No More Aussie special

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In a belated tribute to the Soundwave announcement here are some YouTube vids and other goodies of Faith No More in Australia.
First up, Mike Patton being asked in an interview with Triple J about being invited by INXS to be their replacement front man.

Next, one we’ve featured before. Bill and Mike P being interviewed by Channel 7’s The Times in 1995.
Third, Faith No More on Aussie TV show Tonight Live With…
Next the lowdown on their last Aussie gig – 1 November 1997 in Perth – from the always invaluable Stefan Negele database/CV database. Read all about it here.
Edge of the World live in Melbourne August 1990.
Another – slightly painful – Mike Patton radio interview – from 1997.
And finally a stunning version of This Guy’s In Love with You from their last Aussie tour in 1997.
1108, 2009

Faith No More Brazil date confirmed

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Faith No More will play the Maquinaria Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 7 November, Roddy Bottum has confirmed via Twitter. His full Tweet was: “Finally! BRAZIL!!! The Maquinaria Festival, November 7 in Sao Paulo welcomes FNM!!! tickets on sale Aug 14.” Here is the ticket sales site.

1108, 2009

Faith No More, Eastenders and funny ouzo

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Check out the latest ingredient in an FNM show  – a quiz on TV theme tunes.

The start may not be so clear as the tune is not actually played in this clip but its the theme tune from Eastenders, a British soap opera which airs on BBC. Bill Gould is a self-confessed fan of the show.
UPDATE. You actually get the Eastenders theme at 3.00 minutes during Midlife Crisis in this clip.
And here is the pic of Apollo (?) and Mike

508, 2009

Chuck Mosley was invited to take part in FNM reunion

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Buried near the bottom of the Chuck Mosley Cleveland Scene interview we mentioned earlier is the revelation that Chuck was actually invited to be part of the Faith No More Second Coming Reunion Tour.

The article reads: “Mosley says Faith No More invited him to join their reunion tour that’s currently traipsing across Europe; the guys even asked him to sing the Peaches and Herb tune “Reunited” at the kick-off date. But the lost birth certificate and Social Security card prevented him from traveling overseas. “What are you gonna do?” he shrugs. “Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, but I can’t be like that forever. I’m getting too old for that. Plus, when I get focused on playing, all that stuff goes away. It’s not even an issue for me.”

Check out the full interview here.

Here’s Chuck’s latest video blog including concert footage.

Finally, the Will Rap over Hard Rock for Food album release part takes place  at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland on Friday 14 August.

(Thanks to deadfiller)

408, 2009

More great Faith No More tour posters

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The wonderful Jeff LaChance poster for the Lycabettus Amphitheatre show in Athens

The wonderful Jeff LaChance poster for the Lycabettus Amphitheatre show in Athens

Inside the Rock Poster Frame report that a second series of posters for the second leg of the Second Coming tour have been produced and will be on sale when the tour ends. Again, the one-off posters look superb and will be on sale at the Secret Serpents Store. Further details here.

308, 2009

Faith No More on German TV on Wednesday

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Here is the promised reminder that highlights of Faith No More’s Hurricane Festival performance in June will be broadcast on the German TV channel ZDF Theaterkanal. Here are the details. And I think you can watch it online through Zattoo here.

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