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812, 2014

Links for a day…(vol. 171)

December 8th, 2014|Faith No More, Links for a day, Video vault|0 Comments

Mike Patton’s Fantômas played a Santiago sideshow and then the Rockout festival in Chile over the weekend. Thanks to those is Comments who posted videos.
Here is the full set from the first show:

part 2

And here is Twin Peaks from Rockout

And here is Rosemary’s Baby



ELSEWHERE the thank Chuck Mosley campaign continues. The Faith No More blog are running an auction to raise funds: They an inviting bids for:

an original promotional photo of the band from the early 80’s, it was saved in Bill Gould’s archive for around 30 years and sent as a gift to one of us. It was later signed by Chuck when he visited Chile in 2013.
So, how can you get this piece? Easy: Bid on it at this link: Facebook album!
If your bid wins then you make the donation of the amount reached to Chuck’s paypal account and we’ll send the Photo*. The auction ends on December 12th.

Remember our aim is to help, so if the bid is too high for you and you simply want to make a donation, we welcome you to do it here: [email protected]

And wise words on the subject from Ben in Comments:

I personally feel that with the amount of hours of my life since I was 10 years old that I’ve spent either listening to or humming Chuck’s songs Cement, VUA, and his songs with FNM that I’ve been ripping him off for years. Seriously, his VUA album was only $9 when I bought it and these demos were a dollar donation (I paid more to try to help him get a tour going, but a lot of people just paid the dollar). Anyway, I think these demos are great, several of them better than the album cuts. People should check them out and it’s for a good cause.

112, 2014

More Faith No More at Amoeba video and photos

December 1st, 2014|Faith No More, News, Video vault|1 Comment

It is easy to scoff at people holding up cameras, phones and especially tablets at gigs and it is now regarded as a serious social faux pas with artists such as Jack White and Savages banning it outright at their gigs. But…in certain circumstances such as when new songs are being played for the first time or when a band is playing in a tiny venue, it would not be possible to see these unmissable performances but for the chutzpah of such camera warriors. So FNM 2.0 salutes you camera and tablet guy – and especially in this instance the likes of Eric Pace, Jason Gifford, Jose Henrique M. Oliveira Gonzalo Maldonado,Frank Slodysko,  reyka wrekka and especially littlemoe69 for filming and uploading Faith No More‘s historic, iconic, for-the-ages performances at the Amoeba record store in San Francisco on Friday.

New full show:

(Fantastic overall views above and the song sounds great)

There are some great photos from Joshua Weinfeld here.

And Frank Vella also has a set on Flickr. (hat tip Pattonism on Facebook)

Amoeba also have some photos and should add their video of the show soon.

And Rock N Roll Cocktail also have truly amazing shots.

2511, 2014

Faith No More at Slane Castle, May 1992 audio – my first FNM gig

November 25th, 2014|Faith No More, Tour dates, Video vault|5 Comments

I’ve been looking for this for a long and time and, as he often goes, Mark Montague has delivered – audio of Faith No More‘s performance at the iconic Slane Castle, Ireland in May, 1992.

It was my first outdoor concert, my first Faith No More concert and only my second ever concert (ahem – Extreme , Point Depot 1991) and one of the greatest days of my life: Faith No More playing with Guns’ N’Roses – my two favourite bands – Kilkenny’s My Little Funhouse in support; a rare scorching Irish summer’s day; just days after my 18th birthday and travelling there and back on a hired bus with a bunch of my home town’s most experienced headbangers, party people and drinkers.

Set list
Death March
The Real Thing
Land of Sunshine
Midlife Crisis
We Care a Lot
Surprise! You’re Dead!
Woodpecker from Mars

Here’s a short report from Irish state broadcaster RTE which gives a flavour of the day.

As I previously recounted here, this was the band’s third Irish gig. They have played six Irish dates in all, most recently in 2009, and are well overdue a return in 2015.

507, 2014

Faith No More at Hyde Park: full show including two new songs in HD

July 5th, 2014|Faith No More, News, Video vault|10 Comments

Courtesy of the fine work of @joepagejr here is a playlist of all of the Faith No More show at Hyde Park on 4 July including those two enticing and beguiling new songs.

1309, 2012

Faith No More with Trey Spruance at Maquinaria 2011 pro-shot

September 13th, 2012|Faith No More, Video vault|10 Comments

Faith No More featuring their former guitarist Trey Spruance perform Just a Man at their appearance last year at the Maquinaria festival in Chile.
(via Khp in Comments)

1008, 2012

UPDATED: Faith No More at Belgrade Calling: FULL pro-shot concert video from Studio B

August 10th, 2012|Faith No More, Video vault|11 Comments


This was a great show and its wonderful to finally have at least 22 minutes of pro-shot TV footage of Faith No More‘s Belgrade Calling appearance, which took place on 28 June.

Part 2

Part 3

Matador starts at 18.40

Part 4

Matador continues at start

via Claus in comments and   on YouTube


* Had never quite noticed before how different Jon’s guitar sounds on Land of Sunshine.

1607, 2012

Faith No More King for a Day at Belgrade Calling pro-shot video

July 16th, 2012|Faith No More, News, Video vault|2 Comments

As mentioned in Comments by Crack Hitler and via fnm4ever, here is professional video footage of Faith No More performing King for a Day at the Belgrade Calling festival. It seems this song was shown live on TV in Serbia.

1607, 2012

Faith No More at Brixton Academy 2012 multicam videos

July 16th, 2012|Faith No More, News, Video vault|10 Comments

Here’s Gill’s expertly edited multicam videos from Brixton in one playlist.

[youlist pid=”PL61F6C58A3CBD114D”]

As he explains: “This is a video I made from the fan footage uploaded to YouTube, I plan to do this for the entire concert if possible and I hope that you enjoy it.  All audio taken from the videos by user burntoutttt. All video footage, not just for this video, that I have used is by the following users (in alphabetical order).
Alejandra Sivori

1805, 2012

Faith No More: 20 years on

May 18th, 2012|Faith No More, Video vault|9 Comments

This week marks 20 years since I first saw Faith No More live – when they played with Guns N’ Roses and My Little Funhouse at Ireland’s iconic Slane Castle on 16 May 1992.
Here’s the band mentioning the gig in an interview on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball

2012, 2011

Faith No More – Studio Live (Maida Vale 1992)

December 20th, 2011|Faith No More, Video vault|11 Comments

A brilliant find from jimllmixit and Ricardo on the forum – a four-song gem recorded in November 1992 at BBC Radio 1’s Maida Vale studios for the Jackie Brambles show.

Everything’s Ruined

Midlife Crisis



Via F7END on YouTube

fnm4ever featured this recording in a blog post last year

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