1108, 2016

Steve Albini’s decidedly mixed 1986 review of Faith No More’s We Care a Lot

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Legendary and iconoclastic music producer (or recording engineer as he prefers) Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey) reviewed Faith No More’s We Care a Lot in 1986.

The review appeared in Matter, a magazine based out of Hoboken and/or Chicago in the mid-80’s.


(Hat tip to Dave B on Facebook)

1108, 2016

Faith No More to be specialist subject on BBC Mastermind quiz show

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Faith No More will be one contestant’s specialist subject on the iconic BBC quiz show Mastermind, to be broadcast on Friday night, 12 August on BBC Two at 19.30 UK time.

Mastermind has been broadcast by the BBC since 1972 and features four contestants. Each chooses a specialist subject and has to answer as many questions on it  in the space of one minutes while perched on the show’s famous black leather chair while under a harsh spotlight. The contestants then face a further round of general knowledge questions.

The episode will be available to watch on demand on BBC’s iPlayer here (UK only)

We’ve no idea what the questions will be but expect some on Passes to Passes, I Started A Joke So I’ll Finish and Falling to Passes

Here is a previous episode featuring questions on Metallica

Here is the late, great comedy duo The Two Ronnies sending up the series

And here is Faith No More’s own Mike Bordin on the somewhat less highbrow Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Hat-tip Jim and Faith No More Followers

908, 2016

INTERVIEW: Bill Gould speaks to Futuro 88.9FM in Chile

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Faith No More’s Bill Gould spoke to Chile’s Futuro 88.9 FM about the We Care a Lot re-release and the listening party in Santiago.

908, 2016

Faith No More We Care a Lot listening parties details

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From Santiago to Sheffield, Faith No More fans will get a chance to listen to the deluxe band issue re-release of We Care a Lot at a series of listening parties across the world.

Here is the latest list via Koolarrow


And here is Bill’s initial Koolarrow post:

OKAY, SO, HERE’S WHAT’S UP: We Care A Lot is coming out on August 19th..Normally when FNM releases an album there are tour dates…not only to promote the record but also because we like creating events…we are proud to include amongst our ranks a strong, international group of fans, many who I know personally, and generally our shows provide not only a place to hear live music, but also a way for people to get together and have some fun.
While it’s been great to reconnect with this era of the band, we also realize that a tour with the WCAL lineup just ain’t gonna happen, so this is what we’re going to do: throw a party for our fans. Actually more than one. On the same day: August 18 (except for the Big Foot Lodge on the 19th, because they’re special..!). We’re going to play the album in it’s entirety at each place, the day before the release, so our friends can hear it first, and under “optimal conditions”.
We’re going to call them “Listening Sessions”. Admission will be free, and they will be held in bars that are “FNM family” friendly. That means that I’ve personally been involved in the selection process , and am down with the proprietors, they are fans as well, and this will all happen in the right spirit. It’s not the same as a live gig, but hopefully it will be a good way for many of you to get together, and along with our music, to have a little fun.
Below is a list of our confirmed “Listening Sessions”, but it’s highly likely that we will be adding more venues as we get closer to this date, so stay tuned either at fnm.com, koolarrow.com, or the Koolarrow or Koolarrow FB pages.
And PLEASE, if you find yourself going, send us photos, either at [email protected] or via the Koolarrow FB page, and we will try to repost.

308, 2016

Links for a Day 198: Anne from Anne’s Song speaks and more

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Anne from Anne’s Song Speaks

Well done to Matty P Radio who managed to track down the eponymous Anne from Faith No More’s Anne Song for an interview on their Blog Talk Radio show. From 02 hours 15 minutes onwards.

Metal Hammer lists the top 10 Faith No More metal songs

Metal bible Metal Hammer states:

One band who have been defying genre conventions since day one are sound wizards and all-round rock gods Faith No More. Their brand of rock, pop, lounge, funk (and whatever else takes their fancy) loaded onto a heavy metal base, is quite the concoction – an eclectic brew that the alternative metal genre was made for. And while some of these ten tracks may feature elements of other musical styles, their core is still one of rock solid heaviness.

Chuck Mosley in Kuztown photos

Chuck Mosley played a free intimate acoustic show at Young Ones Records in Kutztown on Tuesday, 12 July 12 as part of his “Reintroduce Yourself: An Evening with Chuck Mosley” tour. And Nepa Scene and Keith Perks have posted a gallery from the show:

Hindustan Times shows zeal of new FNM fan

There may be nothing new in this Hindustan Times piece detailing the many wonders of Faith No More but the passion of becoming a FNM fan shines through.

308, 2016

New Chuck Mosley music on new Indoria album

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Former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley appears as vocalist on You’ll Never Make The Six, the new release from Cleveland’s Indoria.

The official release for the band’s fourth album is 30 August but you can sample a selection of tunes below. The album features an expanded role for Mosley, who joined the band late in the recording process of their previous release.

Pre-oder the album here

Indoria are: Chuck Mosley-vocals, guitar
Douglas Esper-vocals, percussion
Michele Esper-vocals
Adam Probert-bass
Donald Spak-guitar

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Doug (vocalist, percussionist, manager, writer) spoke to Jim from FNM Followers yesterday about the record and Chuck’s US and European tour.
Check out the full article for a great read but here is a choice cut on the Indoria record we’ve purloined:

The new Indoria album ‘You’ll Never Make The Six’ is due for release in the UK in September through InfiniteHive. Chuck has a role on every track. What can we expect to hear?

So, three years ago we released the disc, There’s A Gleam. Chuck came in to do guest vocals on a song and we realized that he and my wife (Michele, vocalist for Indoria) sound awesome together. Adam Probert (bass, engineer, founder of Indoria) and I pitched him an idea the next year about doing a one-off studio project focused on mellower/acoustic tunes that he and she would sing. He agreed. We started writing and demoing stuff in late 2014-ish. By mid 2015 we had several songs “ready” to record.
Now, Chuck lives life on his own terms, at his own pace, on his schedule. So we sat and waited a while, but ultimately the itch to make more music won over and thus Indoria started working on new material. When Chuck became available the songs had all sort of blurred together, so we decided to just put it out under the Indoria moniker. I sing a couple, Chuck sings a couple, and my wife sings a couple and then we each do background and smaller parts on each other’s tunes.
In April of 2016 Chuck and I started practicing for his acoustic tour. During one of those practices he started noodling around with a song he had played at a coffee shop a few times doing solo shows. Not knowing what it was, I started slapping the conga (not a euphemism). Chuck asked me to keep the beat and we played it several times that day and we’ve performed it at every acoustic show thus far. We did a break-neck paced recording of the song and added some extra instrumentation by Donald Spak on sort of a lead guitar part and Chuck doing a few “noise” guitar parts. We added it onto the Indoria disc, though it really is a Chuck Mosley tune with a little of our flavor added.
Outside of that, the disc has six new songs that range from 80’s British synth rock minus the synth, folk, rock, pop, and even a lullaby. My five-year-old son provides guest vocals on one of the tunes, which means a lot to me as the song is about missing family while out on the road. There is a remix of the first song we did with Chuck on the American version of the disc, but we are cooking up an exclusive UK edition through InfiniteHive which will have more bonus tracks, remixes by some people you’ll recognize, and possibly a live version of Bella Donna the new song we’ve been playing on Chuck’s acoustic tour. That is, if you guys would want that? Hell, the photos by Jay Byrd that we used for the booklet are stunning enough, the music is just a bonus really.

2807, 2016

Chuck Mosley on tour belated round-up

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Chuck Mosley has just finished the first leg of a month-long tour of the US ahead of the release of his Demos for Sale and of course the We Care a Lot re-release.

Apologies for missing most of this when we were on hiatus but here’s an update.

2807, 2016

Classical covers EP of Faith No More released

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The industrial scale purveyors of classical covers of rock and pop songs Midnite String Quartet have turned their attentions to Faith No More and their  MSQ Performs Faith No More six-track EP was released on 10 June.

Here is Ashes to Ashes

(via benrun in comments – thanks)

The EP is available here
iTunes http://tinyurl.com/zbwdg8y
Apple Music https://itun.es/us/2yNjcb
Spotify http://tinyurl.com/zs3mor9
Google Play http://tinyurl.com/hvze7gs


2807, 2016

Bill Gould interview with The Independent

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The now online-only London-based Independent newspaper has a full-length interview with the voice of Faith No More (the non-musical voice of FNM in any case), Bill Gould.

2016-07-28 10_02_42-Music _ Culture _ The Independent - Opera

Here are some choice cuts:

I grew up in LA and started playing bass when I was 12 years old. I was in a band with guys I knew from my Boy Scout troop (laughs) … seriously! We were called The Animated, my Mom would drop me off at their house with my guitar and my little amp. We’d write songs and Chuck was the keyboard player in the neighbourhood, so we’d ask him to jump in and jam on a few songs. I played in that band until I was about 18 before moving up to San Francisco to go to school.

I have stuff in boxes that I haven’t gone through for years and my wife got to a point where she said, ‘We’re living in boxes! You don’t even know what’s down there, can we just dump some of that s**t you have down there!?’ … and that’s when I found the tapes. I was like, ‘Oh my God, what is this?’ I’d found the half inch masters, which were the finished mixes and I found one 24-track reel that had the three songs that Matt Wallace has remixed for this re-issue (We Care A Lot, Pills For Breakfast and As The Worm Turns). I said to him, ‘if you could remix these songs today, what would you do with them?’ and what you hear on the record is the result.’

A lot of people don’t know this side of the band so it’s a cool thing to be able to put out again.’

2807, 2016

Faith No More release 1986 rare concert footage

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As part of the build up to the release of Faith No More’s We Care A Lot reissue, the band have released new rare footage (audio and video by Chris Husband) of Faith No More performing The Jungle live from 1986 at The i-Beam in San Francisco:

The footage and track are included on the album reissue, and the track is also now available (as well as “We Care A Lot” and “As The Worm Turns’) as instant downloads on the iTunes pre-order link:


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