2705, 2015

CHARTS: Faith No More Sol Invictus debuts at #7 in Austrian album charts

May 27th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

The top 10 debuts for Faith No More’s Sol Invictus keep on coming.

The “comeback” album has gone straight in at number 7 in the official Austrian album charts. The 2014 Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst goes in at number 1 in her home country. It is Faith No More’s third best chart placing in Austria with Angel Dust and Album of the Year peaking at 4 and 5 respectively.

Ö3 Austria Top40 Longplay-Charts

1 1 Conchita Wurst, Conchita
2 1 Mountain Man Gabalier, Andreas
3 2 2 Federn Von Goisern, Hubert
4 4 24 Rock Or Bust Ac/Dc
5 1 Perfetto Ramazzotti, Eros
6 1 Gestern.Heute-Best Of Stuermer, Christina
7   1 Sol Invictus Faith No More
8 8 2 Chant For Peace Cistercian Monks Heiligenkreuz
9 3 8 Das Letzte Konzert-Zuerich2014 Juergens, Udo
10 5 2 Foahr’n Ma Ueber’n See Edlseer, Die


Sol Invictus in charts worldwide

#1 in Finland
#2 in Australia
#3 in Switzerland
#4 in Germany
#5 in Scotland
#6 in UK and New Zealand
#7 in Netherlands and Austria
#10 in Belgium (Flemish) and Ireland
#15 in Belgium (French)
#27 in Sweden

1605, 2015


May 16th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|1 Comment

Faith No More’s release of Sol Invictus is getting a lot more attention in the media in Germany and Austria than in the UK and Ireland.

Die Zeit

A thematic clutch of reviews from the German broadsheet which asks what Faith No More and Conchita Wurst have in common? The answer as best I can translate is that “divas need to be heard”. 

Rolling Stone Germany

A 4.5/5 review from the German issue of Rolling Stone. They say:

“The title song not just gently leads into the album, but what comes after that will take your breath away: Mike Bordin’s driving drums on “Superhero”, Jon Hudson riffs, the nonsense-shouty song “Sunny Side Up”, the funny ideas of keyboardist Roddy Bottum, the fearsome “Separation Anxiety”, the ominous chanting of “Motherfucker”, the folky guitar in “From the dead”, which isn’t a joke. You can not understand this band. Faith No More overwhelm with their loud/quiet/quick/slowly-hard/soft dynamic and control it better than any other heavy metal band as they do so brilliantly and at the same time so playfully.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Germany’s biggest-selling quality newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung published a lengthy feature on Faith No More to mark the release of Sol Invictus in the country. The article is well-researched but the tone is clear that FNM’s comebacks like all comebacks is money motivated. Indeed, the article is headlined: “Lucrative reminiscing”. The article has nice things to say about Sol Invictus but says it cannot match their very great moments on The Real Thing and Angel Dust.


Austrian state broadcaster ORF has also published an in-depth feature headlined “Headbanging in the piano bar”. And they state:

“What follows then, is a furious rollercoaster ride of musical feelings and an amalgam of styles – from metal, punk and funk on alleged nursery rhyme melodies to easy-listening notes. As before, Faith No More cannot be limited to one style and still interweave skilfully their influences from Frank Sinatra to Slayer. Here they succeed to build tension within individual songs – sometimes almost unbearable. “Cone of Shame” is a typical example of how a song first appears with a casual guitar part to a downright ecstatic noise orgy at the end.”

2304, 2015

Two more glowing reviews for Sol Invictus in France and Austria

April 23rd, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|2 Comments

A leading Austrian newspaper and a French website have both given Faith No More’s new album Sol Invictus rave reviews.

Heute (Austria)

Faith No More show their old strength on Sol Invictus

The review states that Faith No More have lived up to the promise shown by the singles Motherfucker and Superhero. “Musical diversity is again written in capital letters by Faith No More”.
It adds: “A central theme running through is the unmistakable voice of Patton that stretches through the 10 songs of the strong album. From the threatening, deep whisper on which he opens Sol Invictus to the manic screaming fits at the end of Separation Anxiety or Superhero as far as the almost already hypnotizing speech-singing of the musically brilliantly constructed Motherfucker…”
“Fans of the unusual band will enjoy Sol Invictus with considerable security. But all those whom Faith No More has passed by until now should listen to this new varied work at all costs. Just by attempting to leave restrict itself and stay in one musical drawer, the San Francisco band appeal to the broadest possible audience.” 2015-04-23 23-50-52

Clair & Obscur (France)

French cultural site Clair & Obscur is, if anything, even more emphatic in its praise for the Faith No More comeback album. It awards it 10/10 and declares at the outset: “The wait has not been in vain because Sol Invictus is already brewing as a successful return.”
Here is the review:
“On this highly-anticipated album, Mike Patton continues to scramble the tracks with his voice which is by turns passionate, enraged and panicked. It offers us a panorama of diverse possibilities, enriched over the passing of the years by the many projects and collaborations, always more improbable, of one or the other of the group. Consequently, it creates a world filled with truculent characters. Thus, besides nasal nonchalance force-fed with solemnity and hope (From the Dead), one finds the gravity of a character from a Shakespearean tragedy (Matador). Then we have the torment of a soul gripped in fear (Separation Anxiety) but also the grief drowned in bourbon of a barfly (Cone of Shame) as well as the delusions of a rapper (Motherfucker), all of which challenge us.
“But equally it would be unrealistic to ascribe a vocal style to every song. A track never presents only one type of voice. the charismatic singer/songwriter declining predictability and even more banality. He always seek to surprise us (did they not sing Surprise! You’re Dead in 1989). Rise of the Fall testifies to this as a falsetto is successfully followed by a growl. In light of this versatility, Mike involves his companions in territory both serene (From the Dead whose refrain could almost see the band return to centre stage) and animated (Superhero with its insistent guitars and haunted piano).
“In addition, the demons of American musical heritage seem to permeate the the sonic fabric (a forlorn harmonica here, the folk music of the Appalachians there, a spiritual from the cotton fields further on, or else the original blues). Even if the five Americans want to explore various horizons and unsettle the listener, they nevertheless retain a ferocious appetite for catchy choruses whether in the form of words (Rise of the Fall) or onomatopoeia (Cone of Shame), which will contribute to making the audience actors in their live performances.
“With a new album skilfully dressed with haunted, playful and unbridled moods, we can thus keep faith in Faith No More which has lost nothing in its music that transcends barriers. This is an iconic group which the world of music can continue to count on with a smile. 10/10”

1807, 2010

Faith No More at Forestglade, Austria set list and video

July 18th, 2010|Faith No More|17 Comments

Faith No More played their penultimate scheduled tour date last night at the Forestglade festival in Austria.

Some great footage has surfaced; especially of Mike P taking out Puffy’s drum kit and Puffy. And a HD version of Edge of the World.

Set list:
(Thanks to Mantisaur)
Midnight Cowboy
Out of Nowhere
Be Aggressive
Surprise Your Dead
Chinese Arithmetic
Last Cup of Sorrow
Cuckoo for Caca
Ashes to Ashes
Midlife Crisis
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day
Just a Man
Edge of the World
Mark Bowen
Sound of Music

1503, 2010

Faith No More to play Forestglade Festival in Austria

March 15th, 2010|Tour dates|11 Comments

Various Austrian sites have announced that Faith No More will play the Forestglade festival in Wiesen in Austria on 17 July. Leading newspaper Kurier and a host of ticket sites report that FNM will join Die Fantastischen Vier and The Cranberries on the bill. Gossip, New Model Army and veteran Irish rockers Therapy? are also down to play.
Tickets are already on sale for the event and given that Faith No More are playing at the Gurtenfestial on Friday 16 July we can assume they will be on stage in Austria on Saturday.
Ticket details and sale here and also here and here.

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