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1808, 2016

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bill Gould on the energising We Care a Lot re-issue experience

August 18th, 2016|Faith No More, Interviews, News|5 Comments

Faith No More fans have been spoiled over the past decade with the band reforming to tour the world, recording new music with the wonderful Sol Invictus and now re-releasing their under-exposed debut album We Care a Lot with the added bonus of two special concerts with original vocalist Chuck Mosley.

Founding father, bassist and the beating heart of Faith No More Bill Gould is enjoying the experience- and he again took a break form his busy WCAL schedule to answer a few questions from Faith No More 2.0.

Bill Gould in 1982 (c) Joan Osato via Faith No. Man / Faith No More Followers


How pleased are you with the final We Care A Lot deluxe band issue?

Very pleased…it sounds good, it looks good, people seem to be approaching it in the right spirit.

This seemed to be a real labour of love for you personally but also the rest of the band. Are you surprised at how energized you have been by rediscovering your past?

Yes, both energized and surprised. On my side, it was great looking back, I had totally forgotten about this period of the band, but it has been gratifying to view this band from a broader perspective.

Is there any possibility of any more band issues in the near future or do you have to wait for a long time to regain control of your own music?

This is the only release, besides Sol Invictus, that the band controls 100%. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of those albums in between reverting back.

The new WCAL sounds amazing. Cleaner and richer without being compressed. Guitars seemingly more urgent but vocal track clearer. How have you managed to improve the tracks while retaining their essence? Can you explain a little the process of remixing the album for the less music production savvy?

Several things:
1) The transfer was done to digital with much better conversion than the original,
2) Matt has had 30 years of experience to refine his mixing skills, and
3) Maor Applebaum, who did the mastering, treated the final result with proper respect and didn’t mess with the general character.

Matt Wallace produced originally and remixed a number of tracks here – how good was it to work with him again and how crucial has he been to capturing Faith No More’s sound?

He was crucial because we grew up together: us as musicians and he as a producer/engineer. So we was really part of our unit. Since Angel Dust we we in different directions but it has been great to reconnect. Working with FNM is more than just a job to him, and I think that shows in the final result.

What track are you most satisfied with on the re-issue?

All of them.

Post-punk and post-punk revival music remains popular (think Parquet Courts, DIIV and more now). This record again shows that FNM were original post-punks. Is it important to you to reclaim your true musical heritage and escape the lazy metal labelling?

Well, its the origin of who we are. I believe original context is everything.

In your now mythical basement, is there any unreleased or unheard of FNM music that could yet see the light of day?

I do have a TON of cassettes…

The re-issue and promotion seems to have brought the band and Chuck even closer. When you told WSJ that“I can see us doing something creatively together.” would that be as a band or you and him?

Who knows?

What can we expect at the two live listening parties this week. What other friends can be expect?

Free admission, WCAL on the sound system.


WE CARE A LOT – DELUXE BAND EDITION”  release date is August 19,  now available now for pre-order:

1608, 2016

LISTEN: New mix of Faith No More We Care a Lot at Wall Street Journal

August 16th, 2016|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

In the run-up to the 19 August release of the deluxe band issue of We Care a Lot, Faith No More have out the re-tooled title track out via The Wall Street Journal.

Speaking about the new version, Bill Gould told WSJ:

Gould says he asked original producer Matt Wallace to take another crack at mixing the various individual tracks that comprise “We Care a Lot” and a couple other songs on the deluxe re-release. While the new mix of “We Care a Lot” has a few changes, including a different arrangement, Gould thinks it doesn’t sound all that different from the album version.

“That kind of surprised me,” he says. “Thirty years of technology and experience, and here we are, still at kind of the same place.”

And Bill also hinted at future collaboration with WCAL vocalist Chuck Mosley:

“Right now, we’re on pretty good terms,” Gould says. “I can see us doing something creatively together.”

WE CARE A LOT – DELUXE BAND EDITION”  release date is August 19,  now available now for pre-order:

You can also listen here

1208, 2016

LINKS FOR A DAY 198: Bill Gould SF Weekly interview, albums ranked, even earlier band review

August 12th, 2016|Faith No More, Interviews, Links for a day, News|0 Comments

Bill Gould SF Weekly interview

The indefatigable Bill Gould has continued his promo tour for the deluxe band issue re-release of We Care a Lot with an interview with SF Weekly.

Here are some choice cuts:

On WCAL the song:

“It was both serious and tongue-in-cheek,” Gould explains. “You have to look at it through the time that it was written. Everybody was exploiting their humanitarian values. There was a lot of self-congratulatory bullshit going around that we were kind of making fun of.”

On their first venture into the studio to properly record WCAL:

“It was a real gamble,” he says. “We were spending all this money that we didn’t even have to make those recordings. What would happen if the records just ended up sitting in the shelves? What if no one liked it?”

Loudwire and Reddit users ranked Faith No More albums

Loudwire is the latest publication to attempt to rank the FNM discography. I think most fans would disagree with their number one choice.
Meanwhile, Angel Dust and KFAD dominate these lists from Reddit users.

An even earlier review

After Steve Albini‘s offering yesterday, friend of the band Jardar has produced an even earlier review. It is a review of Faith No Man from 1983:

FNM’s rhythm section rated

Team Rock/Metal Hammer give Mike Bordin and Bill Gould long overdue recognition as the best rhythm section in rock or metal. Here is some of what they say:

Combining everything in this list, Bordin and Gould don’t over-indulge and serve the music above all, but when they let loose the dam really bursts.



908, 2016

INTERVIEW: Bill Gould speaks to Futuro 88.9FM in Chile

August 9th, 2016|Faith No More, Interviews, News|0 Comments

Faith No More’s Bill Gould spoke to Chile’s Futuro 88.9 FM about the We Care a Lot re-release and the listening party in Santiago.

908, 2016

Faith No More We Care a Lot listening parties details

August 9th, 2016|Faith No More, News|1 Comment

From Santiago to Sheffield, Faith No More fans will get a chance to listen to the deluxe band issue re-release of We Care a Lot at a series of listening parties across the world.

Here is the latest list via Koolarrow


And here is Bill’s initial Koolarrow post:

OKAY, SO, HERE’S WHAT’S UP: We Care A Lot is coming out on August 19th..Normally when FNM releases an album there are tour dates…not only to promote the record but also because we like creating events…we are proud to include amongst our ranks a strong, international group of fans, many who I know personally, and generally our shows provide not only a place to hear live music, but also a way for people to get together and have some fun.
While it’s been great to reconnect with this era of the band, we also realize that a tour with the WCAL lineup just ain’t gonna happen, so this is what we’re going to do: throw a party for our fans. Actually more than one. On the same day: August 18 (except for the Big Foot Lodge on the 19th, because they’re special..!). We’re going to play the album in it’s entirety at each place, the day before the release, so our friends can hear it first, and under “optimal conditions”.
We’re going to call them “Listening Sessions”. Admission will be free, and they will be held in bars that are “FNM family” friendly. That means that I’ve personally been involved in the selection process , and am down with the proprietors, they are fans as well, and this will all happen in the right spirit. It’s not the same as a live gig, but hopefully it will be a good way for many of you to get together, and along with our music, to have a little fun.
Below is a list of our confirmed “Listening Sessions”, but it’s highly likely that we will be adding more venues as we get closer to this date, so stay tuned either at,, or the Koolarrow or Koolarrow FB pages.
And PLEASE, if you find yourself going, send us photos, either at [email protected] or via the Koolarrow FB page, and we will try to repost.

2807, 2016

Bill Gould interview with The Independent

July 28th, 2016|Faith No More, Interviews, News|0 Comments

The now online-only London-based Independent newspaper has a full-length interview with the voice of Faith No More (the non-musical voice of FNM in any case), Bill Gould.

2016-07-28 10_02_42-Music _ Culture _ The Independent - Opera

Here are some choice cuts:

I grew up in LA and started playing bass when I was 12 years old. I was in a band with guys I knew from my Boy Scout troop (laughs) … seriously! We were called The Animated, my Mom would drop me off at their house with my guitar and my little amp. We’d write songs and Chuck was the keyboard player in the neighbourhood, so we’d ask him to jump in and jam on a few songs. I played in that band until I was about 18 before moving up to San Francisco to go to school.

I have stuff in boxes that I haven’t gone through for years and my wife got to a point where she said, ‘We’re living in boxes! You don’t even know what’s down there, can we just dump some of that s**t you have down there!?’ … and that’s when I found the tapes. I was like, ‘Oh my God, what is this?’ I’d found the half inch masters, which were the finished mixes and I found one 24-track reel that had the three songs that Matt Wallace has remixed for this re-issue (We Care A Lot, Pills For Breakfast and As The Worm Turns). I said to him, ‘if you could remix these songs today, what would you do with them?’ and what you hear on the record is the result.’

A lot of people don’t know this side of the band so it’s a cool thing to be able to put out again.’

2607, 2016

Bill Gould interview with Daniel P Carter on We Care a Lot and new music

July 26th, 2016|Faith No More, Interviews, News|1 Comment

Bill Gould spoke to BBC Radio 1 presenter, musician and podcaster Daniel P Carter for the Someone Who Isn’t Me podcast.

(Daniel also did this portrait of Billy:


Here is the full 53-minute interview on A Cast

Or via iTunes

3006, 2016

Bill Gould interview round-up

June 30th, 2016|Faith No More, Interviews, News|4 Comments

We admit we’re late on all this. I’ve been working at EURO 2016 flat out for the past month but have just made my Frexit and here’s a brief round-up of Bill’s other interviews at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards.

Great interview and great pic with a Guinness over on Eonline

Interview highlights:

You’re on down time now. Is that a prolonged bout?
I couldn’t tell you, because if I told you then the band members would be mad at me for telling you without telling you properly.

2015’s ‘Sol Invictus’ was a fantastic comeback for the band.
Well, we were happy when we released it, so everything that came after that we’re kind of grateful for. We’re just happy that we got it together to make some music.

So you’ve been involved completely in the production of the reissue?
Absolutely. The one that was out, it was digitised from the vinyl back in the nineties or eighties, and we actually went into the studio in Berkeley and re-baked the tapes and re-digitised the masters and remastered them, so they sound more like they should sound.


Finally, FNM are on a break right now, but it’s not over, is it?
Not that I know. Nobody told me! I didn’t get the memo! *laughing*.

Bill also spoke to Red Carpet News TV

3006, 2016

How Faith No More made We Care A Lot

June 30th, 2016|Faith No More, News|5 Comments

Bill Gould and the rest of Faith No More have been busy promoting the re-release of We Care a Lot – and the 1985 opus is finally getting the attention it deserves as a result.

Team Rock/Classic Rock have out together one of their trademark making of features for WCAL and it is a great read with new information for even the most avid Faith No More fan.

2016-06-30 14_33_35-Features - TeamRock - Opera

Here are some standout quotes:

“We didn’t really fit in anywhere,” says Gould, laughing. “When we started, our closest peers were a band called Glorious Din: we’d rent halls and put on shows together, because getting onto the established club circuit was tough. [Legendary SF promoter] Bill Graham still ran the local scene, and was pretty hardcore about shutting down punk clubs, even though that scene represented no threat to his world. It was hard for us to find our place initially: we were invisible in the media, and if we played to 40 people that was a good crowd for us. But, oddly, perhaps, we never doubted ourselves, we were very self-confident about what we had, always. We’d made eight track demos with our friend Matt Wallace, and sent them to all the clubs but nothing came back, so we were like ‘Well, there’s nothing wrong with the songs, so they probably just don’t like it because it doesn’t sound good enough.’ So that’s when we pooled our money to make a 24 track recording.”

“When I think back on that time, my initial memory is how exciting things were,” Gould adds, “but if I think about it really, it was a complete slog! We were broke, and just trying to survive, with this really weird music that we were so stubborn about sticking to.


206, 2016

INTERVIEW: Bill Gould on We Care a Lot re-issue

June 2nd, 2016|Faith No More, News|4 Comments

To mark the news of the reissue of We Care a Lot, we pinged some questions across to Faith No More bassist and Koolarrow CEO Bill Gould on the release – and he got back to us straight away to add a little more insight into the 19 August release.

Part of the appeal of WCAL is its rough and ready sound. How were you/Maor able to re-master the record to improve the sound but not lose that authenticity?

Well, now that it’s 20+ years later, I would say the quality definitely benefits from better quality converters used in the transfer from the original master. It’s not the 80’s anymore, there is a bit of weight to things that you might hear, but it’s hopefully still the same vibe and feeling as before.

Matt worked on the original record . what has be brought to the album in the remixes?

Just himself, really. We thought it would be a cool experiment to see what he would do with the same multi-track in 2016.

How did the re-mastering process change your opinion of the music? Were you more a actually complete band with a defined sound that you recalled?

What surprised me was when we transferred the old 1/2” master tapes to digital…it surprised me on how good it sounded. Considering we recorded this entire thing in a course of a few
days, with no editing, it made me realize that despite some of my memories, we were actually a pretty good little unit.

In the media release, Roddy eloquently explains how the unique SF time and place helped mold your sound. Is this reissue in some way a tribute to a city that no longer exists?

Well, it’s definitely a time capsule from a period of time and a place that will never return, that’s for sure.

What does re-issue offer for FNM 2.0 readers, the hardcore fans who have heard and own everything?

Good question. That’s up to them. This things has been out of circulation for over 20 years. We tried to bring it back with a little more TLC this time. But how vital it will be to their collection is a subjective thing that I can’t answer.

Is there any chance of a promotional tour or appearance around the release date?

There are always possibilities for things like that. You never know—until we announce, that is!


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