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1205, 2015

Duff McKagan explains role as Faith No More’s Gimp; Faith No More to play on Huff Post

May 12th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

We reported first on former Guns’ N’Roses bassist and writer Duff McKagan being employed as Faith No More‘s Gimp at their second Wiltern show in Los Angeles last month.

And the show host also revealed that Faith No More will be on Huff Post Live tomorrow!

Today, he spoke to Huff Post live about his new book but how he became The Gimp also came up. He said:

“Their ‘Gimp’ guy got stuck in traffic or something — something like that — and Patton asked if I’d be the ‘Gimp.’ And I’d just gotten to the gig, me and another friend. I’m wearing all black, and everybody else was wearing white. ‘Cause they play in white, and everybody backstage, their crew, they all have white on. The guy I came with, Jerry Cantrell [Alice in Chains], he wore white, because he had gone to the show the night before. I picked him up, [and I said], ‘What are you doing wearing all white?’ He’s, like, ‘Faith No More white, dude.’ [I was, like], ‘Oh, yeah, I blew it.’ But being the only guy dressed in black, I was the instant ‘Gimp.'”

The full interview is here:

2404, 2015

Was Duff McKagan the Gimp at Faith No More’s second LA show? Now with video

April 24th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Other bands|9 Comments

Mike Patton joked that the Gimp – the leather-clad character who has been accompanying Faith No More on its live shows in 2015 – for their second Wiltern show on Wednesday night was former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan. And we’ve seen had it confirmed from a variety of sources that Duff was indeed the Gimp on this occasion.

McKagan – a great social media presence and a gifted writer in his post-GNR career – tweeted a photo of himself dressed as The Gimp:

And Faith No More also hailed the Gimp on Facebook after the show and the Gimp definitely looks like Duff

Here is video evidence 

Our man Thiago tweeted during the show

Also in attendance was New Zealand singer Kimbra (guest vocalist on that huge Gotye song from 2013)!

Patton killing at the Wiltern. YES. #faithnomore

A photo posted by Kimbra (@kimbramusic) on

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