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2510, 2010

SEVENTH Faith No More hits compilation released

October 25th, 2010|Faith No More, News|24 Comments

Music Club Deluxe, the “outstanding mid-priced 2CD single artist range” division of Demon Music Group, has just released the 31-track Midlife Crisis: The Very Best of Faith No More.
The album can be picked up at Amazon.

Music Week’s blurb about the release says: “Faith No More racked up a string of hits before splitting in 1998, returning to play some dates last year. They may yet return to recording, but in the meantime this excellent retrospective does fine. Anthologising their 12 hits and 27 additional tracks (some live) on a two-disc set with a playing time well in excess of two hours, this vividly illustrates the band’s prowess and humour. Highlights include hard-hitting, rap/rock hybrids such as Epic and the anthemic We Care A Lot, the more thoughtful Stripsearch and full-throttle metal of Digging The Grave. Their biggest – and doubtless tongue-in-cheek hit – is a remake of Lionel Richie’s Easy, which showed a more melodic side to the band.”

The full track-listing is:
CD 1
1 We Care A Lot
2 From Out Of Nowhere
3 Epic
4 Falling To Pieces
5 Midlife Crisis
6 Easy
7 Digging The Grave
8 Stripsearch
9 The Real Thing
10 The World Is Ours
11 Hippie Jam Song
12 Instrumental
13 Highway Star
14 Sweet Emotion
15 Arabian Disco
16 War Pigs
17 The Morning After
18 As The Worm Turns

CD 2

1 Everything’s Ruined
2 A Small Victory
3 Evidence
4 I Started A Joke
5 Last Cup Of Sorrow
6 Ashes To Ashes
7 Ricochet
8 This Guy’s In Love With You
9 R ’N’ R
10 Kindergarten
11 Caffeine
12 Land Of Sunshine
13 Theme From Midnight Cowboy
14 Light Up And Let Go
15 I Won’t Forget You
16 Underwater Love
17 Spanish Eyes (From ‘Fool For A Day’ Collector’s 7 Inch Single Box Set)
18 Big Kahuna (Bonus Track From Japanese Version Of ‘Album Of The Year’)
19 Introduce Yourself (4 Track Demo Version)
20 Absolute Zero (Japanese-Only ‘Bonus’ Track)
21 The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

Makes this April Fools story look, well, a little foolish.

(Thanks to benlmitchell on Twitter for the heads-up)

104, 2010

Faith No More to release new hits compilation

April 1st, 2010|Faith No More, News|57 Comments

UPDATE: Yes, this was of course an April Fools’ joke. Apologies to anyone who was however briefly fooled and thanks for all your comments. I had thought I’d made it obvious enough but I suppose after six greatest hits anything is possible.

Faith No More are set to release a new compilation to coincide with the band’s return to the United States after a 15-year hiatus later this month.

The two-disc new release, entitled Fool for a Lifetime: The Second Best of Faith No More, will be released on 19 April in record stores in the US and at popular download sites. The first disc comprises Faith No More’s minor hits while the second disc, sure to be a must for fans and completists, will feature live tracks recorded on their comeback Second Coming tour.

In addition a Rhino Records spokeswoman has suggested to us that new Faith No More material may be in the offing. Avril Poisson said: “You’ll just have to wait and see on that one I’m afraid. But we do know that Mike Patton is really pushing for it at the minute as he hasn’t been in a studio in days.”

Track listing:
Disc One:

  1. New Beginnings
  2. Death March
  3. Blood
  4. Underwater Love
  5. The Morning After
  6. Smaller and Smaller
  7. Crack Hitler
  8. Kindergarten
  9. Take this Bottle
  10. Star AD
  11. Helpless
  12. She Loves Me Not
  13. Collision

Disc Two:

  1. Reunited (Live at Brixton Academy)
  2. The Real Thing (Live at Download Festival)
  3. From Out of Nowhere (Live at Download Festival)
  4. Land of Sunshine (Live at Greenfield Festival)
  5. Poker Face/Chinese Arithmetic (Live in Berlin)
  6. Malpractice (Live at Brixton Academy)
  7. Jizzlobber (Live at Brixton Academy)
  8. Mark Bowen (Live at Brixton Academy)
  9. Easy (Live at Reading)
  10. Midlife Crisis (Live at Reading)
  11. Epic (Live at Reading)
  12. A Small Victory (Live in Melbourne)
  13. Evidence (Live in Santiago)
  14. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies (Live in Santiago)
  15. King For A Day (Live in Santiago)
  16. Ashes To Ashes (Live in Santiago)
  17. Ricochet (Live in Santiago)
  18. Just A Man (Live in Santiago)
  19. Edge of the World (Live in Melbourne)
  20. Switch (Live in Melbourne)
  21. Stripsearch (Live in Melbourne)
1806, 2009

Faith No More Greatest Hits chart news

June 18th, 2009|Uncategorized|0 Comments

New album ((c) CacaVolante)

New album ((c) CacaVolante)

Given that its around the fifth hits compilation from Faith No More, sales and charts expectations for The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection were not too high but it has scored a few charts successes. Finland once again lives up to its reputation as a hard rock heaven as the album went straight in at number 6 in this week’s album chart there, the second highest new entry after Sweden’s The Sounds.

The download version seems to be selling well in the UK featuring at number 6 in the MP3 album category on Amazon. The physical release album is 663 in the Music Bestsellers list and 13th in the Hard Rock and Metal Greatest Hits category. In Germany, the download version is 92 in the MP3 album chart and 343 in the physical chart.
In the iTune charts the big news is that the album is number 3 in the Rock Album chart for Switzerland, where FNM played last Saturday.

206, 2009

Links for a day (vol.13)

June 2nd, 2009|Links for a day|0 Comments

  • There’s a great disinterred interview with the band from 1995 with Phil Sutcliffe on The Quietus this week. Sample quote: Lyrical analysis is always off-limits with Patton. All he will say, when pressed about writing the words for The Real Thing, his first album with the band, is that “It was no big deal, I’d just gotten out of school then so I probably approached it the same way as doing a project”.
  • Mike Patton has been voted the sixth best heavy metal and hard rock vocalist of all time by a Turkish music magazine, as reported by Blabbermouth.
  • Highly-regarded London-based review site musicOMH reviews the The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection, which was released in the UK on Monday 1 June. The review is succinctly positive on the music but less so on the very existence of the album: “Despite the musical brilliance on display, this album smells like a cash cow”.
1305, 2009

Getting it wrong

May 13th, 2009|Uncategorized|0 Comments

While we are all (I hope) huge Faith No More fans here, it it refreshing once in a while to hear a dissenting voice. After all, music appreciation is by its very nature a subjective thing. That said, it is also amusing when criticism is as completely cloth-eared as a recent post pre-reviewing the latest Faith No More greatest hists compilation on Blogcritics.

Here are some tasters to whet your appetite:
“Faith No More were never as big or as clever as they thought they were. And for a band who was supposedly so influential, how come their name was never mentioned from the day they split up in 1998, until they day they announced their reformation in 2009?”

“Like a lot of bands, their best music came early on in their career, and I’ve always had a lot of time for the Chuck Mosley albums.”

“[Post-Jim Martin] you were left with a rather pedestrian, alternative rock band, and the post Angel Dust offerings are fairly bland.”

I will be posting some more misguided Faith No More reviews over the coming weeks to keep things in perspective ahead of The Second Coming.

Note: I also hope to finally update the tour dates on the right today.

505, 2009

Greatest Hits package now available for pre-order

May 5th, 2009|Uncategorized|0 Comments

The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection is finally available for pre-order on a number of music sales sites. The official release date is on 8 June. It is available for £8.95 at, £8.99 at HMV, $25.99 at Amazon and for €21.90 at

The latest Faith No More hits collection – I make it the fifth after This is It, Who Cares a Lot, The Platinum Collection and the 3-CD The Works (there is also an Epic and Other Hits compilation on Flashback records) – comprises two CDs with the second disc featuring B-sides and rarities.

Michael Bolger commented on our earlier post on the subject that Another Body Murdered was yet again a significant omission. Any other tracks you would have liked to seen included?

Track List
Disc 1
1. The Real Thing
2. From Out Of Nowhere
3. Epic
4. We Care A Lot
5. R’n’r
6. Kindergarten
7. Caffeine
8. Land Of Sunshine
9. Be Aggressive
10. Midlife Crisis
11. A Small Victory
12. Everythings Ruined
13. Evidence
14. Digging The Grave
15. Ricochet
16. Ashes To Ashes
17. Stripsearch
18. Easy
Disc 2
1. Absolute Zero (B-Side On Digging The Grave Single 1995)
2. The Big Kahuna (B-Side On Ashes To Ashes Single 1997)
3. Light Up And Let Go (B-Side On Ashes To Ashes Single 1997)
4. I Won’t Forget You (Rarity Previously Released On Who Cares A Lot? Greatest Hits Album 1998)
5. The World Is Yours (B-Side On I Started A Joke Single 1998)
6. Hippie Jam Song (Rarity Previously Released On Who Cares A Lot? Greatest Hits Album 1998)
7. Sweet Emotion (Given Away With Kerrang! Magazine In 1989)
8. New Improved Song (Given Away With Sounds Magazine In 1988)
9. Das Schutzenfest (B-Side On Evidence Single 1995)
10. This Guy’s In Love With You (B-Side On I Started A Joke Single 1998)

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