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806, 2015

Links for a Day…(vol. 179): Berlin videos, Berlin reviews, Slipknot, Angel Dust at 23 and much more

June 8th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, Sol Invictus reviews|3 Comments

Separation Anxiety in Berlin

Some great videos from Berlin now surfacing online. This might be the best video of SA I’ve seen yet. It also sounds a lot better than it did when I heard it live in Milan one week ago.

And here’s Midlife from the same source – Kabinett Obscura on YouTube

And finally – for anyone wondering how the Patton voice is sounding on this leg of the tour – a snippet from This Guy’s in Love with You

Ace Race for Space cover of Stripsearch

Faith No More may be masters of covering other artists’ songs but the favour is rarely returned. But here is an ace find from the Mouth of the Ocean forum – Russia electronica outfit Race for Space absolutely nail Stripsearch in this atmospheric cover.

Berlin reviews

Despite the fact that the most-watched annual sporting event was taking place in their city at the same time, Berlin’s media still found time and space to properly review Faith No More’s performance on Saturday night. And the reviews are universally positive.
Berliner Morgenpost:

“Patton easily entertains in the middle, Billy Gould hammers out his brutal metallic bass on the strings, guitarist Jon Hudson plays razor-sharp sharp-edged guitar riffs every now and then in the mathematically devised arrangements and Roddy Bottum provides the ambitious keyboard and piano sounds. But there is above all drummer Mike Bordin, now with grey long dreadlocks, who propels and holds together this driving rock machine together in a miraculous manner.”

Berliner Zeitung

It was a multiple risky appointment that Faith No More had chosen for their Berlin concert. Not only did the masters of crossover metal on Saturday compete with the undoubtedly attractive for its target audience of the UEFA Champions League final; the open-air event in the Spandau Zitadelle was also threatened by storms. Against this background, the title of their latest album turned out to be almost prophetic: “Sol Invictus” it says, according to the Roman festival of the winter solstice – today one knows the date as Christmas – was celebrated with, among others, the assertiveness of the sun god against the bleak winter.”

Der Tagesspiegel

Faith No More are rightly proud of ten new pieces. Self-confidently they even open their appearance also “Sol Invictus” track “Motherfucker” and play during the following 90 minutes another six songs of the record. Most are well received by the over-40 audience friendly. So also “Sunny Side Up” which creates a welcome relaxation moment with its acoustic and tambourine accompaniment. Apart from burrowing bass it slightly reminiscent of the Violent Femmes.


Angel Dust at 23

Our friends at Faith No More Followers have gone a major Angel Dust kick to celebrate the album’s 23rd anniversary.
All the reviews, interviews and articles any researcher might ever need on the subject in a brilliant treasure trove here.
And Jim – owner of roughly 112 versions of the album and singles – gives his personal take on his AD disorder here.

Metal Hammer’s A-Z of Faith No More

There is probably nothing new in here for you diehards but a great list nonetheless and we even get a small mention – Metal Hammer’s A-Z of Faith No More.

V is for Virus
In 2011 a Faith No More fan site posted a snippet of a previously unreleased song from the Angel Dust sessions on YouTube. Known, variously, as The Seagull Song andShuffle, the song had the final working title of Virus, and remains the most sought after FNM curio for hardcore fans.

The Holy Filament resurrected this by the way so here is said viral song which will not be appearing on any re-issues soon.

Here is the interview where Seagull made an appearance.

In a similar vein. here is a somewhat scatological Exclaim article on Five Noteworthy Facts You May Not Know About Faith No More – you do though. This is the article that sparked all those ancient apocryphal Axl anecdote headlines you’ve been seeing.

Slipknot and Faith No More

Corey Taylor has again been speaking about how Faith No More changed his life for Beacon Audio. (via Loudwire)

Taylor’s life-changing experience came when he was 19. He had gone through a bad breakup with a girl and taken a bottle of pills at his grandmother’s house. Luckily his ex-girlfriend’s mother showed up, found him, and called an ambulance to rush him to the hospital where his stomach was pumped. When his grandmother brought him home, he crashed on the couch and turned on the TV, which was tuned to the MTV Video Music Awards.
“Faith No More was playing ‘Epic,’ and I had never seen them live before,” Taylor recalls. “It was so awesome and so fun, and they just didn’t give a s–t about anything. I was mesmerized by that.”

Noisey Mexico cartoon

Noisey Mexico who had the most memorable Sol Invictus promo interview with Roddy have produced a cartoon review of the album and here it is:

New merch on sale

The international Faith No More store has new t-shirts on sale. The sunburst ones are new to me and I didn’t spot these at the Milan merch stand.



2205, 2015

Links for a Day…(vol. 176): Bill Gould video; Maor Applebaum; Metal Hammer cover; Classic Rock on Wiltern show and more

May 22nd, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, Links for a day, News|15 Comments

Bill Gould speaks to For Bass Players Only

An interesting video interview from Bill for For Bass Players Only in which he speaks about starting playing and especially his partnership with Mike Bordin.
(via @fnm4ever)

Metal Hammer cover

What a cover! Faith No More will again grace the cover of Metal Hammer for its new issue which goes on sale on Tuesday.

We’ll have details on the story when it is published.

Maor Applebaum on Sol Invictus

PMC speakers have put out a media release featuring some interesting quotes from Maor Appelbaum, who mastered the album:

Mastering engineer and musician Maor Appelbaum says the clarity delivered by his PMC monitors helped make a complex project much faster and more enjoyable.

“Sol Invictus is a collection of very different songs that work like scene changes within a movie,” he explains. “While each song has to work on its own, it also needs to work as part of the whole project.

“In order to achieve a cohesive effect, I used quite a big mastering set up, which included two analogue compressors, two analogue EQs and various digital compressors, limiters and de-essers. The monitoring was critical and I was very pleased with the clarity and precision of my PMC speakers, especially when I was playing tracks at high volume. They give incredibly detailed sound, which makes the reviewing process much faster – and they are not fatiguing at all so, if I need to, I can spend longer in front of them without feeling tired.”

Classic Rock gives rave review for Faith No More at Wiltern

We’ve been concentrating only on album reviews lately but here’s an excellent live review from Classic Rock/Metal Hammer/Team Rock:

Frontman Mike Patton is wearing some sort of bondage harness that tugs at his nostrils and cheeks, contorting his face. And they open with a new song entitled Motherfucker, slow building and weirder than a furries convention on acid. They follow that with the colossal From Out Of Nowhere. So much for magic and madness.
…If there’s a complaint it’s that the Wiltern always sounds muffled, with excellent views of the backs of peoples’ heads, but even that is solved when the entire crowd sings along to Midlife Crisis. Not known to be easily impressed, Patton gives a nod of approval, acknowledging one of those special nights, and perhaps that we’d forgotten Faith No More could be so good. We won’t forget again in a hurry.

Metal Hammer Hungary feature

This is a great in-depth feature in the Hungarian version of Metal Hammer from Faith No More fan Máté Sándor. Here is Máté’s own summary in English. (Thanks Máté):

“I try to analyse the music, the artwork of the album, and the meaning of some lyrics. How I see this great masterpiece. I write about that its not to easy make a new album after 18 years, but Faith No More give a fantastic answer to the doubters. The title of the article is Sunshine from the Grave. I analyse every song. Mike Patton said in a Chilean interview: when he makes music, its like he’s watching a movie. And if he watches a movie, its like he hearing some music. So that’s why I wrote about my visual vision about Sol Invictus songs. I analyse the marketing strategy, and the potential continuation in the future.”

Diffuser ranks Faith No More’s albums

We’ll come back to this in a separate post but here’s Diffuser’s very readable ranking of Faith No More’s seven albums from worst to first. Not the high placing for Sol Invictus.

Distorted Sound review

UK rock and metal site Distorted Sound has given Sol Invictus a 9/10 review. They conclude:

“Matador, one of the finest tracks to be on Sol Invictus and one of the most ambitious that the band have written to date. Chilling, funky, everything in between, and everything you can expect and want from a FAITH NO MORE track.

A stunning closure to the beginning of FAITH NO MORE’s return, From the Dead sets the perfect feeling for a track that leaves everyone remembering exactly what it was they missed about this band and why Sol Invictus is more than just a comeback record, it is the sort of past that none of us mind digging up.

With excellent experimentation, superb vocals, beautiful music and incredible production, Sol Invictus is the perfect way to walk back into a room and remember that some things, we should not let go of and FAITH NO MORE is one of them.”

1805, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 175): Even more Sol Invictus reviews

May 18th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

Message from the band

On the day that’s in it – here’s Faith No More’s message for the fans:

The National review

United Arab Emirates leading English-language newspaper The National was full of praise for Sol Invictus:

“FNM can’t resist a jaunty parting missive, a nod to their occasional easy-listening influences, on the positively presentable From the Dead – quite probably with an arched-eyebrow acknowledgement to the band’s own Lazarus-style resurrection.

Those who loved FNM’s experimental tendencies circa King for a Day … have plenty to get their teeth into, then, but there’s enough tuneful nous to also pique the attention of the band’s earlier fans. All of which makes Sol Invictus a perilous high-wire balancing act that’s largely as successful as it is brave.”

Already Heard 5/5 review

UK-based alternative music website Already Heard has given a 5/5 review to Sol Invictus. He said:

“I could bang on all day about the rest of the songs on the album but there’s really no need. They sound like Faith No More and they’re great. From the operatic pomp of ‘Matador’ to the sneering tension of ‘Cone Of Shame’ the entire album is a resounding success. They idea of listing reference points is equally as redundant. Faith No More didn’t sound like anyone else when they entered the public conscious in the late 80’s and they still don’t like anyone else.

“‘Sol Invictus’ is the sound of a band enjoying each other’s creative company again and that’s allowed them to slip into a groove that’s welcomingly familiar and as stirringly brilliant as ever.”

Skip to the End 10/10 review

And another set of full marks from Skip to the End. Reviewer Ben states:

“The greatest compliment I can pay is that this obviously a Faith No More album. It doesn’t sound like they’re trying to emulate anyone else, they haven’t succumbed to modern trends, nor have they tried to curb their more experimental instincts. It’s as wild and varied a record as any they’ve ever done, and it deservedly stands alongside them. Flawless.”

The Monolith review

And The Monolith has given Sol Invictus an 85% score. They say:

“Sol Invictus is an undoubtedly mature collection of rock songs from one of the most collectively talented bands of modern history. There’s no denying that the decision to start writing music again was a slightly risky one, but it is a risk that has paid off handsomely. Sol Invictus is not a completely immediate album, but repeated listens reveal its quality, and in the context of the full forty minute duration, even “Motherfucker” makes sense in its place.

Long-term fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as Sol Invictus builds upon Faith No More’s illustrious heritage, rather than undermining it – and for newcomers to the Faith No More party, it will serve as an ideal introduction to the aural feast that awaits in their back catalogue. Welcome back, Faith No More, we’ve missed you.”

My Music My Concerts My Life

One of those rambling conversation-style reviews. On reviewer Steph hits the spot:

“Five fucking stars. This is an album I will go to again and again for decades to come. Every song was a hit for me. It’s complete badassery. Hands down. Would’ve loved a love song but hey, it’s FNM. They’re still bad asses but with a lot less hair. They’re way hotter in my opinion now. Way hotter. Favorite tracks, Cone Of Shame and Motherfucker. Hands down. Both earn spot on workout playlist. I don’t normally buy into the “album as a concept” thing but this works. It’s pretty much the perfect example of what a concept album should and could be. It goes full circle. The sun burns their face at the start, it’s Unconquered, but in the end it’s conquered. They couldn’t have done this better after an 18 year break. This should be the example of a comeback album. Period.”

1305, 2015

Links for a Day…(vol. 174): Tone Deaf interview; Boston Globe praise, Die Welt review, Swiss special

May 13th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

We are getting such record reams of Faith No More news that even interviews barely merit more than a passing mention.

Tone Deaf interview

Australian site Tone Deaf has published its interview conducted earlier this year and it includes some nice good-natured chat from Mike B, Roddy and Jon:

“I think we’ve made a real career of being outsiders”, softly spoken Roddy says, of their veteran presence on the festival circuit. “We’ve never really considered ourselves part of any sort of movement. So we went out of the way to distance ourselves from other musical things that were out there, and we didn’t honestly have a lot of affinity towards other bands.
We toured with them, and we’re friendly with people, but our entity was kind of always on its own, so we don’t really feel a connection with the rest of the music world,”

And more Roddy:

““We’re a weird band. I mean, I’m grateful for where we are, and it’s great that so many people like us, but it blows me away – I can’t believe people like what we do, that’s so weird for me,”

Die Welt review

Leading German newspaper has today published a Sol Invictus review/feature. They say:

“The result is a slim but energetic collection of pieces that revives the old thread while at the same time bringing new perspectives. Faith No More – referred to by rock greats like Nirvana, Metallica or Anthrax as formative – offer much more than what some experts tried to label as”funk metal”.”

Faith No More Observatory full gig on Evergig

Evergig cleverly knits together fan footgae from conerts and syncs audio to offer full concerts. Here’s Faith No More at the Santa Ana Observatory.

Listening parties

A few US record stores are offering Sol Invictus listening parties for those who want to go beyond the streaming experience.

Record Store/Bull Moose are even offering free pizza on Monday as well as an early US taste of the vinyl.

Zia Records also have a competition to win a test pressing.

Boston Globe Orpheum review

A glowing review from the Boston paper:

“They also roared through back-catalog tunes with a nimbleness and heat that made it clear they still have energy to burn.
They kicked off the night with a foreboding and sinuous new track with an unprintable title, setting the tone for what was to come as they careened from brawny riffage to slithering rhythms, heavy-metal freak outs, and smooth soul symphonies. Patton’s still astounding voice, its range and power undimmed, surfed atop it all, injected with his uniquely maniacal aplomb.”

Faith No More special on Swiss radio 

Leading Swiss public radio station SRF 3 will be airing a Faith No More special from 20:03 CET tonight. It seems that the station – which is already streaming Sol Invictus on its website – will be playing the album in full on radio as well.

They say: “For their excellent and eccentric comeback album “Sol Invictus”, the crossover pioneers Faith No More returned after 18 years and sound as if they had never been away. In Rock Special you will hear the album as a German-speaking Swiss radio premiere.”

Swiss radio special II

My local station and the station with the French-speaking exclusive of Sol Invictus in Switzerland, Couleurs 3, have the album as their album of the week this week – and they played Black Friday on their show last night. The presenter makes the germane pint that the band have yet to announce a date in Switzerland for 2015. Sort it out!

Check here from 39:30 onwards.










905, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 173): Detroit review, Chicago reviews, Sol Invictus review

May 9th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|8 Comments

Detroit review

The Macomb Daily were quick off the mark with their review of Faith No More’s show Filmore show in Detroit.
They say:

“Over the course of 19 songs and 85 minutes (streamed via Yahoo Live), the San Francisco quintet offered a not-so-gentle reminder about the diversity the group so creatively compelling during its initial run during the 80s and 90s as well as a demonstration — via songs from the new “Sol Invictus” album, which comes out May 19 — of how potent Faith No More remains.”

Another Sol Invictus review

The Toilet to V Hell has reviewed Sol Invictus song-by-song and here are some snippets:

“Clocking in at about forty minutes Sol Invictus never gets a chance to overstay its welcome. It may be a challenging listen to some, but for many it will reward you after a few listens.”

““Matador“ includes some impressive vocal-acrobatics from Patton… as though anyone expects less from him at any age. At about 2:41 (and elsewhere) you’ll hear some brief histrionics coming from the Hallowed Pipes of Patton that are somewhat reminiscent of their over-the-top cover of the Bee Gees’ “I Started a Joke”. Holy living breathing crap, this is a good track. It’s a damned shame these guys couldn’t have worked together a bit more since the 1998 breakup. This song sounds nothing like “Epic” but it is nothing short of epic.”

Chicago reviews

Consequence of Sound has always followed Faith No More closely and they give the Chicago tour resumption show a big review. They include a very good deconstruction of Mike Patton’s vocals:

“Mike Patton sang into a microphone last night. He also sang into a repurposed police radio, complete with coiled black chord, and a red megaphone with a microphone seemingly built in. Sometimes he would hold his normal microphone up to the mic-equipped megaphone, screaming and screaming through layers of amplification. He had a small effects rig set up on a white music stand near the front of the stage, and he’d tweak pedals on his voice the way a guitarist would. The voice is an instrument, of course, but few people play it like Patton.
Patton can do death metal growls, and he did; he can croon and shriek and bellow from the bottom of his gut, and he did. He has one of the most elastic voices in American music.”

And they concluded:

“Faith No More’s never without its fun. They played the best song ever written about Scientology (“Land of Sunshine”), but also covered “Easy” by the Commodores with more relish than irony. They closed their encore with “I Started a Joke” by the Bee Gees. Their own songs are streaked with darkness but also irreverence, and they thrive at the intersection of the two. They find power in their odd corner, and for the first time in years, they’re sharing it.”

And UR Chicago also give a lengthy review plus good good shots. They included more Patton appreciation:

“The guys of Faith No More were in rare form tonight, the band sounded impeccable and no one member outshined another. Of course, Mike Patton’s voice should be considered one of the wonders of the world – at one point he displayed his versatile vocal ability when he was poking fun at a stonefaced fan in the front row wearing a Behemoth shirt. He asked him if he would prefer some death metal and launched into a torrent of growling and screaming that, although it was intended to be lighthearted, was actually quite impressive. The crowd cheered riotously in support but it made me wish that Patton would do a massive tour collecting all of his projects into one night. The man can do anything with his voice and each of his bands show us only one facet of that monstrous talent.”

And they concluded quite, well, conclusively:

“All of those pieces fit together to make one of the most important bands in rock history putting on one of the most crucial shows any rock fan could witness. If how fast this show sold out is any indication of what kind of impact we can expect from Faith No More in the next year or so, they’re surely poised to set the world on fire. The only complaint I had about the evening was the lack of material from The Real Thing, and that’s just a personal gripe that I’m sure a lot of fans won’t share with me. The show was great, the setlist was awesome, the new material is certainly promising, and when the band left the stage with Patton promising to see us again this September, it seems we can most likely expect to witness the infinitely impressive Faith No More at Riot Fest. 2015 is shaping up to be a big year for this band and last night was proof positive that they’ve definitely found their second wind.”

805, 2015

Links for a Day…(vol. 172): Chile fest, interview and reviews

May 8th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|2 Comments

BG in BG

Bill Gould’s latest interview is with the Boston Globe and he has once more found something new to say and he has some good life advice here:

“We could just make music like people. There are these rules — ‘This is how you have to do it.’ ‘You’re getting back together; you have to make an album to capitalize on your tour.’ There are a lot of things that people have to do that I don’t think you actually have to do. I think what you have to do is remember that you’re doing this because you like to make music, and not for the payoff, or for the business side of things. I think if we looked at it [the latter] way, we wouldn’t have made the record that we made.”

The Globe also has a good take on the album:

“That record, which comes out in the US on May 18, is hard to describe without getting self-referential. Faith No More’s rearranging of musical ideas is clearly the product of its members’ minds working together in idiosyncratic ways, and “Sol Invictus” continues down that path, from the way “Sunny Side Up” melds together Patton’s ceiling-scraping yawp and Jon Hudson’s hip-shaking funk guitar to the charging drums, glittering keyboards (played by Roddy Bottum), and backing bellows of “Superhero.” It’s not the type of “reunion record” that tries to retrace steps previously trod by the band; it’s more of a reclamation of space.”

Chile festival?

We reported on stories in Chile that Faith No More would be playing a festival there in September and now a screebgrab of a festival lineup has surfaced online.

Hopscotch review

The Hopscotch Friday site has a very well-written review of Sol Invictus though they come right out and say whether the record is any good:

Clocking in at a feral forty minutes, Sol Invictus is the statelier offspring of the mad cabaret of 1993’s seminal opus Angel Dust, a frenetic, splenetic slab of surging hardcore nervous breakdowns, hair pin swings into signature baroque operatic interludes. Characterised by Gould (who also assumes production duties) as worshiping at the three altars of The Cramps, Link Wray and Siouxsie and the Banshees, these ten tracks are a brooding collection of creaking horror flick atmospherics, spaghetti western swagger, trademark menacing lullaby sing-song, swingin’ bossa nova, and anxiety attack prone vocal dummy spit meltdowns.

No, the reviewer really did like it and it shows in that passionate writing:

Bill speaks to Italian Mono magazine

Bill Gould – him again – gives another very in-depth and very interesting interview with Italy’s Mono music magazine. He laments the state of “alternative music”:

“What seemed like a revolution [the 1990s explosion of alternative rock] and instead has not changed much. It was an illusion to think that music would open, would become less pretentious, more personal and human. There was a different energy, more honest, but that did not last long. Then it became all calculated, stereotyped. Even the underground bands have become predictable.”

He was also asked what fans can expect when Faith No More play with Metallica in Milan on 2 June (we’ll be there!):

“We will play dressed as priests and there will be a nun who will striptease and pole dance.” And Metallica? “Lars will play the part of a nun.”


705, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 171): Oakland interview, Penthouse view and more

May 7th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

Metacritic high score

The reviews have been rolling inf or Sol Invictus and we’ve captured the vast majority of them. leading cultural review aggregator Metacritic has now added Faith No More’s latest to their site and , based on the initial reviews they have compiled, it is sitting pretty with a score of 92.


Similar site Album of the Year has also listed Sol Invictus and has it scoring high on user reviews and one critic review.

Bill speaks to Oakland Press

Bill Gould took time to speak to local paper Oakland Press about Sol Invictus. And here is some of what he said:

“To be blunt, we are playing great shows and, in our opinion, writing some cool music. But at our age we realize that there will come a point when we will physically become incapable of doing this. In the long term, that is the future. In the short term, we are doing our best to make the most out of the present.”

Penthouse view

So, er, we were perusing penthouse for the articles when we, er, came across this brief article on Faith No More.The Full Frontal section has this to say:
“Back in 2009, Faith No More reunited after a decade-long hiatus to play a few European festivals—which ultimately stretched into a four-year reunion tour. Now the band is back in full force, with a North American tour kicking off this month and a new album, Sol Invictus, right behind it. They dropped the pissed-off single “Motherfucker” late last year, and we’re expecting the rest of the album to be even more epic (sorry, but we just couldn’t resist).”

Another great French review

French site SWQW has given Sol Invictus the latest rave review from the francophone world. Here are the choice cuts:

“Separation Anxiety is the best example of the astonishing success of the group in making the link between 1995 and 2015. The arrival of the guitar on the pre-chorus gives the impression that Patton is going exclaim, “It’s your last cup of sorrow “, while the low swinging couplets and hysterical vocals make us think of the best of Tomahawk. The group has not lost its fantasy (the melodica of Rise of the Fall, the kitsch From The Dead or the epic Matador), and it without doubt for that reason that it has not crashed. Some incredibly good songs even float and in those moments, ecstasy awaits us: Cone Of Shame, Rise Of The Fall, Separation Anxiety, Superhero … How amazing! Even Billy Gould has  rediscovered that his mammoth bass sound, obese and slamming, and, at a time when absolutely no one is considering for a second to do that. But he jogs Billy, he slaps.

In fact, the reception of this disc may be distorted on one side by jaded preconceptions, which after one and half listens,  say that this album is not as good as its predecessors and this was foreseeable, and on the other, kids who read Inrocks [a French cultural magazine] who speak politely about “incendiary hard rock” in just 140 characters. But you, you, you will listen to this record as it deserves, it being understood that it will not get into your heart at the same level in a week that King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime did in 20 years. But little by little, you will tap your foot, you will meditate on Patton choruses (“Sunny Side Up / Such a lovely way to start the day / Sunny Side up / Not the only way to fry an egg”) and you’ll think twice before griping about reformations.

Sol Invictus is neither embarrassing nor shy, it sounds like Faith No More being Faith No More in 2015 – period. With class, not without violence, in white pants, the hair (gray) slicked back. Different but the same. And Faith No More has released a fantastic album, no need look any further.”

Metal Wania review

Latest review comes from Metal Wania who give 9/10 and state: ” Faith No More should be proud of what they have delivered. It’s weird, flamboyant, creepy, and even motivating.”

505, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 170): Puffy in Rhythm, Lithium review and more

May 5th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

Mike Bordin on cover of Rhythm

Jim from FNM Followers has saved us a job transcribing the wonderful Mike Bordin feature in the June edition of Rhythm magazine. Here are some choice cuts from the magazine:

Buy at Music Radar, Newstand and your local news agent.

“The recording and the writing was different and it was great, I enjoyed the hell out of it. And [this time] it was informal Just me and Bill basically, so it was nice just f**king around with it just playing music like we had -1 guess in the past we just played together and stuff would come out.”
“We all have to be [involved], we’re all still a band together but it’s a process – and the process a lot of the time starts with bass and drums, because you’re building the cake and after that a lot of things happen to the cake but you’ve got to build the damn thing first.”
“He (Bill) knew what we were talking about, he knew not only as the engineer – he had that hat on – but also as the guy in the band writing songs, he knew what we were trying to get to. God damn, its hard to say too much about the work and the role and the effort that he did, and if you knew you’d kind a feel sorry for him because he worked his ass off.”

And there are also some words from Bill:

What have you learned about recording drums since you worked on Album Of The Year that you were able to apply to Sol Invictus!

“Mostly that, aside from the physical drums themselves, which can always present a challenge, the integrity of the arrangement, the sound of the room, and the technique of the player can all have a lot to do with how things fit together. A lot of good tone is in the hands.”




Another great review from Lithium

Canadian online culture magazine Lithium is the latest publication to give Sol Invictus a glowing review.
The review states:

“The vibe that comes off Sol Invictus is that the time away from each other has given the band some room to flourish, and bring everything they’ve learned back to the studio for this album.
At times relentlessly manic and utterly poetic, Sol Invictus is everything I was hoping for from a new Faith No More Album.”

Rhythm review
(Also via Jim and FNM Followers)
Rhythm have also reviewed Sol Invictus and awarded 5/5:

Cone Of Shame is doomy but rich in rhythmic texture and colour; on ‘Black Friday’ Bordin frames Patton’s ode to consumerist greed with a swinging syncopation. Sol Invictus is a nicely balanced FNM album that proves the band can still deliver with style, and still sound like no one else.

French gold

The limited edition gold edition of Sol Invictus is now available in France – and leading music retailer FNAC. (Merci Bertrand and mes motes de the Faith No More French Community for the tip).

New Noise photo gallery

I’m still trying to track down the French New Noise with Faith No More and those kittens on the cover but the other New Noise online has just unveiled a wonderful Warfield photo gallery:

Faith No More São Paulo ticket details


Details of Faith No More’s São Paulo concert on 24 September have been revealed today. Here’s the details via BlahCultural:

Dia: 24 de setembro, quinta-feira
Local: Espaço das Américas – Rua Tagipurú, 795 – SP Horário abertura dos portões: 19h00 / Horário do Show: 22h00
BudZone – Pista Premium: R$ 370,00 / R$ 185,00 (meia)
Pista: R$ 190,00 / R$ 95,00 (meia)
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Início das Vendas: Quarta-feira, 27 de Maio de 2015, meia noite (00h00 de terça para quarta-feira)
Venda online:

Unofficial Superhero remix

An interesting new independent remix/mash-up of Superhero and DJ Soul Slinger from Caste 1




405, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 169): Podcast airs album preview, Deezer, reviews and more

May 4th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

Corpse Collective podcast album special

Shane Diablo horror and music podcast Corpse Collective features an in-depth segment on Faith No More’s comeback album Sol Invictus in its latest edition – Corpse Cast Episode 144.
The feature starts from 20:47 and they play snippets from Superhero, Sunny Side Up, Cone of Shame and Motherfucker.
Check it out

Sol Invictus to stream?

Deezer is already showing Sol Invictus on its app so it looks like the album will be available on the streaming service.

Faith No More in Brazil photos

The Rock em fotos Twitter account has just posted some great shots of Faith No More at the Carnavale in Rio in 1991. Some are original from this UOL Rock in Rio gallery.

German reviews

Our friends Faith No More Followers have helpfully translated that Visions Sol Invictus review.
Here’s a snippet:
“As if they were never gone. The 1st album of FNM after 18 years is a successful comeback, eccentric and eclectic as ever – the definition of crossover…On ‘Sol Invictus’ FNM called up the whole repertoire of their skills. It’s the most homogenously heterogenous album you could wish for from a rock band, stylistic border experiences inclusive.”
Elsewhere in Germany, the Hooked on Music blog gives a somewhat mixed review. It states that the “the band manages again to compose exciting and very varied songs” but argues that the album lacks hits and “the complete surprises that made the earlier work of the band so unique and exciting”.
JMC magazine give a similarly mixed review ad 7.5/10 score and state that the album is ” dark and very atmospheric” and add that “the founding fathers of crossover still commute between genres (e.g “Rise Of The Fall”), but no longer are as ambitious and extravagant as on previous records”. (Links via FNM Followers)
Mescaline Injection, meanwhile, gives the album 9/10 in a slightly surreal review.

Fantomas No More poster treasure

The wonderful Fantomas No More Twitter account (And Patton mad site)got in the #solinvictus mood this week and tweeted some wonderful old Faith No More posters.

Check out the site for their hugely exhaustive Faith No More (and more) discography.

Bill Gould Darkglass promo appearance

(Via FNM Followers)
Bill Gould will be making a special appearance at the Darkglass’s Thunder Showcase is on 14 May. More information here:


105, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 168)

May 1st, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|1 Comment

Another paean to Sol Invictus

The Dukwheat blog has given Sol Invictus a long and positive review, which the author even describes as another 5/5 review:

“Not since the days of Led Zeppelin have we heard drums, bass and keys add such lush, powerful foundations to the songs. A what schizophrenic songs they are! Take “Sunny Side Up” for example. It starts off as a cool lounge act song, then transforms into a hellish monster, before breaking down into sunnyside funk. “Superhero” is strightforward punk/metal with Patton and Bottom exchanging “Go!” barks before kicking off into the heavy piano laced, guitar riff that leaves you bobbing. It sounds like it would easily fit in on their catalog on their As The Worm Turns early days. “Separation Anxiety” has this hidden, haunting, burning intensity as the bass and drums pummel you, and then like a jack in the box the intense groove is unleashed on you.”

“It’s Faith No More at their absolute best. The band you loved in the 90’s, remember? Well guess what? They’re back and better than before.”

Mouth of the Ocean back in business

The Mouth of the Ocean Patton and FNM forum is back in business in earnest and the registration issues they have been expertly fixed.

Caca Volante lives again

The Matador effect continues.. How the dead live! “We served you well. Now we’re coming back” should be the motto for the From the Dead Caca Volante mailing list as the daddy of Faith No More fan groups returns. CV recently posted on the 20th anniversary of their mention by Bill on MTV:

“To celebrate this landmark, and because the video mentions the original mailing list, I have decided to try an experiment by re-opening the Caca Volante mailing list.
In this day of social media, mailing lists may be seen by many as outdated and clunky, but some folks still like them. So let’s see if there’s enough interest to get this off the ground again.
To subscribe, simply send an email to [email protected] If you were subscribed five years ago when it closed, you should still be a member.”

Here’s the video with Bill wearing the most 90s suit ever:

Faith No More in Dark House short story

In tribute to Caca Volante, we’ll proceed to nick their latest post. A Faith No More reference from a short story contained in Dark House presents #31.

Patton is Kerrang!’s 12th greatest rock star in the world

A laudable achievement you would say as the FNM front man takes the number 12 position in the rock magazine’s “fifth annual countdown of modern rock royalty“. Indeed he is ahead of the likes of Lemmy, Trent Reznor and Slash but he still languishes behind Andy Biersack, Alex Gaskarth and Oli Sykes.

New Patton art from Matt Jacobs

Matt Jacobs, the artist behind the forthcoming Faith No More/Mr Bungle comic book, recently added this great picture of Patton at the Wiltern (Thanks Andy) to Twitter.

Order the book from your local comic book shop using code ‘APR150955’ or go online to eBay and pre-order from The Comic Bug.

Gold vinyl at Rough Trade

The UK’s leading independent record stores Rough Trade now have Sol Invictus – including the gold vinyl edition – listed on their site for pre-order.




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