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2901, 2016

Nevermen release date: reviews round-up

January 29th, 2016|Faith No More, News, Other bands|5 Comments

Nevermen‘s long-awaited eponymous debut is released worldwide today. After a first listen, I can confirm that the record has the fingerprints of Mike Pattton all over it. And the album is picking up mostly positive reviews.

Rolling Stone:
Heroes of alt-metal, art-rock and underground rap team up for a thrillingly dense debut

The Skinny:
The results are a timeless, genre-smashing work with a psychedelic soul. Inevitably, fans of any constituent member will find vivid snatches of past guises strewn across the debut’s ten tracks, but the collective whole works toward something more, determined to dart off into the unknown at every labyrinthine lyrical turn.

Consequence of Sound:
Fortunately, Patton shaped these sessions, granting Nevermen a coherence and structure. It’s never as powerful an album as the members of Nevermen have proven capable of creating separate from this band, and at times their voices clash at incongruous angles — but, those moments of frisson make the experiment worthwhile. When all three voices join together with the precision of a diamond laser-cutter, they’re an unparalleled force.

Under the Radar
So many jerks of the steering wheel may not be for the faint of heart, but the trio coheres remarkably well, and the blizzard of ideas works like regular blasts of fresh oxygen or caffeine. Or both.

Irish Times
Nevermen provides fascinating insights into where the threesome’s collective heads are at when freed from their other duties.


iTunes – // CD & LP –


1311, 2015


November 13th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

You can vote for Faith No More in a variety of Loudwire end-of-year polls.

You can poll once an hour and – in most categories – the band needs your votes.

Faith No More – Best Rock Band

Mike Patton  – Best Vocalist

Mike Patton – Rock Titan

Mike Bordin – Best Drummer

Billy Gould – Best Bassist

Superhero – Best Rock Song

Sol Invictus – Best Rock Album




2809, 2015

CONCERT: Faith No More at Santiago Gets Louder festival setlist, videos and more

September 28th, 2015|Faith No More, News|15 Comments

Faith No More brought their Sol Invictus tour South American leg to a close in their spiritual home of Santiago, Chile on Sunday night. Even with Superhero and Icarus-turned-Lazarus Mike Pattton taking to the stage in a wheelchair, the band delivered a fitting finale and a 19-song salvo.

Selfie with #puff from #faithnomore and #systemofadown @systemofadown . Had a blSt in Chile. U guys rule!!!!

A photo posted by Shavo O (@shavoodadjian) on

Thanks for everything Chile! Love, FNM Santiago Gets Louder Santiago, Chile 2015 Photo by @xignaciox

A photo posted by Faith No More (@faithnomore) on

¡Santiago is the greatest audience en el mundo!

A video posted by Roddy Bottum (@roddybottum) on

I sail these troubled waters #faithnomore #systemofadown #deftones #lambofgod

A photo posted by Shaun Kendrick (@slowriot1) on


From Out of Nowhere
Everything’s Ruined
Evidence (Spanish Version)
Black Friday
Midlife Crisis
Chinese Arithmetic
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
Ashes to Ashes

Sol Invictus
Cone of Shame
We Care a Lot








La Tercera:
Even songs from his latest work as “Superhero”, “Separation anxiety” or “Rise and Fall” seemed compositions that had spent years with the group, so that the inclusion of these in the set never felt forced


909, 2015

LINKS FOR A DAY 190: Roddy and Mike Bordin interviews; Vote FNM

September 9th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|1 Comment


Chat show host and Faith No More keyboardist was his usual eloquent self when speaking about homophobia in an interview with Westword:

“If someone had a problem with it, I don’t think they would address that to my face. Bigotry is chickenshit, you know? The Klan wore masks because they were ashamed to show their faces. The people who would have a problem with a gay keyboard player wouldn’t do it publicly; they would talk about it behind my back. So that way, I didn’t see a whole lot of resistance. ”


Mike Bordin has given an interview for the October edition of Modern Drummer magazine. Mike speaks about the evolutionary recording process, the band’s musical language and getting a second chance as Faith No More.
Get the magazine on iOS, Android or Google Play here


There will also be an online Q and A published soon


Mike also spoke to Chilean radio station Rock and Pop for a radio interview:
Full interview here


Faith No More have been nominated in the Album of the Year category for the Classic Rock  Roll of Honour awards – for Sol Invictus not Album of the Year.
You can and should and must vote here

2015-09-09 13_28_37-The Classic Rock Roll Of Honour



Friend of the site Jim Brown from Faith No More Followers has been digging deep into his exhaustive Faith No More magazine archive for some great articles recently – and right at the bottom of this one is a possibly apocryphal letter to Rolling Stone from Mike Patton’s mother from September 1990.
She said: “FNM is a group of hard-voicing, talented and creative musicians who are responsible and intelligent young men with keen senses of humour.”

409, 2015

VIDEO: Mike Patton performs behind the bar at Faith No More Troubadour

September 4th, 2015|Faith No More, News|2 Comments

Faith No More played a not-so-secret midnight set at the Troubadour in Hollywood, Los Angeles on Thursday night. The band played a mixed-up Epic-less set for the lucky die-hard fans in attendance, with singer Mike Patton at his brilliant best. He left the stage several times to surf and mingle with the audience and went so far as to sing while behind the bar at the back of the venue during Ashes to Ashes, downing shots in the process.

3108, 2015

INTERVIEWS: Mike Patton speaks to La Tercera and Bill Gould to La Nacion about upcoming tour and future plans

August 31st, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|2 Comments

As the band gear up to their live return (Jimmy Kimmel on 3 September, Bumbershoot and Red Rocks on 6 and 8 September, and Central and South America from 15 September), they are back on the promo trail.

First up, Bill Gould has spoken to Costa Rican paper La Nación about the band’s first visit and future plans:

How many times have you come to Costa Rica?
20 times. I have friends who live in Nicoya and have travelled the whole area, and a little San Jose. You have a great country.

What are your plans for after the tour: will you continue as a band or return to personal projects?
We now operate in steps and at the end of each step, we sat down to talk. At the end of tour we will see what we do. There is no right answer, no wrong answer. What we are going to work must have everyone on the same page.

I also loved this from Bill:

How do you feel when a young man approaches them to tell them they were the favorite band of his father? We are hearing of these cases more often. It’s odd, funny, makes me laugh, because we never saw us as a band would be playing in these times: if you look old and I have to be a grandfather, which makes me weird. It’s a good thing we did hear a difference to the people long ago, but what matters to me is that while we’re inspired, we will continue to do so.

And Mike Patton has spoken to Chile’s La Tercera ahead of the band’s return to their spiritual home for the Santiago Gets Louder festival on 27 September.
2015-08-31 13_33_44-Entretención _ LA TERCERA

Mike said:

“Over the years Chile has become a very special place for us, and we hope that this relationship will continue. We are obviously eager to play our new songs there.”

He also spoke about the positive reception for Sol Invictus:

“The mere fact that people still interested in us, after all these years, is encouraging. Well, that the disc has been received so positively was something extra that surprised us. We always hope that people enjoy and can feel inspired or even brought to our music, but we are also very realistic. We know we can not control the reactions and expectations of people, and that music is a subjective and personal experience to the listener. I think, in other words, we can not please everyone!”

And Mike also partly agreed that the band are now more popular than ever:

“I partially agree with that view. While I cannot say that I understand fully why this idea seems to be true. If you force me to give an answer, I think it has to do with nostalgia or some “vintage mystique” that people identify us. Or maybe they were just having the opportunity to see us 20 years ago who knows. To be honest, I’m not sure if people understood our music at the time, or if they do now,  but what is more important is whether our songs are capable of transmitting a feeling, an emotion or idea.”

Mike also spoke briefly about his future plans:

“Right now I’m totally dedicated and committed to Faith No More, of course, but that does not mean that you are not working on other adventures. Now I’m involved with a new project called Nevermen group. Our first album will be released later this year. And there are other things out there in the oven too.”


2408, 2015

LINKS FOR A DAY 188: Rolling Stone catch-up, Boston photos, Take this Bottle cover and more

August 24th, 2015|Links for a day, News|1 Comment

Rolling Stone interview

Roddy Bottum and Mike Bordin spoke to Rolling Stone as the magazine published their second in-depth piece on the band in a manner of months. Here’s the video below. This seems like a trailer to a larger story but this is the full story on the site.

Matt Wallace interview

Faith No More’s long-time producer and friend of the band, Matt Wallace has given a very revealing interview with the AllMusic site.
Here are some choice cuts:

On Mike Patton and The Real Thing:
And he was listening to a bunch of Tibetan chanting, Eskimo nose singing, all these things, and he’d bring these different ideas into the record within the context of a heavy rock, alternative, progressive band, he was bringing his ideas on how his vocals should go. And it was really forward-thinking, because a lot of bands, after that record, kind of followed in his footsteps, because Patton was unafraid to try different things, whether it was a different vocal approach or a different lyric, some of the lyrics are pretty challenging. I thought it was really stunning that he came to the forefront and grabbed the flag. That was a thrill, that whole record was a thrill to make.

On Faith No More now:
It’s interesting that the band trusted their instincts, they did Angel Dust and put it out there and it didn’t sell well in the States, but it did well overseas, and about eight or nine years ago, Kerrang magazine did a thing about the most influential records of all time, and I started in the 50s, 40s, 30s, and I said, “Man, none of my records made this,” I was hoping something I’d worked on would have made it, and at number one was Angel Dust, they thought it had influenced so many bands, and that’s a really nice indication of a band that just trusts their gut, and seeing them live in L.A. a few months ago when they did “Midlife Crisis,” the entire place, everyone sang that thing a cappella like it was a huge hit, it was really wonderful to see a song that’s kind of a twisted lyric and kind of a unique song, but so many people sang the entire chorus, and it was really surreal. That moment for me was one of the best.

WIN Red Rocks tickets

You can win two tickets to see Faith No More at Red Rocks on 8 September through Tunespeak. Only US and Canada residents can enter. Enter here.

Take this Bottle cover

Here’s a pretty cool recent cover of Take this Bottle by Jake Carden. The singer from The Pimpsons and Just Like Vinyl did an all-Faith No More acoustic show in Seattle with assistance from lenn Cannon of Windowpane and Johndus Beckman of Ten Miles Wide and The Mothership.

Boston photos

Meg Loyal have some great shots from Faith No More’s performance at Boston’s Blue Hills Bank Pavilion here.
Meg Loyal Photography: Blue Hills Pavilion 8-4-2015 &emdash;


And given that it’s the fourth ever video on the band’s YouTube channel, here’s official Superhero

508, 2015

LISTEN: Mike Patton on Nevermen track Tough Towns featuring TV on the Radio

August 5th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Other bands|1 Comment

The long-awaited Nevermen album will finally see the light of day later this year, Rolling Stone have revealed. The music magazine site have also offered a first listen of Tough Towns, the first single from the record.

Rolling Stone state:

“The roots of the group, which calls itself a “leaderless trio,” stretch back to Patton’s Peeping Tom album, which came out in 2006 and found the singer recording a song called “How You Feeling?” with Drucker. The Nevermen formed in 2008, when the rapper jammed with Adebimpe in a Brooklyn warehouse. The musicians later sent some of the music to Patton, who refigured it. The three band members then refined the recordings with one another over the years, recording the 10 songs that will appear on the Nevermen LP with no other outside musicians.”

308, 2015

CONCERT: Faith No More at Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia

August 3rd, 2015|Faith No More, News|8 Comments

Faith No More pulled out all the stops as their US tour continued at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, with RV and A Small Victory on the setlist  (the first time both songs have been played in the same set since the Phoenix Festival in July 1993).  In fact, it was the first time RV has been played in the US since February 1993 (Tipitina’s, New Orleans). For good measure, the band played Rise of the Fall for only the third time – and for the first time outside Germany.


The Real Thing
Land of Sunshine
Sunny Side Up
Last Cup of Sorrow
Midlife Crisis (with Boz Scaggs – ‘Lowdown’ interlude)
A Small Victory
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
Ashes to Ashes

Rise of the Fall
Just a Man


Roddy’s Tour Talk

Roddy’s guest on his latest chat show was none other than Faith No More lead singer Mike Patton – and synesthesia .
Watch Tour Talk


By Zombie Yeti

3007, 2015

Faith No More get rave preview in New York Times

July 30th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

Faith No More play (the theatre) at the iconic Madison Square Garden on Wednesday 5 August – and they have just got another laudatory write-up in The New York Times.

The Times says:

“Empty rituals, trinkets and fossils,” Mike Patton gargles within the first half-minute of “Sol Invictus” (Reclamation/Ipecac), a rattlingly vital new album by Faith No More. He’s taking aim at religious trappings but maybe also disarming the pomp around, say, a cult-heroic rock band in the midst of an unlikely reunion…Startlingly, “Sol Invictus” feels like more than a reboot; it has genuine ambition, and a growly sense of purpose. Whatever Mr. Patton has to say about rituals, it’s bound to be interesting when Faith No More plays its first-ever show at Madison Square Garden.”

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