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1103, 2015

Roddy Bottum’s opera debut Sasquatch premieres 2 April

March 11th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

Not content with preparing to unleash one of the most anticipated rock records of the millennium so far in May, Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum will premiere his debut opera on 2 April in Brooklyn, New York.

Polymath Roddy composed and wrote the libretto for Sasquatch, a short form opera that is part of Experiments in Opera’s Story Binge festival at Roulette in Brooklyn. The story is based on the legend of Sasquatch, half man, half beast, who roams the forest invisibly, pursued and exploited by a backwoods family as part of their elaborate and theatrical side show. The opera stars Robbie Daniels, Colin Self, Paul Soileau ( aka Christeene) and Stephen Wesley Wood.

Roddy said: “The impetus for my opera is a theme I’m particularly fond of, that of the gentle giant, the misunderstood monster, the impaired genius with the sensitivity of a child. I reference John Merrick of the Elephant Man, Frankenstein, King Kong and a 100 pound four year old I once saw on Jerry Springer as characters of inspiration…The opera itself is three scenes of what will eventually be a full form opera. The current instrumentation is timpani, trumpets, synthesizer and drum machine. The artistic exercise is a profound and unique opportunity for me to tell a story through music in an experimental setting and work and collaborate with some of my favorite artists.”

More details on the Sasquatch site and at Roulette.
Tickets are available here.

This looks very interesting and here’s hoping for the full version in the near future.

403, 2015

Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 151): New look, NZ reviews and some videos

March 4th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day|6 Comments

As you can probably see, we have a new look and feel- Hope you like it. The site may be a little unstable like its editor for a while but let us know if you notice any bigger bugs. (Big thanks to Alberto for his stellar work on this. We’ll give proper thanks later).

WestFest review

News from Faith No More’s last leg of their Japan/Aus/NZ tour has been a little scarce but the New Zealand Herald now has a review of the event. They say: “Crowds built in the evening as punters finished work for a powerful set by Faith No More, who performed on a stage decorated in thousands of dollars worth of flowers. New songs, like Motherf*****, showed they haven’t passed their use-by date just yet, but it was brooding, funk-tinged classics Epic and Last Cup of Sorrow that really bought back the ’90s.”

WestFest photos

UndertheRadar have a photo gallery and a review of sorts: “Faith No More blew minds with their white-drenched and flower-laden stage, not to mention phenomenal showmanship – despite a slightly loose set.”

Faith No More FB posts

It was a bit disturbing to learn that Roddy was forced into taking down his original post showing him and Judas Priest front man Rob Halford together at WestFest. I didn’t see the abusive comments myself but I would have thought FNM fans were above such presumably homophobic abuse.

And here is Mike p and Mike B with Kim Thayil of Soundgarden

Gold vinyl Sol Invictus

Friend of the site Violet has Instagrammed a photo showing a promo for a gold vinyl edition of Sol Invictus that will be an exclusive at Australian store JB Hi-Fi.

Here’s a photo from the site:

WestFest videos

Here is Get Out from WestFest

(still no Cone of Shame video)

Patton in the crowd

Here is another angle of Mike P going into the crowd at Soundwave Brisbane:

Superhero on 89 FM – A Rádio Rock

We were all getting very excited about this exclusive last week before it was superseded by BBC and Marvel but hereo goes for posterity sake’s:

Superhero cover

Kudos to David Nisoff who has uploaded the first Superhero guitar cover to YouTube:

Final tweet

And a a final tweet from New Zealand of Ben Fulton of Red Witch Pedals with Bill Gould and Jon Hudson.

303, 2015

Three new interviews from Faith No More

March 3rd, 2015|Faith No More, News|2 Comments

Mute no more. Faith No More continue their impressive media blitz around their 2015 tour and Sol Invictus and Superhero releases with three interviews in New Zealand and Australia and this time we have video and audio.

First up is a video of the Music Feeds interview – complete with charming 12 year-old interviewer – with Roddy, Mike B and Jon.

Next up – just ahead of their Auckland show was an interview with Roddy and Bill with Hauraki TV.

And finally and audio interview where Puffy gets the chance to wax lyrical for a full 30 minutes with Auckland’s Rip it Up Radio.

2702, 2015

New big new Faith No More interviews published: Sounds of the record and tensions revealed

February 27th, 2015|Faith No More, News|7 Comments

Faith No More‘s promo push for Sol Invictus continues today with two major interviews.

The first with Metal Hammer entitled “Faith No More: rebirth of the Real Thing” is arguably the most revealing and high-profile so far. In the interview on the subscription Team Rock site and presumably also in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Bill Gould speaks extensively about the new record.

He elaborates on the dark theme of the record and the creative tensions within the band and a little on the band’s music per se: ““Sure, it sounds like us at our age,” shrugs Billy. “I can speak in colours. There’s a touch of colour from the first album, a little Angel Dust, a little King For A Day… on there, and some stuff we’ve never done before. We have a song that’s like a blues song, which we’ve never done before! It’s just stuff that excites us.”

Meanwhile, Roddy Bottum has given an interview to the Time Out section of the New Zealand Herald.
Roddy also spoke about the sound of the record: “The consensus among the band is it sounds like the way that we started. It has some really sombre tunes, some really high points of energy, lots of peaks and valleys, some lyrics that I’m really fond of, and lots of piano.”
The interview also had some interesting news on the band tensions and also the tantalising prospect that there will be 15 unreleased songs: “Tensions arose when it came time to whittle down their 25 songs to a more manageable 10 for the album. “We wrote a lot of songs, and a lot of songs never made it on the record, a lot of decisions were made and they’re really painful to make. A lot of people had songs they wanted on the record that didn’t make it on the record.”



2002, 2015

Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 147): Two new interviews and Antemasque speak Patton

February 20th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|1 Comment

WE HAVE been so thoroughly spoiled by Faith No More interview this week that the latest one is not even getting a standalone post. Roddy has again taken on the role of band spokesman in the latest interview published in Australia’s The Beat.
Roddy is again on form as he eloquently summarises the potpourri nature of the band: “What we’ve all been doing the past ten years; that comes into what we’re doing now as individuals, sure. But mostly we addressed us as a band, our core sound. That was the place of our inspiration. But in that there are these crazy personalities, these very distinct people. We all have some pretty crazy ways. Mike Patton’s solo stuff over the last ten years or so is wack-a-doodle crazy, this over-the-top, boundary pushing, weird collage stuff. Billy makes a lot of records that are mostly for people who don’t speak English, these worldly kinds of records. All of us keep trying to push things in different areas. I live in New York and I’m writing an opera about Sasquatch. What I like most about here is that people take culture, specifically really strange culture, very seriously. And that’s super inspirational for me, I love being in a place where people applaud avant-garde, and I would like to think I bring a little bit of that to what we’re doing. It doesn’t hurt that it also sounds really good on the record, too.”

IN THE SAME INTERVIEW RODDY also has some wise words on the issues of phones at gigs: “hat is really sad and cheap to me. But I’m actually seeing less and less of it now. I think it’s waning a little bit, people are starting to realise that that experience of music, the YouTube video or camera-held footage, just isn’t all that great.” In defence of gig filmers, I would argue that those who upload videos of new never-seen-before songs so that fans worldwide can see them are providing a service for their fellow fans. But the general point that the experience is not that great is certainly true.
(via FNM Followers)

AND ANOTHER INTERVIEW! The increasingly loquacious Mike Bordin this time. He spoke to Australian site Music Feeds. Speaking about Sol Invictus, he said: “To do an album has never been by numbers for us – it’s always a huge commitment and a massive process. It’s not something we could have done at the start of the reunion – it wouldn’t have been us. We had to revisit who we were in order to have an idea of where we were going. Now that we’re all speaking the same language again, now we get to go somewhere new.”
And he echoes Roddy’s comments on the group dynamic: “Everything is represented on this album. You’ve got our singer, Mike [Patton], with his range of talents and breadth of skills. Our bass player is particularly talented at creating these atmospheres and environments with his production and arrangements. Everyone’s ideas are in this record. There’s enough rock, there’s enough crunch, there’s enough melody, there’s enough darkness. All the elements are there. It’s not just one guy and one thing when it comes to Faith No More. It never has been. It’s about the value that each of us puts on music.”

will once again be on the same bill as new band on the scene Antemasque at Soundwave in Adelaide and Melbourne this weekend. I’ve been listening to the new record by the former At the Drive-in and Mars Volta guys (plus Flea¨) all day and love it and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez  and Cedric Bixler-Zavala have spoken to Mikey Cahill (who interviewed FNM this week) in a Courier-Mail interview. Cedric stated: “Oh Faith No More. Yes! We met Mike in San Francisco a little while ago and he was an adult man with the spirit of a little kid. He was awesome. The surprise came when they asked us to open for them. I’ve never seen them live before.”


2002, 2015

Yet another Faith No More interview: Roddy speaks to 13th Floor New Zealand

February 20th, 2015|Faith No More, News|2 Comments

Another day, another Faith No More interview. Roddy Bottum gave another illuminating interview with New Zealand’s online music bible The 13th Floor.

My favourite quote is Roddy’s tribute to Bill Gould’s role as producer of Sol Invictus:
“You know, honestly that’s his role in life, that’s what he does. He’s very proactive and he’s got a really high work ethic. But he’s really kind of always been that way in the band, that’s always the sort of relationship we’ve had.”

And Roddy gives a telling comparison of Faith No More 1.0 and version 2.0:
“We were a lot more high-strung back then. We were a lot more immature and we were a lot brattier and a lot more into sort of pushing buttons. We’re still in that space where we’re pushing buttons but we’re doing it in a different way and we’re sort of working with each other rather than against each other. We really used to push our own buttons quite a bit and get a rise out of each other. These days we’re sort of more into working together and giving each other space. A lot more mature I guess. That’s an ugly, ugly word, but there you have it.”

And he reveals that Sol Invictus and From the Dead are his favourite cuts from the album:
“I really like the first song on the record and the last song on the record, and I really like, I don’t know I like them all. I like ones where you can hear the piano a lot and where there’s singing a lot. I really like Mike’s vocals. He’s Just gotten better and better at crafting lyrics.”

Finally, Roddy confirmed what the Tokyo shows have suggested – that the band will be playing just 3 or 4 songs from the new album on these Australian and New Zealand dates.

(Cheers to FNM Followers for alerting us to this one)


1902, 2015

Roddy interview with Faster Louder

February 19th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

Faith No More’s antipodean promotion of their tour and Sol Invictus album release continues apace with Roddy Bottum giving a long insightful interview to Aussie music site Faster Louder.

Here are some choice cuts:
“would say that it really does go back to out roots, and is really gothic – it’s really sort of in the dark and there’s a lot of sombre tones on it. It speaks to my core, I really get really gut instincts from simple stripped down sounds when we do that successfully. And for me there are a lot of those moments on the record. It’s not as dense as the place that we usually go and there are a lot of places with really simple instrumentation. And pianos – there is a lot of pianos – and a lot of really, concise smart lyrics that can be heard and understood. And those sorts of places on the record are the strongest for me.”

“There is a language that we all speak, a common language that we have as a band, that is sort of a shorthand that we go to and its really about peaks and valleys, highs and lows, sad and happy, major/minor – however, you want to put it.”

“We hadn’t spent a lot of time with each other for all that time – 10, or 12 plus years – and the reunion tours that we did, sitting backstage, playing together, looking at each other and getting accustomed to each other again after that long break that was like a really exaggerated first day back on the job for us. And we sit well with each other. And at the end of doing that it felt like this is going to be a good place to go. So there were no surprises for me when we came back and started working on stuff together it was just, it felt very comfortable.”

“Yeah, you’re absolutely spot on. We got really bored with what we doing. And we also felt like there is a whole lot of people out there who look to us to be inspired and encourage by what we do artistically. So to be doing old songs on a big stage with a lot of people watching over and over – it felt kind of cheap and easy and a little too safe of a place to be. That’s not who we are. We’ve always pushed buttons and we’ve always rubbed against the grain and we’ve always challenged things. Doing the reunion tour – in and of itself – was sort of challenging in that way. We surprised ourselves and we surprised everybody that we would come back and do this. And for a minute there that was “wow”, that was very FNM of us to do – to come back and take that on in a surprising fashion. But after we did some shows, after a while it became a little too easy and little too safe. And it became really clear. Amongst ourselves we discussed “We can’t go on doing this unless we write new songs, unless we challenge ourselves” and we kind of owe it to ourselves as a band and to the people that will come to see us – a fresh take. And at some point we drew a line in the sand and said “No, we’re not going to do this anymore!” Unless we were to create something new and have something new to share. So yes it totally did inspire us to make another record.”

“There is a different dynamic in the band, different from other hard rock bands; we have the inclusion of that. That’s just inherently who we are and we’re aware of that and I think that works for us and we just do what we naturally do and hope that all comes out. But I’m glad that you as woman would relate to that. I’d hates to think that it is limited to male, testosterone driven flavour because that’s not what we’re all about.”

1802, 2015

Faith No More talk new album in detail in Herald Sun interview

February 18th, 2015|Faith No More, News|1 Comment

Mike Bordin and Roddy Bottum spoke earlier this week to Mikey Cahill of Australia’s Herald Sun and Hit Australia and the wide-ranging interview was published online this morning.

The article is replete with juicy quotes from the guys and here is just a selection:

There came a point in the touring when we became sick of playing the same songs. We were backstage at the end of the reunion shows, looking at each other — not to sound corny — we were appreciating what we were in each other’s lives and it felt like a necessary step to take,” keyboardist Roddy Bottum says.

“Billy (Gould, bassist and producer) really pushed that step forward, the rest of us we’re like ‘(grimaces) Mmmmyeah we coooo-ooould …’ then the rest came on board.”

“It was like building a house, you need a foundation, you need to frame it. Throughout the history of the band the songs have started with bass and drums. That’s why we sound different to bands who start with a guitar riff. Bill said to me: ‘I’ve got some stuff, you should listen to it, how do you feel about that?’ I’m like ‘Bring it man’ (respectful tone). Bill also has that relationship with Mike. It’s like a game of musical telephone, y’know what I mean?”
Mike Bordin

Having had it under wraps for so long resulted in a lot of common good for the project. It’s a sombre tone as I said. The themes revolve around who we are and where we come from and what we started off doing. It’s a very introspective record. We just did the sequencing, it works well in a way other Faith No More records do, having these highs and lows back to back,” Bottum opines.

I don’t mean to sound like Kanye West,” Bordin interjects, “but as an old dude who’s been doing it for a while, this band still stimulates the hell out of me. I need to be on my toes, I better bring my A-Game or they’ll slaughter me. That’s what’s super cool about this process, we know we’re gonna give it both barrels. It’s a gift.”

1602, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 144): Billy’s bass, Puffy speaks and more

February 16th, 2015|Faith No More, News|2 Comments

Faith No More kick off their 2015 tour tomorrow in Tokyo and there’s plenty of news online as the countdown continues to the release of Sol Invictus.

WE’LL hopefully have video from Faith No More in Tokyo later in the week. The band have already been busy in tokyo. Bill has been signing copies of his new bass (see below) and speaking at the クロサワ日本総本店ベースセンター (Kurosawa Bass Shop)

MEANWHILE, Mike Bordin and Jon Hudson have been on Japanese radio – the Ready Steady George show on Inter FM. No audio or even clues to what the guys talked about yet but here are some photos via the show’s Twitter feed:

AS WE SAW ABOVE, Billy has not been resting on his laurels after producing the album and has launched a signature bass with Zon Guitars. The media release states: “Completely handmade by ZON in their Redwood City, California, US facility, the BG4 is finished in satin black and is appointed with black hardware and a Hipshot D-tuner. A limited number of these basses will be produced with the first 25 personally signed by Billy Gould.”

THE BAND have also been continuing their promo work ahead of their Australia dates. News Limited (Herald Sun, Hit Australia) journalist Mikey Cahill has been tweeting some quotes from an interview he did with Mike Bordin and Roddy Bottum.
Roddy: “”We were gonna call the album From The Dead…but that title was a bit ‘on the nose’ ya know what I mean?”
Puffy: “I’m fired up as hell for this tour man..we’re gonna give it both barrels…”We’ll play a few new songs, we’ll be playing old songs from our catalogue that we didn’t play last time too.”
The full interview will appear this Thursday in Hit Australia with a longer version online – so should appear here.
(Thanks to FNM Followers for unearthing this one on Twitter)

NEW YORK RANGERS NHL star Dan Boyle has once again spoke about his love for Faith No More in an interview with XN Sports.
He said: “I’m good friends with drummer Mike “Puffy” Bordin and lead singer Mike Patton. I went on tour with them this summer, hung out with them and got to know the other guys in the band a little bit. I had never been to England before. I thought it was a cool city. They did one gig in London and went to Poland the next day. We were in-and-out. I was only there for two or three days total.”
Boyle recalled his first experience rubbing elbows with the veteran rockers after a member of the San Jose Sharks’ public relations staff scored him some last-minute tickets.
“Six years ago, they were sold out in San Francisco,” Boyle said. “I had asked the PR guy in San Jose to help me find a way in. I didn’t care whether I was in the nosebleeds, top left corner. Not only did he get me in, I met the band.”
Since that initial meeting, Boyle became fast friends with the San Franciscan alternative metal rockers.
“I’ve seen them four times,” Boyle said. “They were at the game when we were out in San Jose. I’ll go see them eventually again this summer when they tour with their new album.”
Faith No More will release their first studio album in 18 years in Apr. 2015. As for Boyle’s favorite Faith No More album, it’s the 1992 release “Angel Dust.”
“It has to be Angel Dust,” Boyle said.””



306, 2014

Links for a day (vol.160): Media reaction, Chuck interview and more

June 3rd, 2014|Faith No More, Links for a day|1 Comment

  • Fully four days after Faith No More entered the Twitterverse and Instagramosphere and teased about being “creative”, some of the world’s media have finally woken up to what might be happening.
  • The Guardian were late out of the blocks but have an interesting article today entitled: “Faith No More hint at possible new music“. The article states: “Although their statement is vague, it’s hard to imagine Faith No More are alluding to anything other than new music. In the meantime, the band will be playing some new shows. They are due to open for Black Sabbath at July’s Summertime festival in London, as well as at Poland’s Open’er festival in the same month. The suggestion of new material will come as a surprise to many fans. When the band was still touring in 2011, Patton insisted that they had “no plans for a new recording”. “It’s a tired old script,” he complained to Rolling Stone. “Band splits up, gets hard up for cash, goes on tour and records a shitty record. We don’t want to be part of that kind of history.”
  • Spin were also excited at the prospect: “The band was already poised for a couple of live dates (at London’s Hyde Park on July 4 with Black Sabbath and Soundgarden and a headlining slot at Poland’s Open’er Festival), but considering they’ve been doing shows again since 2009, it sure sounds like being “a little creative” means making new music. If the set we saw back in 2010 was any indication, the singer with the biggest vocal range in pop music and his heavy crew haven’t lost a step since their late ’80s heyday.”
  • Meanwhile, there was an unmistakable whiff of cynicism from The AV Clubs‘s reaction to the tweet: “Earlier today, on a new official Faith No More Twitter account, Patton posted a picture of himself with the message, “Hey! Stay tuned for more Tweets from Twats!!! The reunion thing was fun, but now it’s time to get a little creative.” Fans, naturally, are hoping this all points to a new Faith No More album, which of course will be followed by eventual shrugs or disappointment. And the cycle of a rock band circa 2014 will be complete.”
    Other notable articles on the potential of new music:
    Consequence of Sound
    Humo Negro
    Svenska Dagbladet
    Metal Hammer
    Alternative Nation
  • Meanwhile, Roddy Bottum is warming up for the July dates and maybe more and supporting a great cause with the AIDS Life Cycle this week. Roddy has raised almost $25,000 already and you can donate here as he seeks to double that amount.

  • Former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley has suggested that he should be part of any new music making from the reformed band. Friend of the site Chuck was speaking to friend of the site Douglas Esper and stated:
    “Douglas Esper: Last night Faith No More put up a Twitter account and teased the possibility of new music and new tour dates.
    Chuck Mosley: They should have me sing on at least one or two songs on the album.
    Doug: I agree 100%. What would you bring to the table this time around?
    Chuck: I would (expletive) wail on those tracks and make people wonder why they ever got rid of me. (chuckles) But seriously, I think me and Mike (Patton) could complement each other really well on a song.
    Doug: So, let’s say you couldn’t be on the album for whatever reason, but they asked you to come to the studio to produce. What advice would you give them before they recorded their first new music in over 15 years?
    Chuck: On one hand, I would say to know what’s out there and be better than all of that, but on the other hand I would say don’t pay attention to whatever is out there and do whatever it is you want. Just make sure to take it to the next level. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know what constitutes a good rock album these days. Who is around anymore?”
    Certainly a guest appearance from Chuck would be more than welcome on any potential, possible, mooted, conceivable, imaginable future release.
  • A recent upload on YouTube which I’m not sure we’ve ever previously shared. Faith No More “perform” From Out of Nowhere on the late lamented Top of the Pops. Thankfully no sign of Jimmy Saville, rather the delightful Jackie Brambles introduces. Look out for the lip-sync piss take around 2.50.
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