No news is good news says Billy Gould in his latest Tweet and news on Faith No More is certainly thin on the ground early in the week. But here’s Volume 2 of our news links compilation in any case.

  • I have managed to get my hands on a copy of the latest Kerrang with it Faith No More cover splash. It offers a good potted history of the band in a six-page spread. While there is nothing more informative that the Metal Hammer blog posted last week, it does offer some good photos, an interesting read for the new fan and an eight-song Essential Guide to Faith No More, in which Be Aggressive is the only surprising track.
  • Also somewhat belatedly, more evidence of the influence and impact Faith No More have had on the music – lets not say industry or business here – scene. First we have Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic saying that Faith No More blazed a trail for the success of the iconic Seattle trio. The story has been picked up by several media outlets but the original quote came from part of a lengthy (93 pages!) interview with oral historian and veteran journalist John Hughes for Washington State’s The Legacy Project. Sample quote: Hughes: Did you guys ever think back then in your wildest imagination of what it would be like to be huge? Novoselic: I never did because just watching what was going on, on the home television and then the radio. And living on the margins for so long, living in the underground scene it’s like, “Oh this will never catch on.” But it did, and it was starting to change where you had bands like Faith No More and Jane’s Addiction. They were these rock bands but they were more like alternative or edgy. Then they paved the way for Nirvana.” In a reverse tribute, here’s Mike and Mr Bungle covering Territorial Pissings.
  • Elsewhere, Craig Owens, front man of Michigan hardcore band Chiodos has cited Mike Patton as one of his greatest influences saying, “I only wish I could be as good as him.” The original story appeared in Orlando Metromix but is no longer on their site.
  • Meanwhile, some more tour rumours. Renowned French rock music personality and blogger Zegut has now had two posts suggesting Faith No More will play at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris in August. First post and  second post.
  • Finally, the English language Bulgarian news website reports rumours that Faith No More might join the line-up for the mid-August festival. However, given that last year’s headliners were Sisters of Mercy and Asian Dub Foundation I think that this one might be a stretch.