Not much Faith No More news in recent days but we’ll attempt a news links round-up in any case.

  • Another festival rumour. The Hovefestivaenl in Norway reports that it will announce a final headliner for the June festival on Thursday. Some comments on the site blog suggest Faith No More could be the act. Guess we’ll see on Tuesday.
  • The well-known Disturbed cover of Midlife Crisis got an official release last week on the covers compilation Revolution of Sound. The Vancouver Sun is not impressed:”The remainder is either not bad (Missy Higgins tackling Roxy Music), not great (Disturbed making us miss Faith No More) or utterly atrocious. Golden anniversaries shouldn’t be this tarnished.”
  • The excellent musicOMH music site features an interview with Dan Arnold of The Qemists in which they speak about their collaboration with Mike Patton on their recently released album Join the Q. Sample quote: “He seemed so nice, by far the most professional person we’ve ever worked with,” he gushes. “He was telling us what he wanted to do, and he gave us the vocal very quickly. We haven’t broached it yet but I’m really hoping we’ll perform it live at some point.”
  • Just found another Qemists on Mike Patton interview from Liam Black on the Australian-based site 3D World. Sample quote:  “He was a true professional and he followed some simple requests of ours to deliver a truly inspiring vocal. Mike is really an enormously talented artist.”
  • Mike is in solo/Zu action in Chile this week at the Pepsi Fest.