Mike Patton played the Pepsi Fest in Chile last night with Zu and has garnered a huge amount of press in South America. As well as the many reviews one gem is an interview Mike did in the form of a questionnaire with the La Tercera newspaper. Here are his comments on the Faith No More reunion: “Question: You always said you would never join Faith no More again. What made you change your opinion? Patton: Did I always say this? Maybe I did not have the interest, but now is a good time to do it. You think this is not a good idea? If so, I will reconsider it. It’s interesting to relive the 90s, the amount of money and prostitutes around back then. Question: Are there plans to visit South America with Faith no More? Patton: I am enjoying the moment…the money and the prostitutes. I don’t know yet, but we won’t be playing too many concerts.”