While we are all (I hope) huge Faith No More fans here, it it refreshing once in a while to hear a dissenting voice. After all, music appreciation is by its very nature a subjective thing. That said, it is also amusing when criticism is as completely cloth-eared as a recent post pre-reviewing the latest Faith No More greatest hists compilation on Blogcritics.

Here are some tasters to whet your appetite:
“Faith No More were never as big or as clever as they thought they were. And for a band who was supposedly so influential, how come their name was never mentioned from the day they split up in 1998, until they day they announced their reformation in 2009?”

“Like a lot of bands, their best music came early on in their career, and I’ve always had a lot of time for the Chuck Mosley albums.”

“[Post-Jim Martin] you were left with a rather pedestrian, alternative rock band, and the post Angel Dust offerings are fairly bland.”

I will be posting some more misguided Faith No More reviews over the coming weeks to keep things in perspective ahead of The Second Coming.

Note: I also hope to finally update the tour dates on the right today.