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1705, 2009

Faith No More line up South American tour

May 17th, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

Faith No More are lining up dates in South America, more specifically Argentina, Brazil and Chile, in October, according to Chilean newspaper La Tercera. The paper specifies that the re-formed band will play the Estadio Municipal de La Florida in Santiago on 30 October.

1705, 2009

Faith No More to play Portugal festival

May 17th, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

A Portugal date for Faith No More’s European reunion tour has finally been confirmed. The band, who played their last ever concerts in Portugal in 1998, will play the Festival Sudoeste TNM, newspaper Correio da Manha reports.

1405, 2009

The story behind the Faith No More reunion – sort of

May 14th, 2009|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Download Festival head honcho Andy Copping (above) has revealed in an in-depth interview on the festival website that he played a large role in getting Faith No More back together.

Sample quote: “Faith No More’s an interesting one, because we were actually talking to them last year for 2008, but it became pretty apparent that we weren’t going to get them in time. I’d started the whole ball rolling, getting the band talking again – they weren’t even talking as a band 18 months ago! We’ve got some contacts with Mike Patton, who’s really the anchor of the whole thing in getting them all back together, so we made contact with him, and he was making the right noises.

So I guess that I was kind of a catalyst in getting them all back together, and was hoping that it would go quicker than it actually did. In the end we realised it was going to be too late for Download 2008, but what I hadn’t realised was that they had continued talking to each other after we’d approached them. I got a call towards the end of 2008: would we be interested in Faith No More for 2009? And of course I was overjoyed and said “absolutely 100%”, so it was a good thing that we started the process so early, and at least managed to secure them for this year.”

There’s more good stuff in the juicy interview here.

1305, 2009

Links for a day (Vol 10)

May 13th, 2009|Links for a day|0 Comments

Another random round-up:

  • Download Festival director John Probyn speaks to about the festival and Faith No More. Sample quotes: [About Faith No More Reading and Leeds rumours]. “We don’t tell lies, we give people information based on facts at the time. What’s the point in me misleading a fan, is that going to make them want to buy tickets in the future?”
  • Czech site Webreporter confirms that Faith No More will not play at the Rock for People festival in July.
  • Faith No More’s slot at Greenfield Festival in Switzerland has been confirmed as 22:30-00:00.
  • We Care A Lot 12-inch mix via Popdose’s White Label Wednesday.
1305, 2009

Faith No More go beyond Europe

May 13th, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

It looks like Faith No More’s reunion tour will go beyond Europe’s borders and will extend into September. Israel’s Hebrew-language news siet YNet has announced that Faith No More will be playing the Summer Festival in Tel Aviv, which takes place on 1 and 2 September. More details at this Last FM page.*

*Yes I knew Israel plays in European football competitions and competes in Eurovision but its not really in continental Europe.

1305, 2009

Getting it wrong

May 13th, 2009|Uncategorized|0 Comments

While we are all (I hope) huge Faith No More fans here, it it refreshing once in a while to hear a dissenting voice. After all, music appreciation is by its very nature a subjective thing. That said, it is also amusing when criticism is as completely cloth-eared as a recent post pre-reviewing the latest Faith No More greatest hists compilation on Blogcritics.

Here are some tasters to whet your appetite:
“Faith No More were never as big or as clever as they thought they were. And for a band who was supposedly so influential, how come their name was never mentioned from the day they split up in 1998, until they day they announced their reformation in 2009?”

“Like a lot of bands, their best music came early on in their career, and I’ve always had a lot of time for the Chuck Mosley albums.”

“[Post-Jim Martin] you were left with a rather pedestrian, alternative rock band, and the post Angel Dust offerings are fairly bland.”

I will be posting some more misguided Faith No More reviews over the coming weeks to keep things in perspective ahead of The Second Coming.

Note: I also hope to finally update the tour dates on the right today.

1205, 2009

Metal Hammer brings the story beind the Real Thing

May 12th, 2009|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Another great Behind the Music-style article from the Metal Hammer blog is published today following on from their King for a Day… piece some months back: “The Story Behind Faith No More’s Real Thing”. Sample quote: “Mike came to a gig right out in the middle of nowhere in California. Literally so far out, it was almost in Oregon! He gave us a tape, and we were blown away by his voice. It was unbelievable. He was such a ridiculously good singer. There was no comparison with Chuck.” (Mike “Puffy” Bordin).

Give us your opinion on this seminal album below. It was certainly my introduction to the band and remains a favourite.

1105, 2009

Faith No More add second Russia date

May 11th, 2009|Tour dates|3 Comments

Roddy Bottum’s latest Tweet has confirmed the Moscow and Riga dates we previously reported on and also a new date: Faith No More in St. Petersburg, Russia on 30 June, apparently at the Jubileeny Club.

1105, 2009

Faith No More to play Latvia

May 11th, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

Another day, another tour date. Faith No More’s latest tour date wil be in the Latvian capital of Riga on Wednesday 1 July, apparently an exclusive Baltic date according to organisers. Venue is the Sapnu Fabrika club.

Tickets go on sale from Thursday 14 May from here.

1105, 2009

Faith No More rehearsal footage

May 11th, 2009|Uncategorized|0 Comments

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