Everyone is entitled to their opinion and its perfectly understandable that not everyone likes Faith No More as tastes vary. But once again after the Guardian Brixton review comes another review – from the Leicester Mercury of Download – that misses the point spectacularly. Leading with the premise that Korn stole the show and that the FNM performance was anti-climactic, the review goes on: “Faith No More’s headlining comeback was overshadowed from the start, but their lounging approach to prog-metal and an ill-advised cover of Easy Like Sunday Morning did them no favours, and brought only bemused yawns from most of the audience.”

Elsewhere on a busy day of Download reviews, BBC Radio One are generally positive. Sample quote:”They start with a tongue in cheek cover of Peaches And Herbs Reunited before visiting Epic, Evidence, Easy and a cheeky cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. And whilst their reception is by no means berserk, it is an exercise in suave rocking.”