Set list: 1. Reunited, 2. The Real Thing, 3. From Out Of Nowhere, 4. Land Of Sunshine, 5. Caffeine, 6. Evidence, 7. Chinese Arithmetic, 8. Surprise! You’re Dead!, 9. Easy, 10. Last Cup Of Sorrow, 11. Midlife Crisis, 12. Cuckoo For Caca, 13. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies, 14. RV, 15. King For A Day, 16. Malpractice, 17. Jizzlobber, 18. Be Aggressive, 19. Epic, 20. Mark Bowen. Encore 1: 21. Chariots Of Fire/Stripsearch, 22. Just A Man. Encore 2: 23. I Started A Joke, 24. Pristina.

Highlight: When the four besuited band members (a singleted Puffy was on drums) line up at the front of the stage to deliver the chorus to Reunited complete with beaming smiles.

Video: Great collection here.

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