Set list: 1. Reunited, 2. The Real Thing, 3. From out of Nowhere, 4. Land of Sunshine, 5. Caffeine, 6. Evidence (with some Spanish/Portuguese?), 7. Poker Face / Chinese Arithmetic, 8. Surprise you’re Dead, 9. Easy, 10. Last Cup of Sorrow, 11. Midlife Crisis, 12. Introduce Yourself, 13. Gentle Art of Making Enemies, 14. Take This Bottle, 15. Ashes to Ashes, 16. Malpractice, 17. Cuckoo for Caca, 18. Be Aggressive, 19. Epic, 20. Mark Bowen. Encore: 21. Chariots of Fire into Stripsearch, 22. We Care a Lot.

Highlight: Patton’s pimp entrance complete with cane was novel but maybe injury-induced while a very, very high-tempo version of Introduce Yourself and the first much-Twittered Poker Face cover will be long recalled.

Video: Full collection of all songs in high quality here.

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