Injured or not, Mike Patton performed last night as part of the Meltdown festival in London curated by Ornette Coleman. Mike teamed up with Fred Frith and here is some reaction, via Twitter, from some people who were there:

  • Iain_Mc Mike Patton and Fred Frith at the Queen Elizabeth Hall was like the soundtrack to a really fucked up dream. I loved it.
  • PoodleWrestler Just got out from watching Mike Patton & Fred Frith at this years Meltdown! F*cking amazing!! Mad dreamscapes! Just brilliant!!!!
  • bekkibaby I’ve just met Mike Patton. Wow. And what a odd but good gig. Bloody good night. I like it I like it alot.

If any of our UK-based readers were at the gig, we’d love to hear your verdict.