Faith No More played a storming set at the Open’er Festival in Poland on Saturday with Roddy Bottum declaring on Twitter: “Polish Land fucking killed! Top show of the tour! Incredible time, thank you Poland. One show left of this leg…”

The reviews concurred. Poland’s largest web portal had a glowing review. Sample quote: “Those who came to Gdynia specifically for the performance by Faith No More cannot have felt disappointed. Everything was as expected: Mike Patton and his friends played with such energy and joy.” has a less positive review, seemingly focusing on Mike Patton’s vocals putting him on a higher plane than his band and concluding that while it was good to hear the old songs again even if the audience may have been bored by them.

Mike Patton was declared king of the festival and Faith No More set the standard for the rest of the young bands at the festival to aspire to according to Patton is desciribed as “alternately charming and diabolical” and “his beautiful voice and charisma” exposes the emptiness of the early careers of young musicians such as The Arctic Monkeys and The Gossip, who also played at the festival.

Metro has a short report on the FNM show, alluding to the fact that some 60,000 people crowded to the main stage to see the band in action, while also suggesting that some of the group’s energy may have come from Zubrowka vodka.

Dziennek reported that FNM was the biggest event of the festival and said that Mike Patton is like wine, getting better with age.

Regional portal have a glowing review headlined “Faith No More versus the rest of the world.” Sample quote: “The star of the evening and as it turned out the whole festival so far was the band Faith No More, who gave a spectacular performance.”