Faith No More played a storming set in Istanbul last night by all accounts. I have not been able to find any good quality video footage as yet but will add when I do.  Leading Turkish daily newspaper Hürriyet gave the show a great review and the headline “A night full of rock eccentricities”. You can read a full professional English version of the review here.

Sample quotes: “Wrapping up a hiatus lasting over a decade earlier this year, Faith No More’s Second Coming tour hit Istanbul on Wednesday, giving Turkish fans a brief reason to remember why the American band was counted as one of the most original bands in rock history. And to remember why its decision to disband in 1998 was ridiculously wrong.”

“He [Patton] even found the time to do a bit of stand-up comedy. At one point he shouted, “I want to dedicate this number to someone,” and asked for the lighting operator to turn on a spotlight. Then Patton had the operator scan the trees outside the Küçükçiftlik Park in Maçka and found a couple of people who had climbed into the trees to watch for free. “I want to dedicate this song to those creatures in the trees,” he shouted, before the band broke into “Ashes To Ashes,” which marked the highlight of the concert.”

Set list (again via
1. Reunited
2. From Out of Nowhere
3. Land of Sunshine
4. Caffeine
5. Evidence
6. Surprise! You’re Dead!
7. Last Cup of Sorrow
8. Digging the Grave
9. Easy
10. Ashes to Ashes
11. Midlife Crisis
12. I Started a Joke
13. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
14. King for a Day
15. Be Aggressive
16. Epic P
17. Just a Man
18. Chariots Of Fire/Stripsearch
Encore 2:
19. Midnight Cowboy
20. Cuckoo for Caca