A Brazilian concert promoter has reported via its Twitter feed that Faith No More will play a second date in Brazil, on 3 November in Porto Alegre as part of the Pepsi On Stage event. The relevant Tweet read: “Vem aí um grande show internacional. A Opinião Produtora confirma FAITH NO MORE em POA!! a banda toca dia 3 de novembro, no Pepsi On Stage”…roughly translating as Opinião Produtora confirms that FNM will play Pepsi On Stage on 3 November.

There are also rumours of a Faith No More show in Rio de Janeiro on 5 November. And even a poster for such an event doing the rounds on Twitter.

However, as of now Faith No More have only confirmed one Brazil date – at the Maquinaria Festival in São Paulo on 7 November. More news on ther dates as we have it.