Dublin’s online music bible State Magazine gives a considered but overall negative review of the band’s appearance at the Olympia in Dublin in Thursday. Sample quote: “You can’t deny the power of the performances here but the band’s self-indulgent side was tiresome first time around and even this euphoric atmosphere can’t disguise the fact that this still holds. It’s a point hammered home when they launch into ‘Midlife Crisis’ and ‘Epic’, both of which are simply sublime.”

Personally I can see the point the author – Phil Udell, who I heard explaining his viewpoint more as a frustrated fan than a media mischief maker on Dublin’s Phantom 105.2 FM yesterday – is making. But I think that rather than being tiresome, Faith No More’s refusal to do anything except on their own terms and in their own way is an essential part of their appeal. And it would have been a betrayal of their very essence if they did peddle a package of greatest hits live rather than seeking to evolve from where they left off.