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1808, 2009

Mike Patton eats a shoelace and regurgitates it

August 18th, 2009|Uncategorized|31 Comments

This video does what it says on the tin – from the Sziget festival on Sunday.

1808, 2009

Faith No More in Prague videos

August 18th, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

Phew. Just back from Prague. What a trip and what a gig. Normal blog service will be resumed tomorrow but for now here are a few of my own (well Ms Faith No More 2.0’s to be exact) videos from the gig last night at the Tesla Arena.
And a few observations

  1. The band are looking tighter at any point during the tour so far. Really at their best now.
  2. It is great to see the band mixing up the set list now with Digging the Grave, RV and Pristina now in rotation and The Real Thing seemingly out of favour.
  3. The Czech crowd was excellent and the band seemed to be really impressed.
  4. Czech fans  – and perhaps central and eastern European fans in general – seem to be more appreciative of the later FNM albums than most fans. For the Czech Republic, one reason for the popularity of Album of the Year could be the fact that the album cover depicts a scene from the funeral of Tomas Masaryk, the first president of Czechoslovakia.
  5. Bill Gould is a gentleman and a scholar.
  6. Mike P did not really piss off the fans with this dig at the Czech football team. I’m not sure it was even understood.
  7. The Tesla Arena was very, very packed with around 12,000 in attendance. While the consequently very long queues for beer and toilets were annoying, the ambivalence of the stewards to the fans packed into walkways and steps was dangerous in my humble opinion.

And now for the videos (this is my first time every uploading videos to YouTube so be understanding).

1708, 2009

Faith No More in Prague

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Hello from the Tesla Arena in Prague. Its warm and its packed. Faith No More 2.0 and Ms Faith No More are sitting (!) to the right of the stage. Joy Division “Isolation” serving as the familar warm-up music.

Firewater take to the stage. Quite like this band after seeing them at Paleo in Switzerland last year. One Roddy Bottum is watching from just in front of us.

Good show from Firewater. Muted response though: the bongos and trumpet not what the FNM fans expected. TV on the Radio on the PA now.

The now familiar opening notes are greeted by a huge ovation.

Mike P in the red suit with subtle shades and cane look.

Its so hot that all bar the inscrutable Jon have shed their jackets.

Very slippery on stage. Patton nearly went arse over tit twice during LoS.

Praha! Everybody ok is Patton’s first spoken words and a big thank you for Firewater.

We get a verse of Evidence in Portuguese.

Big band discussion after SYD and we’re into LCoS. Vertigo!!!

Love the tone of Jon H’s guitar in Easy. And the breakdown in Midlife Crisis is the Russian snippet they have previously played – Timelord (?).
Roddy back and bantering to crowd prior to KFOAD.
Mike goes up close and personal with the audience during Just a Man, getting them to sing a long into the mic in Czech.
Mike has just pissed off the whole crowd by saying their football team sucks before Ole Ole on the megaphone…Chariots.
Second encore preceded by Patton: Obviously there’s nothing else happening in Praha tonight. He had went off earlier to “Seriously, Praha: insanem”



From out of Nowhere

Land of Sunshine



Surprise You’re Dead

Last Cup of Sorrow

Chinese Arithmetic (Poker Face intro)


Midlife Crisis



Gentle Art of Making Enemies

King for a Day

Ashes to Ashes

Be Aggressive

Just a Man

Chariots of Fire/Stripsearch

Digging the Grave

Encore 2

1508, 2009

Faith No More at Spirit of Burgas

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Quick distant video but the audio is good

1408, 2009

Faith No More Aussie special

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In a belated tribute to the Soundwave announcement here are some YouTube vids and other goodies of Faith No More in Australia.
First up, Mike Patton being asked in an interview with Triple J about being invited by INXS to be their replacement front man.

Next, one we’ve featured before. Bill and Mike P being interviewed by Channel 7’s The Times in 1995.

Third, Faith No More on Aussie TV show Tonight Live With…

Next the lowdown on their last Aussie gig – 1 November 1997 in Perth – from the always invaluable Stefan Negele database/CV database. Read all about it here.
Edge of the World live in Melbourne August 1990.

Another – slightly painful – Mike Patton radio interview – from 1997.

And finally a stunning version of This Guy’s In Love with You from their last Aussie tour in 1997.

1408, 2009

Links for a day…(vol.28)

August 14th, 2009|Faith No More, Links for a day|0 Comments

  • The Edinburgh Festival Guide have a great piece on Faith No More as they look forward to FNM’s appearance there on Monday 25 August. Sample quote: “It could easily be argued that if it wasn’t for the likes of Faith No More and their contemporaries, there might not have ever been Nirvana, Soundgarden, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Slipknot, and on and on the list goes.”
  • In a similar vein, former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan chooses The Real Thing as one of the most influential albums of the 90s in the latest edition of his excellent column in the Seattle Weekly.
  • Marking Faith No More’s Soundwave announcement leading Australian music site Faster Louder delves into the “Weird World of Mike Patton”.
  • The new Soulsavers album Broken is out now and features Mike Patton on the track Unbalanced Pieces. Check out a preview at Amazon. UPDATE: Via the excellent Patton Archivio site, hear the whole track here.
  • And Chuck Mosley’s debut solo offering Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food is now out. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has an interview. Sample quote: “”I never saw myself as just the singer who got kicked out of Faith No More,” he says. “I’ve always been a songwriter.””
  • The Limewire blog features a review of the album. Sample quote: “Even the questionable remake of “We Care A Lot,” which features FNM keyboardist Roddy Bottum, has an industrial edge and Mosley’s signature swagger – complete with him joking “about the fact that I can still get paid for doing this song.””
  • Last but by no means least, Faith No More play the Spirit of Burgas Festival, Bucharest and the famed Sziget festival this weekend. They also play Prague on Monday night and, as we wil be at that gig, updates for the others might be sparse over the weekend. So feel free to add any video and set list information in the comments.
  • Faith No More are on stage from 23.10 until 00.40 tonight  on the main stage at Spirit of Burgas. Tickets are still available at the festival entrance.
  • FNM play the Sala Polivalenta on Saturday night at 20.00 for their first Bucharest date. More details here. Support will be provided by Superhiks, Elvis Jackson and Luna Amară. While there are also reports that the band will pay a visit to the Romanian parliament during their stay.
  • For Sziget, FNM will be on stage at 21.30 on the main stage on Sunday night.
  • US band Firewater have been confirmed as support for the Prague date.
1308, 2009

Faith No More in Turkey setlist and reviews

August 13th, 2009|Faith No More, Tour dates|0 Comments

Faith No More played a storming set in Istanbul last night by all accounts. I have not been able to find any good quality video footage as yet but will add when I do.  Leading Turkish daily newspaper Hürriyet gave the show a great review and the headline “A night full of rock eccentricities”. You can read a full professional English version of the review here.

Sample quotes: “Wrapping up a hiatus lasting over a decade earlier this year, Faith No More’s Second Coming tour hit Istanbul on Wednesday, giving Turkish fans a brief reason to remember why the American band was counted as one of the most original bands in rock history. And to remember why its decision to disband in 1998 was ridiculously wrong.”

“He [Patton] even found the time to do a bit of stand-up comedy. At one point he shouted, “I want to dedicate this number to someone,” and asked for the lighting operator to turn on a spotlight. Then Patton had the operator scan the trees outside the Küçükçiftlik Park in Maçka and found a couple of people who had climbed into the trees to watch for free. “I want to dedicate this song to those creatures in the trees,” he shouted, before the band broke into “Ashes To Ashes,” which marked the highlight of the concert.”

Set list (again via
1. Reunited
2. From Out of Nowhere
3. Land of Sunshine
4. Caffeine
5. Evidence
6. Surprise! You’re Dead!
7. Last Cup of Sorrow
8. Digging the Grave
9. Easy
10. Ashes to Ashes
11. Midlife Crisis
12. I Started a Joke
13. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
14. King for a Day
15. Be Aggressive
16. Epic P
17. Just a Man
18. Chariots Of Fire/Stripsearch
Encore 2:
19. Midnight Cowboy
20. Cuckoo for Caca

1308, 2009

Faith No More for Soundwave Australia

August 13th, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

Although the Soundwave 2010 festival site has crashed just as the official announcement was due to be made, Faith No More will headline the multi-venue Australian festival in February and March 2010.  See details here.

UPDATE: And here is the official skinny on dates and venues:



FNM last played Australia on 29 October 1997 at the Entertainment Centre in the fine city of Perth, the final date of a nine-date tour of New Zealand and Australia.
SW10 Blunt DPS 090811

1208, 2009

Faith No More to play Soundwave, Australia?

August 12th, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

Although the official announcement is not due until Thursday night Australian time, the Soundwave festival forum features a thread entitled Lineup Leak which states that Faith No More will, as heavily rumoured be headlining the multi-date Australian festival. The festival takes place in February and March 2010. More details tomorrow.

1208, 2009

Faith No More to play Lima, Peru

August 12th, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

After announcing dates in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, Faith No More will now play Peru on 27 October according to Peruvian portal Terra. The re-formed rockers will play their first ever date in the country at the Jockey Club in Lima.

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