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2909, 2009

What year are we in? Patton teams up with Kid Koala and Wolfmother alumni

September 29th, 2009|Uncategorized|12 Comments

As Michael Bolger noted in the Comments, Mike Patton joined long-time collaborator Kid Koala and his latest project The Slew on stage at The Independent, San Francisco on 25 September. Amazingly, given his infamous immortalised on YouTube comments about the Australian band, The Slew also features Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, who until very recently were the rhythm section of Wolfmother.
Footage from the gig:

Patton on Wolfmother:

Photo Gallery from the show here.
More on The Slew here and here.

2809, 2009

Faith No More confirm Aussie side shows and New Zealand dates

September 28th, 2009|Faith No More|0 Comments

From Bill’s Twitter:
EWS FLASH:TWO solo shows in Australia outside of Soundwave: SYDNEY Feb22, Hordern Pavilion…MELBOURNE Feb 25 – Festival Hall.

And here comes New Zealand: WELLINGTON, Feb 16, TSB Bank Arena…and AUCKLAND, Feb 18, Vector Arena.

2709, 2009

Links for a day…(vol. 34)

September 27th, 2009|Faith No More, Links for a day|0 Comments

  • Sorry for the lack of updates lately but a) it has been quite and b) I’ve been very busy. The site will get a new lick of paint and update over the next month or so when I find time.
  • Some pro-shot footage of FNM at Area 4 on WDR TV now up on YouTube.
  • More here and here and here.
  • Stubbadub has the latest on a delayed release date for Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane project. On Patton’s seemingly genuine Facebook page, he reported last week that he was holed up in the studio working on it.
  • From Danny de Vito’s Twitter (via marcus in Comments), a pic of Mike and some of the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Latest Chuck Mosley review from Blogcritics.
  • Louisville band Lords have a Surprise You’re Dead cover on MySpace.
1609, 2009

US tour update and more

September 16th, 2009|Faith No More|Comments Off on US tour update and more

This post has got a lot of attention in recent days and some of the reaction has been OTT. My take on it – without speaking to anyone – is that FNM are more likely than not to play US dates. Gezarie’s initial comment was only her reading of the tour at the current moment – i.e. that no dates have been planned or scheduled. In hindsight, I perhaps should not have published it as a guest post (and apologies Gezarie if I hung you out to dry) but this is a blog and not a site dealing in official band news so we can trade in speculation and that is all this was. Otherwise, cheers for all the comments and lets hope the US tour does come off.

Gezarie’s clarification

NEVER said this categorically wont happen! I feel like this might be a bit of an overreaction. NAN is correct in saying that this was only what I was told AT THIS POINT IN TIME but you all should realise that nothing is set in stone with this tour. I have no possible way of knowing what will happen for the rest of the tour, any more than any of you. I think that it should be made very clear that all news must come directly from the BAND, and from the band only. My word isnt gospel!

I was merely suggesting that if it were possible for some fans to head to mexico and they can and are dedicated enough than they should.

I sincerely apologise to have cause such a ruckus.

Also I should add that I spoke up without having all the facts. Bill told me personally that they ARE working on US dates but it is tricky and not just from a money perspective.

So cheer up US!
But while you’re passionate and worked up, contact promoters! Use the link that Michael Bolgor posted. Write emails. Make it happen.

Original post

Some comments are worth posts in their own rights and our friend Gezarie’s almost always are so here goes:

Australia is confirmed with tickets on sale for Soundwave Festival across the country from this Friday. It is a one day festival held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide throughout Feb and beginning of March.

To U.S and Canadian fans, I spoke with the band, with their road manager and have been in touch with Greg from Ipecac. They are not planning any US dates. This is not due to a disdain for America at all though! Simply the US offers are not there. Or not at this stage anyway.

If any of you can make it to the Australian or South American shows I would recommend it. There will be non festival shows held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

I hope to see some of you lovely people there!

Oh and Bobby B, tickets for some of the other SA dates like for Rio have already been on sale. Really feel for you US fans, I hope that in the end you guys get some shows late in the game

1609, 2009

Faith No More confirm Mexico dates

September 16th, 2009|Uncategorized|37 Comments

Roddy has just confirmed the Mexico dates we alluded to earlier:
NM Live en Mexico!!! 11-11 Arena Monterrey,
11-13 Pabellon, Mexico City onsale 10-5,
11-14 Auditorio Telmex, Guadalajara, onsale 9-25.

1009, 2009

Links for a day… (vol.33)

September 10th, 2009|Links for a day|0 Comments

  • Finally, managed to find a report of Billy Gould speaking at the Heineken Music Conference in Tel-Aviv from the Jerusalem Post. Sample quote: “Labels used to be in it for the long term with an artist – they’d get signed to a development deal, and the label wouldn’t mind if the first record didn’t sell. The idea was to build a following, and by the third album, you’d begin to see the results of your labor,” he said. “There’s no way that would happen today. If you’re not a hit, you’re gone.”
  • The tour posters from the second leg of The Second Coming tour are now on sale at Secret Serpents.
  • Here’s a generally positive  Rock en Seine review from ClickMusic.
  • And a glowing review in French from MusicPlease here and another from Telerama here.
  • Chuck Mosley interview from the Charlotte Indie Music Examiner.
409, 2009

Links for a day…(vol. 32)

September 4th, 2009|Links for a day|0 Comments

  • Will they or won’t they? muses on whether Faith No More will tour the US. I’m pretty sure they will.
  • Via the same source and from Metal Injection, neatly-packaged Faith No More at Download Festival video.
  • Finally a good quality version of FNM covering Lily Allen surfaces on YouTube.
  • Faith No More at Reading photo gallery from Sophie Jane at MySpace.
  • Less that flattering Tel Aviv gig review from Haaretz. Sample quote: “The second point almost unnecessary to add is that even a pale version of Faith No More is still much more than an undiluted version of 95% of most bands. And yet a large number of songs, especially during the first part of the show, sounded like covers of the originals – and not like renditions that could stand on their own.” Also on Tel-Aviv, Billy apparently spoke at the Heineken Music Conference – more on Kool Arrow than FNM – but if anyone has links to reports can they please let me know.
  • Virtual Festivals have their top 10 acts at the Radio 1 stage at Reading and Faith No More are right up at the top.

409, 2009

Aussie update

September 4th, 2009|Faith No More|0 Comments

From Stubbadub: Aussie side shows confirmed!

209, 2009

Faith No More to play non-festival Australia shows?

September 2nd, 2009|Faith No More|0 Comments

Reports have reached us here at Faith No More 2.0 that Faith No More may be lining up some non-festival dates on their visit to Australia in February and March. The band have already confirmed four dates at the multi-city Soundwave festival but the re-formed band are now believed to be lining up dates in smaller venues. We understand that a gig at the Festival Hall in Melbourne may be on the cards and there is a possibility of shows in Sydney and Brisbane.
More news as we have it and we stress that so far we’ve only heard rumours from reliable non-band sources.

209, 2009

Lady Gaga gaga about Faith No More

September 2nd, 2009|Other bands|0 Comments

Lady Gaga has again professed here love for Faith No More, in an interview with MTV. Quote: “I love Faith No More! Their song ‘Epic’ was my burlesque number at the bar I used to work at! I used to fog myself and dance to it,” she recalled. “When I found out they did ‘Poker Face,’ I was like, ‘Sh–!’ ”

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