Mike Patton speaks about the reunion, the possibility of new material, side projects, the tour so far and playing in Brazil in a wide-ranging interview with leading Brazilian newspaper O Globo on 13 October.  I came across this interview belatedly at the mikepatton.cl website. Mercifully, Buga_Lady at the mouthoftheocean forum has provided an English translation here.

Sample quotes:
On saying no to a reunion
“I was certain that would never happen. I don’t know how many times, through the years, I said I would never be part of something like that, that it would be a step back. I always liked to give and end to things for good, in my personal life and professional, and go ahead. The idea of paying homage to our own music sounded selfish and horrible. Many times my manager came talking about an offer, and I wouldn’t let him finish the sentence.”

On finally saying yes:
“There was an offer for some shows in Europe. I thought it was a good moment and ended up agreeing. In the first rehearsal, I was late and I didn’t manage to enter the studio. I sat outside on the floor and listened to the band playing. The sound was very good, I felt I would be comfortable singing those songs again. And now we are here. We already played about 40 shows, and we are all happy.”

On a new record:
“We haven’t discarded that completely, but we are not thinking about composing. We don’t want to be like those bands that stay years apart, then return and release a horrible record.”

On FNM future:
We are not Starbuck’s, that are in every corner. If you want to see us, it is better go this time, because we don’t know if there will be another one, certainly not in another 10 years. So far we have shows booked until February, and maybe that will be it. The curious fact is that we didn’t have many offers to play in the USA.