For those of you you have yet to sign up to the Faith No More mailing list, here is the latest update:

“Hi Kids.

First of all, yeah, we know we’ve had this mailing list for awhile now; to be exact, we’ve been collecting your names since May! Nevertheless, we’ve been hard at work: two tours of Europe and one of South America. Plus, we’ve tried to keep this whole endeavor as honest as possible; we haven’t employed any so-called “street teams” for viral marketing on forums, etc, and we’ve done our utmost to try to stick to the no-interviews policy, in order to keep the focus centered around the shows and the music.

However, although we’ve been relatively quiet on a media level, that is not to say that we haven’t appreciated the 1000% percent support we’ve received from our fans. Truly, these shows have exceeded our expectations, and a big part of it has come from the amazing energy of the audience. It’s been a real shot in the arm, and made this worthwhile for all of us. We honestly had no idea what was going to happen when we got into this, and are humbly overwhelmed by your attention and praise and good will.

So, here’s a big THANK YOU for 2009, and a wish that 2010 is a productive, prosperous and happy one for all of you!!



PS. NEW PHOTOS of LEG 3: SOUTH AMERICA are now posted on the site!!


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