By all accounts, another top-notch performance in Melbourne today. Set list courtesy of Gronk, Gezarie and co at Stubbadub, who are overdosing on Tim Tams with the band in a den of iniquity as we speak.
First video in, an excellent Just a man with Mike P taking a security guard for a ride:

Set list:

  1. Reunited
  2. From Out of Nowhere
  3. Land of Sunshine
  4. Be Aggressive
  5. Evidence
  6. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  7. Chinese Arithmetic
  8. Last Cup of Sorrow
  9. Cuckoo for Caca
  10. Easy
  11. Ashes to Ashes
  12. Midlife Crisis
  13. Surprise! Your Dead
  14. King for a Day
  15. Caffeine
  16. Epic
  17. Just a Man
  18. Chariots of FireStripsearch
  19. As the Worm Turns
  20. This Guy’s in Love with You
  21. We Care a Lot