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3003, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 54)

March 30th, 2010|News|19 Comments

  • Bill Gould has produced Elvis Jackson‘s debut album, which was released on Monday 29 March. The Slovenian band supported Faith No More in Bucharest last summer. In the News has all the details: Sample quote: “One thing that must be said of this album is that the production quality is fantastic. Punk bands, when producing full releases, sometimes sound like they’re practising to an empty room, bringing an echo chamber-style sound. Here, it’s consistently crisp and you hear absolutely everything you want to, should you single out bass, drums, guitars or vocals. It’s just bloody brilliant.”
  • The official poster for Faith No More’s 12 April gig at the Warfield is out. Its by Californian artist Tim Biskup. Read what he has to say about it.
  • More poster news. Secret Serpents have a range of signed tour posters on sale at reduced rates, typically from $60 to $45. Bill’s Melbourne’s poster is now on sale at just $50. In addition, two special sets are available: one seven-poster set of European posters at $315 and a four-poster set from Australia and New Zealand at $200. That’s Bil signing one of his Melbourne posters below.
2903, 2010

New Mike Patton interview

March 29th, 2010|News|17 Comments

Artist Direct have today published an in-depth interview with Mike Patton. It focuses mainly on Mondo Cane but there are encouraging words too on the Faith No More reunion.

Sample quote:
“Given that Faith No More is back now, what does the band and its catalog mean to you after all of these years?
[Patton] Well, it’s strange, you know? To be honest, I never thought that I would ever revisit that stuff again. After some reflection and speaking with the guys, I realized, “Well, wait a minute. I’m not embarrassed about it [Laughs]. It’s still good music! Is there a way that we can still pull it off and do it justice?” So we rehearsed! When we rehearsed, I realized this is good and I feel great about it. After that, we decided to do some shows. The interesting was also kind of staggering. Basically, there’s more interest in us now than when we were an active band, which is really strange, kind of haunting and maybe a bit morbid, but it also inspired us. We thought, “Okay, for some reason people are really interested in this. Maybe we should take it as seriously as they are?” [Laughs] You know what I mean?”

FNM 2.0 can only ask, seriously enough for a new record?

2503, 2010

Faith No More to return to Finland

March 25th, 2010|Tour dates|12 Comments

Faith No More will return to Europe’s metal capital Finland this summer to play at the Ilosaarirock festival on 18 July.

The band will play their fourth date in four days on the second day of the festival, which takes place in Joensuu in the east of the country. Other major acts on the bill are Biffy Clyro, UNKLE and Bad Religion.

Ticket sales start on 6 April

Festival details in English

2303, 2010

King for a Day…15th anniversary

March 23rd, 2010|News|63 Comments

Faith No More released their fifth studio album King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime 15 years ago this week in March 1995. It is fair to say that the initial reaction was muted, with a lot of critics and fans somewhat underwhelmed after the splendour of Angel Dust. However, KFAD is now regarded as a minor classic, showcasing as it does the band’s genre-hopping at its most extreme and featuring such crucial cuts as Ricochet, Evidence, Digging the Grave and the title track.

Album details
King for A Day…Fool for a Lifetime

Mike Bordin – Drums
Roddy Bottum – Keyboards
Billy Gould – Bass Guitar
Mike Patton – Vocals
Guitars by Trey Spruance

1. Get Out
2. Ricochet
3. Evidence

4. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
5. Star A.D.
6. Cuckoo for Caca
7. Caralho Voador
8. Ugly in the Morning
9. Digging the Grave
10. Take this Bottle
11. King For A Day
12. What A Day
13. The Last to Know
14. Just a Man
15. Absolute Zero/I Started a Joke/Evidence (Spanish Version)
*Album artwork by Eric Drooker.
Track 15 “I Started a Joke” is a Bee Gees song.

* – Track 15 “Absolute Zero” on Japanese release (POCD-1165).
* – Track 15 “I Started a Joke” on Brazilian release (828 655-2).
* – Track 15 “Evidence (Spanish Version)” on Argentinean release (828 671-2).

Possible writing credits – Bordin, Gould, Patton, Spruance: 3, 6, 7, 10 & 11.
Bordin, Gould, Patton: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 & 15. (Roddy receives no
writing credits on this record.) It had been previously speculated that Trey
Spruance wrote on 3, 6, 8, 12, & 13. When asked directly, Trey denied nvolvement
on “Get Out”, “Star A.D.”, “Caralho Voador”, and “Last to Know”. His account is
as follows:

“On ‘Ricochet’, a little help on vocal harmonies and inversions,
nothing big…The guitar parts for ‘Evidence’, keyboard parts
(chords, and minor chord part in the middle) for ‘Cuckoo for Caca’,
some of ‘What A Day’. ‘Ugly in the Morning’, the ending guitar riff.
On ‘Digging’ I just spiced up the chords. [For ‘King for a Day’], the
climax Em D C part was mine, that’s it. ‘Just A Man’, a few
suggestions here and there. Maybe a chord turnaround or two, but
nothing major.”

“Evidence” was recorded in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
Guitars on “I Started a Joke” by Dean Menta.
“Evidence (Spanish Version)” re-vocaled at Battery Studios London with Engineer
Steve Bush.
All standard album tracks produced by Andy Wallace and Faith No More.
Track 15 “I Started A Joke” produced by Billy Gould and Dean Menta.

King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime was nominated for a Bay Area Music Award (Bammie) in the category of Best Hard Rock Album of 1995.

B Sides and Alternate Versions

1. The Morning After
2. Das Schutzenfest
3. Malpractice
4. RV (Live)
5. A Small Victory (Youth Remix)
6. Absolute Zero

3 contains a sample from Dmitri Shostakovich’s “Quartet No. 8” as performed by
the Kronos Quartet.
4 from Dekalb, Illinois, 20.8.92
5 is the “R-evolution 23 Full Moon Mix” by Youth of Killing Joke.
1 & 3 produced by Matt Wallace and Faith No More.
2 produced by Faith No More.
6 produced by Andy Wallace and Faith No More.

Promotional disc given away in a limited edition with early copies of the
Australian pressings of King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime [TVD93421


Rolling Stone
Sample quote: “Among the best cuts are “Ricochet,” a portentous anthem reminiscent of “Epic”; “Digging the Grave,” which has a grungy feel that isn’t completely ruined by Patton’s histrionic screaming; “Take This Bottle,” a country alchy ballad worthy of George Jones; and “King for a Day,” a haunting reverie anchored by Roddy Bottum’s atmospheric keyboards.”

All Music Guide
Sample quote: “King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime remains one of Faith No More’s underrated releases.”

Entertainment Weekly
Sample quote: “Archaic progressive-rock fusion, oddly out of step with the times.”

Ultimate Guitar
Sample quote: “Although it could never live up to the intensity of “Angel Dust”, this album is a lot more approachable and doesn’t disappoint.”

Addicted to Noise
Sample quote: “For the most part, Faith No More’s sound has failed to evolve. Like the great dinosaurs of the past who are now extinct, metal bands must change and adapt to new surroundings or they will eventually atrophy and die. Not choosing the humility of death by breaking up, Faith No More has essentially devolved and crawled back to the anonymity and safety of the great Primordial Lake, home to many of rock’s reluctant dinosaurs, where they will eventually, thankfully, be eaten by a shark or large snake.”

Sample quote: “Patton has finally abandoned his adenoidal Dickies whine for a more nuanced Jello Biafra-as-Tom Jones thing, which works better than you might think. Though the music still careens from genre to genre as casually as most bands go from chord to chord–there’s a song here for every radio format, and you may grow to despise the “Sukiyaki”-flavored blue-eyed-soul song “Just a Man”–King for a Day is never less than coherent, which is more than you can say for Primus.”

Band quotes

As previously mentioned on the blog, Metal Hammer’s Story Behind the Album feature on the release is a must-read for any FNM fan detailing as it does the circumstances of Jim Martin’s departure, Roddy’s problems at the time of recording and the band’s quest for musical freedom. I’ve pick-pocketed a few choice quotes from that seminal piece and a few from elsewhere below:

“What I remember most about the recording of ‘King For A Day’ was that everything was different than it had been before. In the two years before we’d done a lot of growing up but we were… we weren’t exactly in a coherent mental state when we made that album – we were all fucked up in some way. And the studio was out in the middle of a fucking forest. It was on this dirt road with nothing but the studio and the cabin for two miles. It was like sensory deprivation. But the good thing about it was we had nothing else to do but record.”
Bill Gould

“Things for me personally were going to hell. I came out. I saw some friends die. I was with Courtney Love throughout Kurt’s final months ‘cos she was a close friend and at the same time my own father died. I just holed up and had a nervous breakdown basically. I just realised I had to chose my priorities very carefully. Things like honesty and passion and art. But whilst the album was being recorded, all of that is a real blur for me ‘cos of the shit I was going through at the time. And my heroin addiction didn’t help. And the suicide of two of my friends didn’t help. Nothing helped. Things had to reach a low before I could help myself. My first impulse was to leave. But I couldn’t just let it go, it was something I helped start, it’s very important to me.”
Roddy Bottum

“It was tough with a lot of unknowns, a lot of problems in the band, a lot of insecurity and wondering if we were going to make this record. We weren’t a band for a while. Of course we wanted to continue, but there are other circumstances that play a part. We’re felt like we were getting old. You can only put up a facade for so long. You get a new guy after new guy, and it’s like, how many facelifts can you get? We’re not going to have guys drop off and get new ones, and then have Faith No More reunite. Fuck that.”
Mike Patton

“I think it’s us being us, more than anything. I think we finally had the resources to be us on this record.”
Mike Patton CMJ New Music Monthly

“We’re just trying to write in different ways. I think you just get as much power in a melody as you can out of just straight ahead discordant chord-bashing rock. There’s a different kind of tension. If there is a something I can be critical about our past records is, there isn’t as much dynamics and there isn’t a lot of slow, subtle tension. I really do want to learn how to do that as an artist and be able to develop that ability. We all do.”
Bill Gould, Faces magazine

Chart performance

Although retrospectively viewed as a flop, mainly due to us chart performance, KFAD actually peaked in the top ten of the album charts in nine major countries, scoring a number two in Australia and a number three in New Zealand.

In the US, however, the album spent only eight weeks in the Billboard Top 200 and peaked at number 31 on 14 April 1995.

The album spawned three singles Digging the Grave, Ricochet and Evidence. Digging the Grave reached number 12 in Australia and numbers 16 in the UK and New Zealand.

Digging the Grave

Ricochet (with intro by Roddy and Mike P)


Buy it

Thanks to Patton Archivo for the date reminder

2303, 2010

Faith No More early recordings surface

March 23rd, 2010|Video vault|6 Comments

Actually its Faith No Man from 1982 with Mike Morris on lead vocals. This were uploaded to YouTube but I’ve only stumbled upon them now via Thanks, It Came as a Set. As that blog notes, this has a very Public Image Limited sound and is very much of its time.

These tracks – Quiet in Heaven and Song of Liberty – were released in 1982 as a 7″ single under Faith No Man on Ministry of Propaganda Records.

Here is an All Music Guide review. Sample quote: “Singer Mike Morris is actually really good, using his John Lydon vocals to rant angrily over the solid background supplied by the rest of the band. The lyrics are the typical angry San Francisco punk topics: they hate the government, they hate their girlfriends, and they’re terribly unsatisfied.”

More details here and here.

2203, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 53)

March 22nd, 2010|Links for a day|10 Comments

A very short post today as it has all gone quiet in FNM world.

  • Vote for Faith No More in MTV’s March Madness silliness (via Mike Bolger in comments)
  • Unusual mash-up of Epic and The Soggy Bottom Boys‘ Man of Constant Sorrow from DJ Pozsi.
  • Latest on Mondo Cane from the The Gauntlet though I’m not sure about the source or the age of the quote: “My purpose in revisiting these pieces is not to relive the past, not for nostalgia, but more to illustrate through modern and adventurous interpretation exactly how vital and important this music still is.”
2003, 2010

This blog a finalist in Irish Blog Awards – and thanks

March 20th, 2010|News|5 Comments

We learned last night that FNM 2.0 has been selected as a finalist for the Irish Blog Awards which take place in Galway on 27 March. It would therefore be an opportune time to thank you all for your support over the past twelve months, form fellow bloggers like Stubbadub and Patton Archivo to our many, many regular commenters who make the site what it is. Here’s to more FNM fun in the year ahead.

1803, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 52)

March 18th, 2010|Links for a day|12 Comments

  • Faith No More for the Rock N’Roll Hall of Fame? The band will be eligible next year though this blog from the New Jersey Star-Ledger is dismissive: “Next year’s list of newly eligible candidates, for instance, couldn’t be more underwhelming: it’s unlikely that the Indigo Girls, Megadeth and Faith No More will garner much support.” The same article goes on to propose Jane’s Addiction, Green Day, Alice in Chains and Oasis as future inductees.
  • As we tweeted yesterday, LA Weekly have an in-depth “first listen” of Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane album. Sample quote:”But there is a key difference between this release and the majority of Patton’s enviable back-catalog: there’s not a whiff of weird for weird’s sake (with all due respect), making Mondo Cane — and not the regrettably hip-hop infused Peeping Tom — the true Patton pop record that his acolytes have been waiting for all these years.”
  • And here is the track-listing for the record which is released in the US on 4 May.
    1. Il Cielo In Una Stanza
    2. Che Notte!
    3. Ore D’Amore
    4. Deep Down
    5. Quello Che Conta
    6. Urlo Negro
    7. Scalinatella
    8. L’Uomo Che Non Sapeva Amare
    9. 20 KM Al Giorno
    10. Ti Offro Da Bere
    11. Senza Fine
  • More Mondo Cane via Patton Archivo. Ipecac have released some new promo photos of Mike for the Mondo Cane release.

    More wallpaper-sized images
  • Stubbadub have a great round-up of Faith No More in Australia photos.
  • Finally, if you have any Courtney Love and Faith No More photos or video can you contact VH1’s Behind the Music’s Laura:
1603, 2010

Faith No More Video vault volume 2

March 16th, 2010|Video vault|12 Comments

Well done to all who got tickets for Faith No More’s New York date. We’ve done a little spring cleaning here and belatedly added the US and new Europe tour dates among other things and given the site a splash of green ahead of St. Patrick’s Day.
Back to business and an equally overdue video collection:

Well not exactly but footage of Faith No More tribute act A Small Victory performing in New York

Another tenuous St Patrick’s Day connection with Faith No More covering a snippet of the Cranberries best-forgotten Zombie:

Complete with a Pattonesque growl and squeal. Aww!

Well, Jim Martin and Mike Bordin anyway from the Third Annual International Rock Awards 1991 on Italian TV.

Roddy and Bill interviewing and doing a Billboard chart rundown on Showbiz Today.


Welsh rockers Lostprophets have always worn their love for Faith No More on their sleeves and they have added a snippet from The Real Thing to their live act on their current UK tour.

1503, 2010

Faith No More to play Forestglade Festival in Austria

March 15th, 2010|Tour dates|11 Comments

Various Austrian sites have announced that Faith No More will play the Forestglade festival in Wiesen in Austria on 17 July. Leading newspaper Kurier and a host of ticket sites report that FNM will join Die Fantastischen Vier and The Cranberries on the bill. Gossip, New Model Army and veteran Irish rockers Therapy? are also down to play.
Tickets are already on sale for the event and given that Faith No More are playing at the Gurtenfestial on Friday 16 July we can assume they will be on stage in Austria on Saturday.
Ticket details and sale here and also here and here.

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