• Today is Record Store Day. Faith No More may not be releasing new music to mark the occasion like some other bands including Blur but Mike Patton has come out in support of the campaign. He said: “”I love indie record stores! My first job was working at a record store. While touring, I still always hit my favorite record stores. What is not to love about record stores? To be surrounded by millions of records, some that you know and love and others that are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Record stores are also a great social outing. You can meet and talk to other people that share your love for the art of music. The excitement of strolling the aisles of a cool record store will always excite me. It’s best to do it without knowing what you are looking for. I can spend hours in my favorite record store. Record stores are my candy shops!!!!”
  • From beyond the grave…What the official Michael Jackson website thinks of the Ben cover (in HQ below)

    (via Patton Archivo)
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  • Raymond Ahner’s photos from the third Warfield show.
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  • Umlaut’s jaded review. Sample quote: “FNM’s resurrection seems more about cashing in on nostalgia than anything else. Sorry, just being honest.”
  • Ozzy Osbourne’s 18-month tour will not impact on Faith No More as Puffy is no longer part of Ozzy’s band with Tommy Clufetos the current drummer.
  • Secret Serpents have some pics of Faith No More signing the Warfield posters.