Faith No More returned to the US festival scene in style last night with a short, sharp shock of a set at the Coachella festival in the California desert. Highlights included another Ben cover, a Patton stage dive and a mid-set semi-streak by Danny DeVito.
Faith No More 2.0 himself is too old to stay up until 430am these days and too lazy to get up that early on a Sunday so we missed the delayed webcast, so thanks to all for the tweets and comments on the gig.
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Check out the full set in video on Kik Axe.
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Last Cup of Sorrow


Midlife Crisis

Ashes to Ashes and Just a Man (including Danny DeVito around 7.25)
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Spin: “If there was a problem with the set, it was that despite his amped-up spazzy rapping and Faith No More’s full-tilt approach, this show felt like foreplay to a much greater, more epic performance. Maybe that’s still to come.”
New York Times
: “Sincerity is a just a fabrication for Faith No More, but the band’s old crunch was real.”
: “Faith No More are back and, yes, it does feel so good.”
LA Weekly
: “Again, the youngs were voting with the bodies for Hot Chip, but Patton and company offered a reliable option to the over 25s and all the comb-over VIP daddies and tattoed cougars.”
Variety: “Yet in terms of sheer bizarre spectacle, the band [Muse] couldn’t hope to compete with their predecessors on the main stage, a reunited Faith No More. Approaching their vintage rap-metal anthems as though they were all long-lost Dadaist performance artists, the nattily-suited quintet interspersed bludgeoning originals like “Epic” and “Surprise! You’re Dead!” with unexplained, jaw-droppingly faithful renditions of Peaches & Herb’s “Reunited” and Michael Jackson’s “Ben.” The latter saw wildman vocalist Mike Patton sustain an impossibly clear glory note, shove the microphone deep into his mouth, and dive into the crowd.”
Stuff: “Mike Patton is a born showman, whether fronting one of his numerous side projects or going back to his roots with Faith No More’s “second coming” he’s always running at high intensity. Today he barks military-style instructions at the crowd, laughs like a maniac, jumps into the moshpit for a crowd surf and hollers into his microphone like a mad cheerleader instructor. Awesome show.”
Orange County Register
Inland SoCal: “Faith No More brought humor and funky bass face-melting metal for an epic performance at the Coachella festival Saturday night.”

From out of Nowhere
We Care a Lot
Last Cup of Sorrow
Surprise You’re Dead
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Midlife Crisis
Ashes to Ashes
Just a Man