As the dust settles on Warfield and Coachella a few more links, though not without a few more Coachella reviews thrown in.

  • Here’s a new Patton interview from Bloody Disgusting. All about his love of horror film music (thanks to Kristina for the spot).
  • Great almost reverential detailed review from the guys at Sample quote: “They were soulful and sweet when they wanted to be, open and engaging to the audience to help stir up their interest and razor-sharp focused when they needed to be. Faith No More absolutely owned their Coachella Stage performance, turning what seemed an adversarial crowd into an excited one.”
  • Speaking about reverential, love this quote from The New York Times’ august review: “Mr. Patton, 42, crowd-surfed as he sang Michael Jackson’s ballad “Ben.””
  • ChinaShop have a great review too, with a wonderful selection of photos and this killer quote: “It was like watching long-lost lovers run towards each other across a festival field, arms outstretched, and then beat the living piss out of one another.” Some non-Patton photos here for a change:
  • Rewinding a little our good friends at RockMidgets have very detailed reviews of Faith No More’s Australian sidewave shows complete with some brilliant galleries. Here’s the Melbourne two-part review and the Sydney and Melbourne Soundwave reviews.