• We’re a few days late to this but its been busy. Faith No More broke up on 20 April 1998, 12 years ago this week. Here are some of the press obituaries of the time:
  • New York Times: “Faith No More, the 15-year-old San Francisco rock band known for its energetic mix of punk, jazz, heavy metal, samba, polka and easy-listening, has broken up. The group’s announcement this week said the decision was mutual and, in typical band fashion, ended with a joke: ”There will be no pointing of fingers, no naming of names, other than stating, for the record, that Puffy started it.”
  • Rolling Stone (no link as they’ve gone all pay wall): “During Faith No More’s fifteen-year run, they spent nearly as much time diffusing break-up rumors as they did making music. As of today, they no longer have to worry about either. The band officially announced its break-up eleven months after the release of its sixth album.”
  • MTV: “Faith No More has officially called it quits. Earlier this month, the band had played a handful of overseas concerts in Spain and Portugal, a move that served to at least temporarily set their fans’ minds at ease in light of a never-ending sea of rumors, but their relief was short lived.”
  • Not sure if I posted this previously but even if I have it is worth a second look. It is a feature from MTV in 1995 and shows interviews with the band and footage from the Evidence video shoot.
    The second part kicks off with Bill promoting Andy‘s original Caca Volante website and mailing list complete with nostalgic mentions of Mosaic and Netscape. It also includes their appearance on John Stewart’s show.
  • Commenter Lusty has got the second part of her Warfield post up on her Anywhere but here blog. Billy, bed bugs, Bungle tshirts and bed bugs right this way.
  • Patton Archivo unearthed and tweeted this gem earlier today. I grew up on Zig and Zag, the extra-terrestrial aliens, on Irish TV in the late 80s and early 90s and here they are covering Epic in their Two Elvises guise in 1994.
  • Still no word of a summer UK date on this second Second Coming European tour but UK fans can get their FNM fix from new tribute act Faith No Man. Their next date is in the Midlands on 21 May. Check out their tour dates and covers here.